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E3 2010: Dead or Alive 3D

Posted by James Newton

More in your face than ever. You know what we mean.

Not only is 3DS set to receive some Super Street Fighter IV action in three-dimensions, notorious (but actually rather good underneath) beat 'em up Dead or Alive is heading to the console as well. Two fighting games for one Nintendo handheld might just be a record, you know.

With series stalwarts Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane and Kasumi already confirmed for inclusion this fight fest will no doubt have some gamers turning the 3D effects up to maximum. Yes, we went there. First screenshots in the gallery below, as usual.

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citizenerased said:

Cannot wait for 3D touch-control hentai based that use the gyro sensor.

Yup, had to go there. In this news post.



AVahne said:

lol, i told my friend that there are possibilities with the 3D for this game...we both shuddered lol



V8_Ninja said:

There's some joke here, but the thing is that I can't figure out what it is.'s something being three-dimensionally dead?'s...

...Oh, I just figured it out. 3D boobies. How tasteful of a joke.



siavm said:

This is going to be awesome. And with the motion sensing in the 3ds, it may have a feature from ninja gaiden 2 on ps3.



The_Fox said:

Damn, everybody stole all of the boob jokes!

See what happens when you hit a thread late?



warioswoods said:


Well, I guess Nintendo might as well die by its own hands than by some attack from Apple, Sony, etc.



komicturtle said:

Haha, I love these 3D jokes. Soul Calibur IV on the 3DS would definitely seal the deal for SC fans... Maybe because of.. Taki.. hehe

3DS is just so promising. This is a WAAAY better line-up than the PSP ohsht



WaveBoy said:

Not a fan of DOA. But Bouncing 3D boobies could be fun
I will be getting SSFIV on the other hand.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

These graphics are fantastic. I wonder if they are ingame or just cutscenes? By the way, the character with the mean grin is Raidoh, final boss of the first game. So I´m asuming this will be some kind of remake / retelling of the first Dead or Alive. Fine by me, the Saturn port is fun!



Atlantis1982 said:

What I find truly amazing is that the 3DS managed to grab this game for a possible lineup than the Wii.

As I said on the SSF4 page, the 3DS is laughing at the Wii now.



warioswoods said:


It is pretty remarkable to look at this lineup of games. We're seeing many developers and series come to the 3DS that have never come to Nintendo platforms before. I think what's behind this is a realization that the PSP is officially doomed, and assuming you don't want to make cheap games for the iPhone, all serious, big-budget portable gaming will happen on the 3DS going forward.



pixelman said:

@36: Exactly. It's awesome. Nintendo could not have made a better move or had a better response.



Atlantis1982 said:

Much I am amazed with the line up, I am still very worried with the online features. If its anything like that of Steam's service (not the download distribution portion, referring to the community aspect), then I will get a unit.



warioswoods said:

Here's hoping they won't region-lock the games, because with the PSP in decline, there's sure to be a whole lot more of this sort of . . . unique content coming out of Japan.



siavm said:

I was on the nintendo e3 channel and one of the interviews had some one from EA in it. He said some interesting things about online with this system. This system may finally make us happy to be playing online with a nintendo system.



Markystal said:

Boobs in 3D on the, the amount of hentai (pervert) people that are going to play this on a bus or train. I just recently became a fan of DOA after watching Dead Fantasy and was disappointed that there wasn't a DOA game on a Nintendo platform. This just secured a purchase of a 3DS on launch date. Better start saving up.



Rally said:

Nintendo, you had me at Kasumi's pic. I just want to see how this will all turn out in 3D.

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