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Okamiden is Set to be Released Into the Wild in 2011

Posted by Trevor Chan

Capcom reveals game details and two trailers of the upcoming sequel to Okami

It took a couple of years to materialise, but when Okami got ported over to the Wii, it was certainly a welcomed gesture from one of Nintendo's oldest collaborators. Now, Capcom is bringing a second cel-shaded adventure to Nintendo gamers but this time it's on the DS. With international press gathering in Hawaii at the annual Captivate event, let's take a look at some new game details and gameplay videos that shows off the lush visuals in Okamiden.

The game takes place a few months after the events of Okami as players take on the role of Chibiterasu – a young Sun God tasked with protecting the land. Just like its parent – Amaterasu – in the first game, Chibiterasu will start off as a wolf pup as it begins its adventure with the aim of overcoming the threat that has "leeched the world of its vibrant colour". Along the way, players will be joined by a cast of characters and as the game progresses, our protagonists will come to realise that there's a common thread besides battling that bonds them all together.

The Celestial Brush makes a return as players use the stylus to wield this powerful tool in order to attack enemies, and paint items and structures into existence that will help you on your journey. Chibiterasu's partners will also have individual unique abilities that will need to be called upon when tackling the game's puzzles and challenges.

Taken from the official fact sheet, here's a rundown of game features:

  • Canvas and Brush: The touch screen and stylus of the Nintendo DS™ are the ideal tools to simulate Okamiden’s trademark celestial brush. The stylus brushstrokes are pressure sensitive which helps to accurately depict the look and feel of Sumi-e artwork – a graceful watercolour art.
  • Partner-Up: Using the in-game Partner System, players can join forces with new characters in the game, each possessing unique abilities that will help Chibiterasu defeat enemies and conquer puzzles.
  • Striking Visuals:  The beauty of the highly stylised Japanese calligraphy and scroll paintings are depicted in pixel-perfect handheld glory.
  • Dynamic Action: Employ brush techniques learned from various celestial deities such as Power Slash or Bloom, and battle a diverse lineup of monsters and demons rooted in Japanese folklore.
  • Interactive Puzzles: Draw bridges into existence, transverse canyons, and connect winding paths through space by using the celestial brush and the abilities of Chibiterasu’s partners.
  • Ensemble Cast: The main character, Chibiterasu, is a youthful sun god that has taken the form of an adorable wolf pup. Chibiterasu partners up with an equally endearing cast of characters that aim to restore order to the land while learning lessons from majestic, playful deities. Many characters will be easily recognisable to fans of Ōkami™ while several are new to the series.
  • Compelling Narrative: Ōkamiden tells an amazing story that is both morally impactful and fun. With a complex mix of themes like friendship, responsibility and love between parent and child, players are promised a memorable experience that will be appreciated for its depth, humour, and universal truths.

The game makes the most of the dual screens as players make various swipes on the touchscreen to perform different tasks. Although action will switch from screen to screen, this doesn't seem to hinder battle scenarios in any way; with fights looking snappy and action-packed. The environments look beautiful and we even see subtle yet crisp effect animations that long-time fans will be familiar with. Enough talk, let's soak in the latest trailers from Capcom – the first being a gameplay video, and the second being the trailer that was shown at Captivate 2010.

Gameplay Trailer

Captivate 2010 Trailer

Okamiden is currently scheduled for release in 2011.

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User Comments (35)



Mark_M said:

Wait wait "Pressure sensitive"??
How does that work?
Is this game for the 3DS or what.



Megumi said:

Yeah...wondering about that pressure thing too. I hope the main boss theme music is in the game as well (when you fight Helm/Blight/Bandit from Okami), and they better keep that bestiary scroll "WOOOOSH!" thing too. XD

You know, when you encounter a new enemy and the scroll appears for a second, for some odd reason that grew on me and I love it. XD



JakobG said:

And another reason why I should get a DS.
I'll get this for sure; Okami left open a whole lot of questions.



Yasume said:

I don't think that this will be on the 3DS. By the time they stopped making GBA games the NDS was already a year on the market.



Marz said:

This will be the last amazing game released on the DS. I'm calling it.



