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Warner Bros. Interactive Announces New Batman Game for Wii and DS

Posted by Sean Aaron

Animated show tie-in to coming this fall

Wii owners may have missed out on Arkham Asylum, but they're getting an exclusive release in the form of a game based upon the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series, in which the Dark Knight teams up with other DC heroes to combat villainy.

Wayforward are the developers behind this licensed tie-in, so it might turn out to be better than your average licensed game. We'll try to catch up with the minds behind well-regarded titles like Mighty Flip Champs, A Boy and His Blob and Shantae to see how things are progressing and what players can expect from the game when it hits the shelves.

Here's the full press release for your reading enjoyment:



Hit Animated Series Brought To Life on Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ for Kids and Families to Play Together

BURBANK, Calif. – February 23, 2010 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on behalf of DC Comics, announces Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame, an action-adventure videogame based on the popular animated series, available this fall for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™. In the game, fans play alongside Batman and many of his allies in the DC UNIVERSE to take on dozens of popular villains.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame fully immerses fans into the vivid animated world of the successful TV series where kids can play as Batman or together with family and friends in two-player co-op mode. Players can choose from iconic characters ROBIN, GREEN LANTERN, BLUE BEETLE, along with drop-in heroes such as AQUAMAN to help solve puzzles and fight foes.

The game provides maximum replay value to those who own both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions by allowing them to connect the two systems to unlock BAT-MITE as a playable character. Players can control him with the Nintendo DS to wreak havoc or fight alongside the main characters in all levels of the Wii videogame.

“Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame further illustrates the diverse appeal of the Batman brand and the gameplay is a fun, vibrant extension of the animated series,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President of Development and Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “The game’s co-op play offers kids, families and Batman fans an interactive way of experiencing the cartoon’s iconic characters.”

In Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame, players embark on an exciting journey through crime-filled alleys, alien planets, abandoned underground cities and mysterious laboratories. Further lending to the authentic cartoon feel of the game is the inclusion of Batman’s iconic gadgets such as Batarangs and his Grapnel Gun.

For more information, please visit

About DC Comics
DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world and home to such iconic characters as SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN and the SANDMAN. These DC SUPER HEROES and others have starred in comic books, movies, television series (both animated and live-action) and cyberspace, thrilling audiences of all ages for generations. DC Comics’ Web site is located at

About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content for the interactive space across all current and future platforms, including console, handheld and PC-based gaming for both internal and third party game titles.

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD THE VIDEOGAME software © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Developed by WayForward Technologies, Inc. Wii and Nintendo DS are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

BATMAN and all characters, their distinctive likenesses, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics © 2010. All Rights Reserved.

WB GAMES LOGO, WB SHIELD: ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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User Comments (43)



Deviant_Mugen said:

A Brave and the Bold video game? F'ing awesome...

And it'll have co-op gameplay? Sweet! I'll be keeping an eye out for this one, hopefully it'll be good...



TwilightV said:

The show manages to be both cheesy and amusing. Hopefully the game won't be a cheap cash-in.



Philip_J_Reed said:

" exclusive release in the form of a game based upon the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series..."


"Wayforward are the developers behind this licensed tie-in..."

...wait, really? Disregard that "ugggghhhhh" and replace it with "I'll be keeping an eye on this one."

Wonder if Batman will have a hug button.



Hardy83 said:

Way Forward are pros at side-scrollers. Maybe it'll be a classic beat-em up with story elements.



Percentful said:

Wait a second, isn't Batman The Brave and the Bold a cheesy, stupid cartoon? Oh well, so much for something like arkham asylum.



VilicoBRA said:

Wayforward!? This is good! Maybe they save Batman.

A hug button would be so sweet, Chiken Brutus. I think it won't have even a handshake button... Maybe a tough look button?



TwilightV said:

The boxart (now on GoNintendo) confirms some sort of WiFi Connection features. If the voice cast is involved, this proves to be interesting.



Popyman said:

Holy crap, BAT-MITE! That dude is amazing! The show is great too, I don't know anything about 99% of the characters in it but man, I love it.



GC-161 said:

"Oh, cool. I just hope it's not a waggle/touch-screen fest"

^^^ Oh yeah it better not use the motion-control capabilities of the Wiimote nor the Touch-Screen capabilities of the DS.

We Wii and DS owners hate that stuff. Makes me wonder why we just didn't get a PS2 and a PSP. They don't have any of that waggle or touchy boloney.



motang said:

WayForward is involved in it so it should be cool. Hoping this will be a cool cartoon looking 2D beat 'em up game!



KrazyKain said:

I dont like to associate Batman with "for kids and family's to enjoy together" so I'm not holding my breath here



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm very optomistic. If the guys behind Shantae are behind this, and their last superhero game to my knowledge was pretty good (Justice League Heroes: The Flash for GBA), I'll check this one out.



Capt_N said:

The cartoon itself is a bit offbeat, but I'm a Lantern fan before Bats, @ least in my own pecking order. I'll still be keeping my eyes on this, however.

I just hope that some of the more popular characters are put in, in addition to the series using lesser-known/popular characters, & variants of those characters. For instance, I'd rather play as GL Hal Jordan, than Guy Gardner.



Deviant_Mugen said:

@Capt+N: Well, seeing as how Hal Jordan hasn't made an appearance on Brave and the Bold, I doubt he'll show up in the game...




I love the deliberate cheesyness of the tv series, which I follow. But I need a revw for the video game



madgear said:

Well it does have a camp looking logo so could well be for all I know. Saying that, though, wouldn't it be great if they did like a Batman Generations game? Play as West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney or Bale against the range of villains from film and TV.

Watch Bale's Dark Knight clobber Cesar's Joker .... or West take on Ledger's version...yeah, ok, I've had too much coffee I think.



Odnetnin said:

At first I was like "Yeah, a Batman cartoon game totally makes up for Arkham Asylum" but then I saw the word WayForward and was like "Yaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!"



Rhansley64 said:

Wayforward has a clean record (as in no bad games), so i remain faith full till i see the reviews.



Capt_N said:

^ Will you need a throat lozenge for that voice, irken004?

I will be watching for the reviews for this.



Xkhaoz said:

If it had co-op= buy sometime for my friend. Online co-op= instant buy for me and my friend.



Kidpit said:

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes The Music Meister is in the game, and that he's voiced by Neal Patrick Harris. Honestly he's the best thing that has happen on that show (really, look him up on Youtube).



TeMPO said:

LOL @ the first post: "Hopefully this will be as good as arkham asylum." If you were being sarcastic, that was really funny. If you were being serious, that was really sad.

Having said that, as a diehard Batman fan I'll be checking it out regardless of how good (or bad) it may be.



AdamTierneyWF said:

Metroid_Fan: Hal Jordan's been in the show. But everyone knows Guy Gardner is the greatest Green Lantern that's ever lived.



Deviant_Mugen said:

@Aviator: I disagree, the series' voice actors should voice the characters in-game. Deidrich Bader's Batman is awesome...

@AdamTierney: He has? I must've missed that episode, then, because the only human Lantern I can recall showing up is Guy...



Ian_Daemon said:

Hopefully the new WayForward "Batman" game will be better than "A Boy and His Blob". The latter went from ridiculously easy to near-impossible only for the boss fights. Balancing anyone?



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Oh my God! This announcment will definitely make me cancel my preorder for Arkham Asylum 2!

PS: Announcements like this make me really happy that I own another next gen console besides Wii.



mnementh said:

it will actually be cool if this turns out to be more fun than arkham asylum (that should have been on the wii too)

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