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1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 15th Mar 2011
  • EU 18th Mar 2011
  • JP 30th Sep 2010


  • Review Okamiden (DS)

    A celestial pup worthy of your praise

    Back in 2008, a two year old PS2 ‘game of the year’ was ported to the Wii amid much critical acclaim. Okami, an epic adventure boasting a glorious art style, was perfectly suited to the Wii’s capabilities, and Capcom has once again embraced a Nintendo console for a follow-up adventure on the DS. With such...

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Okamiden News

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About The Game

Ōkamiden is a picturesque action adventure game for the Nintendo DS.

Taking place a few months after the events of Ōkami, Ōkamiden will follow the adventures of Chibiterasu – a young sun god who is summoned to protect the land. Following in the footsteps of its parent Amaterasu, the sun-god-turned-wolf in Ōkami, Chibiterasu takes the form of an adorable wolf pup for the mission ahead. Chibiterasu will join forces with a rich cast of characters to fight off a new threat that has leeched the world of its vibrant color again. Beyond the battles, Chibiterasu and buddies will come to realize their inner potential and accept the kinship that comes with being the children of great heroes and gods.

Using the DS stylus, players will wield a celestial brush controlled by Chibiterasu. This powerful tool can attack enemies, paint helpful objects and structures into existence and help Chibiterasu perform exceptional feats that will change the world before the player’s eyes. Chibiterasu’s partners in the game will have unique abilities of their own that help the player conquer puzzles and face an onslaught of perilous challenges. By blending vivid myth, artistic action and the innovative Nintendo DS, Ōkamiden has all the makings of a handheld classic. Ōkamiden takes the best elements of the Ōkami series and combines them with invigorating new features delivering an extraordinary adventure sure to please fans of the series and newcomers alike.


  • Canvas and Brush: The touch screen and stylus of the Nintendo DS™ are the ideal tools to simulate Okamiden’s trademark celestial brush. The stylus brushstrokes are pressure sensitive which helps to accurately depict the look and feel of Sumi-e artwork – a graceful watercolor art.
  • Partner-Up: Using the in-game Partner System, players can join forces with new characters in the game, each possessing unique abilities that will help Chibiterasu defeat enemies and conquer puzzles.
  • Striking Visuals: The beauty of the highly stylized Japanese calligraphy and scroll paintings are depicted in pixel-perfect handheld glory.
  • Dynamic Action: Employ brush techniques learned from various celestial deities and Power Slash, Bloom, and battle a diverse lineup of monsters and demons rooted in Japanese folklore.
  • Interactive Puzzles: Draw bridges into existence, transverse canyons, and connect winding paths through space by using the celestial brush and the abilities of Chibiterasu’s partners.
  • Ensemble Cast: The main character, Chibiterasu, is a youthful sun god that has taken the form of an adorable wolf pup. Chibiterasu partners up with an equally endearing cast of characters that aim to restore order to the land while learning lessons from majestic, playful deities. Many characters will be easily recognizable to fans of Ōkami™ while several are new to the series.
  • Compelling Narrative: Ōkamiden tells an amazing story that is both morally impactful and fun. With a complex mix of themes like friendship, responsibility and love between parent and child, players are promised a memorable experience that will be appreciated for its depth, humor, and universal truths.