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3DS Online Content to Push, Not Pull

Posted by James Newton

In new Nintendo console, the games come to you

There are still no hard-and-fast facts about how the 3DS's shop will function, but several recent interviews with Satoru Iwata have revealed a potential sea change in thinking at Nintendo's highest level: as well as Mr Iwata's post-E3 comments that the console could support video chat, a discussion with the company's investors has revealed a little about the thinking behind the machine's digital distribution strategy.

Whereas current Nintendo consoles predominantly rely on the consumer actively seeking out new content by loading up the Wii Shop Channel or DSi Shop, Mr Iwata states that the 3DS will see the content begin to seek out the user. Mr Iwata states that currently consumers find content and "pull" it to themselves, whereas the 3DS will allow Nintendo to "push" information and content out to the device. This is not unlike Wii's WiiConnect24 service, which allows Nintendo to send out advertisements to promote certain games, but such functionality has not been seen in a Nintendo handheld device before.

Mr Iwata also talks about the potential for consumers to customise these online features, though in typically cryptic style, stating that the exact details have yet to be nailed down at Nintendo HQ.

All this talk about the 3DS's online features is certainly cheering for many fans eager to find out exactly what connection services will be available in the new machine. It certainly seems Nintendo is planning such innovations very carefully, so watch this space over the coming weeks and months as the machine continues to take three-dimensional shape.


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Kaeobais said:

GABE GREENS! ACE ATTORNEY! Will return after these messages.

Also, that's kinda neat.



Kimiko said:

I'm a little wary of companies accessing my system. What prevents them from putting unwanted stuff on it, or deleting something?



CanisWolfred said:

Good to see they're at least trying to catch up. We'll see how it goes. Also, let's here it for a Super Street Fighter 4 on the go! W00t!



Feld0 said:

Push notifications were one of the iPhone's big features. Now, Nintendo is going to be giving us push game downloads?




Stuffgamer1 said:

If this means more people will be better informed of the mere availability of downloadable games, not to mention specific titles that may interest them, then this is unquestionably a HUGE step up from the Wii and DSi! Welcome to the future, Nintendo...the future that started several years ago. Better late than never, right?



Token_Girl said:

I just want to push my DSiWare games onto it. At least let us know if you'll be smart enough to enable an account system/fix the transfer issue from 3DS on please!

I'm hoping the reason they haven't revealed full info on transferring games/account system is they're still working on it and trying to figure out the best way to do it and transfers haven't been completely tabled yet.



Hokori said:

I played a little of SSF4 at a friends house and loved it will get it for 3DS

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