Morpheel said:

Why is the main character so darn adorable?
Its like nintendogs with action <3




Hope it'd be this year but I s'pose its better for my games budget to have the releases spread out.

Day one....



mastersworddude said:

Whoever thought this will be on the 3DS needs to have common sense.
Why would they ever announce a game for a system the we have NEVER even seen or played yet? On top of that why would it still have DS graphics and NO 3D whatsoever?



Tails said:

Instant buy for me. I loved the First Okami will for sure preorder then with tax return money,



Inigo_Montoyia said:

I love Okami too! I rented it way back in November 2008; & I recently got it after my birthday in March 2010! So I'm currently playing Okami on my Wii; & slowly but surely playing through the beginning still! I have a long ways to go!

I've heard about Okamiden coming to the DS late last year in 2009; & I've been excited about it ever since! Plus I also find Chibiterasu so darn adorable! I was really hoping for a 2010 release; but this new stuff about it & trailer is great! And I can play my origonal Okami in the meantime; while I wait to get Okamiden whenever it comes in 2011!



Token_Girl said:

I wouldn't be surprised if the DS turned into a portable version of PS2 given its absolutely massive install rate. It'll make sense to make (or at least port) games for it for a while after the 3DS drops.

Okami is still on my "need to play" list. I understand why 3rd parties get mad at Nintendo sometimes for releasing so many great games. I don't know when I'll get to it between Mario Galaxy 2 and Other M.



Fuzzy said:

Looking really good. Thought it would have been coming out rather soon. Guess Ill have to wait.



RyuZebian said:

2011 sounds good to me. And also, I look at this as more of a spin off of the original Okami. Still really psyced though! A far from present release date seems like a good decision, considering how long the original was in the workings... I'm hoping for an Okami 2 by the time Wii 2 is out!



Raylax said:

After the masterpiece that was Okami, I cannot be more hyped for this. Shame the release is a little far off, but I guess that means Capcom are pouring a lot of love into it. Should be epic.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I wish all the action would take place on the bottom screen, so that you wouldn't constantly have to shift over incredibly short periods.



Axoloth said:

@4 and 6: The harder you press the stylus, the thicker the strokes will get. Like real Japanese calligraphy.



Oregano said:

Awesome news, looking forward to this and due to 3DS backwards compatibility I should be able to play it anyway, not that I ever get rid of my Nintendo systems. haha!



Popyman said:

Still not sure how I feel about this, what with Clover/Platinum Games not being the ones to make it...

It looks a whole lot better than the DS Zelda games, I'll give it that.



Mark_M said:

@23: But, you see, the DS's touch screen detects pressure, but not HOW MUCH pressure it is being done. I hope you are not exerting too much force with the stylus against the touch screen as this damages it in long term...



Meta-Rift said:

@8: I think post #7 meant they thought it was bad until they saw it was from Capcom. Either that, or BlueFlameBat has mistaken Capcom for some other company.

@23: Yeah, the DS isn't pressure sensitive, only touch sensitive.



Flandy said:

It's at times like this I really want a DS.
Hmm this game just wont be the same with out ammy
Hopefully if they ever make Okami 2(This game is more of a spin off then a sequal ) it's for the consles



Kurona said:

Cannot cannot cannot wait. This trailer makes me happy.
@28 A spinoff? It looks like it has all the features of the original game. I thought spinoffs usually had some defining difference between the gameplay (Like, say Soulsilver/Heartgold and Pokemon Ranger).



Mabbit said:

the graphics look GREAT! i love the first Okami, and while im not too fond of the awesome amaterasu becoming a tiny pup, im definitely getting the game when it comes out regardless of reviews. too bad the 3DS may be out by then and this may be one of those overshadowed releases



brandonbwii said:

when Okami got ported over to the Wii, it was certainly a welcomed "gesture"

LOL! See what you did thar?



28greg said:

Wow i'm totally going to get this but maybe i should get Okami for Wii first



Zelda42 said:


Amazing Graphics!!! But is it for the 2DS OR 3DS?
Who cares? I will get it anyway! I'm gonna get it, and I'll buy the system to go with it!!!!!

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