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Don't Worry, You May Get More 2D Metroids

Posted by James Newton

"Certainly possible", says Yoshio Sakamoto

As promising as Metroid: Other M looks, not everybody is happy with the direction the series has taken: some would be happier with a straightforward 2D Samus adventure like the days of old. Their prayers may not be falling on deaf ears either, as Metroid overlord Yoshio Sakamoto has hinted the flat adventures may return.

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Mr Sakamoto said:

It's certainly possible that in the future we'll go back to another 2D Metroid using some of the ideas that have been generated on this Other M project. So please don't get the idea that this is the end of 2D Metroid games.

Although this is likely just idle chatter at the moment, an old-school Samus outing on WiiWare, for example, would suit the format down to the ground. Don't give up on flat Samus just yet, Metroid fans.


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Deviant_Mugen said:

@turtlelink: That's where the excerpt is from, yeah, in fact it even says so right before it "Speaking to Nintendo Power"...

I read the full feature in Nintendo Power and found it quite intriguing; curse the delay for making me wait longer...



Digiki said:

I've never really been attracted to the 2D Metroids, Fusion kind of sucks, and Super plays well but just doesn't have much of a hook...



Adam said:

They need to go back to the original's style of game play... except not stupidly hard and buggy. Zero Mission was probably the next best if for nothing else but Hard Mode, which Super Metroid badly needs.



Kevin said:

A new 2D Metroid would be awesome. I loved all of them, including the underappreciated Metroid Fusion.



Spoony_Tech said:

I dont care if its 2d 3d prime or other m. Just give me more metroid. Dsi ware or wiiware would be nice though!



MeloMan said:

If there is a 2D Metroid yet to come out, I hope it picks up after Fusion's storyline. I need to know the fate of Samus and if she ever gets "fissioned" from her suit... Hmm, wait a minute... Metroid Fission. Called it! LOL



zionich said:

Metroid: Dread, come on baby !!! The 3D metroids didnt bother me, but Metroid is more sutied for 2D imo.



LittleIrves said:

To all those doubting Super's prowess... say wha!? If you played it in 1994 when it came out, it was far and away the best gaming experience I'd had. If you played it first on VC, I can understand how you'd question it.... I guess. But man. (Pardon my lack of grammar consistency. It's just that I got excited, is all.)



BlueFlameBat said:

"...some would be happier with a straightforward 2D Samus adventure like the days of old..."
So they want a sprite-based Metroid or was I right about Other M not being a complete side-scroller? Do you duck when you press down on the d-pad or move toward the foreground?



lex0plex said:

The Prime games were the one of the few good FPS games on the GCN/Wii. I will definitely buy Other M cause it looks so freaking awesome, but now what FPS am I going to play besides Conduit 2?

How about Nintendo and Retro Studios make a new series of 1st person shooters? They're really good at it...



Rensch said:

Why not on DS. Those 2D SNES-style Metroid games on GBA were amazing.



Capt_N said:

How about an all-new 2d Mario, in the vein of SMA4:SMB3's extra levels, especially the levels that meshed SMB2/3, & World all together? Those were sweet!

& I really want N to release on VC LttP Master Quest.

But Yeah, 2d Metroids are still great to play. The Primes are great, but the likes of the original/Return of/Super/Zero were all cool. Fusion too. I just don't like the you-must mandatory go here next feel of Fusion, & Zero Mission.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

But Samus is not flat...oh, wait...they meant 2D...heh.

I don't mind the Prime games, MP3 is still one of the best. I would love more games in the spirit of Super Metroid as well, however



Slapshot said:

Sweet.... Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission are still two of my Favorite 2D Side Scrollers. I just preordered my copy of Metroid: Other M today when picking up 3D Dot Heroes so great GREAT Day Today!



Villain said:

@Digiki: I really have to disagree. Super Metroid was, and still is, one of the most atmospheric and heaviest action games I've played in my life. My uncle and I just played it through in 2 days a few days ago, and we were both stunned at just how creepy, dark and atmospheric it was for a 1994 game. That's a hook if I ever saw one.

The concept of exploration and shooting, the crisp graphics and the music...dude, Super Metroid still is one of the greatest games ever, and I'm not exaggerating. It really kicked start to finish.

Metroid Fusion was a more streamlined game, and it wasn't quite like Super Metroid. But it was tighter, slicker and still very intriguing as an experience. Playing through that game was awesome!

And not to forget; these games are the reason Castlevania still lives. Ever since Symphony of the Night and it's GBA and DS sequels, Castlevania has been part Metroid, part action RPG. And thank goodness for that.

I doubt you'll read this, but I have to say that the old Metroids are the finest in it's genre and great, GREAT games.



JimLad said:

I take it 'flat samus' won't be a Team Ninja production...

(i made a boob joke)



Philip_J_Reed said:

The 3D Metroid games have been, without exception, my favorites in the franchise by far. But I'd still be open to trying a new 2D one, on the assumption that it won't be more endless, similarly arranged corridors and a total lack of map and guidance.



Junior117 said:

I wish Metroid Dread was real... because if it was, it could be awesome! It could be a 3DS game with all the multiplayer modes of Metroid Prime Hunters + more! But... I'm just stating my opinion.



Junior117 said:

Oh no wait... if Metroid Dread comes out, it would be 2D. Never mind. But... I would like to see a Metroid 3DS multiplayer game.



Megajack said:

A 2-d 16 bit metroid would be awsome. Super metroid was gonna be a longer game but they couldnt add in all the memory on the cartridge. But doing a reviaval of super metroid on the 3ds would be awsome since they could make a bigger side scoller world with tons of weapons a power ups. (a weapon they should add in should be like the flamethrower in megamanX1)

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