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Kirby's New Ability is to Fly Fast, Fly Far

Posted by James Newton

With this European Club Nintendo Kirby flying disk, that is

How do you revamp Nintendo's famous pink ball and bring him smack up-to-date in this 3D era? By flattening him down, of course. That's the thinking behind Kirby's Epic Yarn and seemingly the same thought process went into the latest gift available from the European Club Nintendo catalogue: a Kirby flying disk.

Made of nylon and sponge and bearing the cutesy likeness of gaming's biggest sucker, it'll set you back 2,500 of your finest Club Nintendo VIP Stars. Just imagine: you can spend the rest of your summer throwing this around and repeatedly explaining to people why you've got a Kirby disk.


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xAlias said:

Man! I seriously wanted this! Prosody, you should've put in big, bold letters, "For Europeans ONLY!!" instead of the original article title.



AVahne said:

And NA barely EVER gets anything good from Club Nintendo. The posters were okay, but that's just it. I want Hanafuda as well, but it's expensive.



James said:

Changed to mention Europe to overcome any assumptions being made.



Cipher said:

Thanks, but the only Kirby disc I want is Kirby's Epic Yarn.

See what I did there?



LordJumpMad said:

Not in the US!!!
Who do I have to Kill to get meh that Kirby flying disk!!!!!!

That way, I can spend the rest of my summer explaining to people, why did I get a Kirby disk



Crystalking18 said:

This looks cool, but I just spent all of my coins for the deck of cards. Now I need to raise a couple of hundred for when this eventually comes out



ToneDeath said:

They've also got a DS case shaped like Mario's hat for the same price.
I happen to have exactly 2500 points right now. Hmm, what to do...

EDIT: I opted to do a few surveys and get the K.K. CD for 3000 points instead.



KingMike said:

Can anyone give a rough idea of how much it might cost me to get that many stars if I lived in the EU?

If it was 2,500 coins, that'd require registering 50 first-party Wii games (is that possible?)
I'd probably start envisioning how to make my own if it were that price.



Olorin said:

@KingMike: On average a retail game gets you 200 to 250 stars and 50 stars for every Wiiware/DSiWare/VC game. So you'd need codes from about 10-12 games.



Dodger said:

I want it. It would be the best thing in the US CN shop. It isn't made out of plastic though?



slatters said:

It's only a Frisbee? What's so great about it??
I think Nintendo could get some much better incentives in club nintendo.
The only thing that intersts me atm is wii points.
Now to carry on saving my 6500 stars



Yosher said:

I would much rather have had that Mario figurine Platinum US members get. I'm not such a big Kirby fan so I'm not getting this (though I will get Epic Yarn).



Hokori said:

Now I really want to import 1 oh well cant wait for Kirby's Epic Yarn though.
Ive been waiting for it since 2005 when it had that 64 Look now its even better



Punny said:

Those lucky Europeans. Not only is this not on the North American Club Nintendo, but the Super Mario Galaxy soundtracks aren't there, either! Lame...



Hokori said:

PunnyGuy is right we NEED!!! More Club Nintendo stuff like Tingle's Balloon Fight, and Plush toys >0<

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