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North American Club Nintendo Adds Some More Games, Stuff

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Posters, DS compilations and WiiWare, oh my!

We knew a North American Club Nintendo update was imminent, but we figured it'd be a small bump in available wares. Instead, Nintendo went and dropped a bunch of other stuff too to vie for your spare change.

In case you thought your bathroom wall could use more Mario (and really, whose can't?), you can now plaster it with three Mario posters for 350 coins. These depict Mario's evolution, a nice group shot of the Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants and another one of Mario being, well, Mario. Mario Mario Mario.

On the costly end is Game & Watch Collection 2 at 800 coins, featuring a mammoth three games: straight out of 1981 is Octopus and Parachute, and then there's Parachute X Octopus, a brand new mash-up of the two and undoubtedly the best mathematical equation we've seen in a while. Although considering you can grab three Game & Watch games on DSiWare for 200 points a pop, the 800-coin price seems a little steep. Then again, you can't fix a wobbly table with a download.

If coins are tight, or if you're cheap, then the culinary WiiWare title Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! for a measly 80 coins, the most inexpensive reward currently available. We'll have a review of that one up sometime soon in case you don't want to take the plunge first yourself, but we have on good authority that the menu music is stellar 1960's spy pop, so there's always that.

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WesterHive said:

I have the first Game & Watch, might go for the second but it'll take me a while. Too many good third party games!



Tsuchinoko said:

I do agree, the music in Ultra Hand is good and quircky. Better than i thought it would be



Swiket said:

That Mario History poster looks really cool, although it'll get outdated...

Edit: 350 Coins? Maybe... maybe.



skywake said:

Australia's Club Nintendo got an update too..... pity the only decent item added was a deck of cards. I'm still 100 stars (which is probably equal to about 32 coins) short of the first 2500 star Game and Watch collection but that deck of cards is very tempting.....

but if we had that "evolution of Mario" poster? I'd forget about Game and Watch in a heartbeat!

you guys have the playing cards already? oh, thats so unfair!



Egg_miester said:

the posters are bad but better then the zelda set, i can't justify spending 800 points for 3 old games, but i am tempted for the grill game



suburban_sensei said:

I just got the first G&W Collection because it seems decent, but G&W Collection 2's games just don't do it for me, so I will def get the Mario posters, they rock!



Tails said:

Already ordered the Mario Poster, And reached Platinum status a 2nd time :3.



Mary said:

I just ordered the G&W Collection 2 and the Mario posters, I hope they are good. The Grill-Off game is kind of boring but for 80 coins is a decent prize.



grumblegrumble said:


Edit: I may have to get the new Game & Watch collection, since putting Mario posters up on the walls of my beautiful clean home is not something someone my age should be doing.



SwerdMurd said:

Where are Mario RPG Mario and original Mario Bros. Mario? I guess I can understand Mario RPG-era mario not being included due to the offshoot-status (also why all Paper Mario incarnations aren't there) but Mario Bros. was his original namesake debut post-Jumpman.

Well I guess I'm not getting the poster then.



pikku said:

i wanna get the posters. does anybody know if you can still get the Zelda poster



Capt_N said:

The 1st of the Mario poster - "History" is basically an off-beat poster, imo. It shows Mario's main-game series history, but it attempt to advertise New Super Mario Bros(DS), & the Wii version of the game, too! But they aren't main-series Mario games. They're spin-offs, off-shoot series, afaIk(as far as I know). Due to advertising, N decides to stick those in, w/ all the main-series games.

I'll wait until review on getting Ultra-hand. I'd prefer a reward to be shop (channel) points.

@JakobG: I don't know if you're April fooling, or not, but the CD-I Mario/Zelda games aren't considered canon, or even recognized as existing by N's viewpoint. They'd be funny Wiiware remakes, though.

@Mary: I like your avatar.

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