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Sonic Classic Collection Goes Collectible

Posted by Brad Long

Limited edition for Australia and Spain

Get ready to add yet another tin case to your growing collection, as SEGA have confirmed the existence of a limited edition release for Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS.

The set comes in the aforementioned tin case, the contents of which are an exclusive Sonic figurine, five postcards featuring artwork from the Sonic series, an O-ring sleeve (whatever that is!) and the game itself, which is a collection of the first four Mega Drive 'hog outings.

SEGA, being totally handheld-friendly with this baby, has included a 'save anywhere' feature, much like saving where you've stopped playing on the Virtual Console.

Due for release on the 11th of March, Australia "will be one of the only countries to offer the special limited edition of the game", according to SEGA.


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jangonov said:

Australia needs this first. Sonic does not wear pants though, so they might censor it.



Starwolf_UK said:

As far as the figurine goes at first glance I thought it was the one that First4Figures makes (and hence wonder why they said exclusive), then I looked more closely and noticed it is different.



Yosher said:

Blegh. These things never come to the Netherlands.
Oh well. Lucky you, Australia and Spain!



TKOWL said:

Hopefully the game's emulation is good enough that it's worth it.



Raylax said:

Any word yet on what special features will be included in the game? It does concern me a tad that this is out in less than a month and the only information we have on it is 4 screenshots (and no idea how the second screen of the DS will be used), and that it has save-anywhere options.



Raylax said:

Scratch what I said in #17, we now know a /tiny/ bit more of the game courtesy of some new screenshots. It features lock-on support for S3&K and K-in-S2. Yay. Now release a vid, please, SEGA, so we know it doesn't play like the trainwreck that was the Sonic 1 port on GBA.



HipsterDashie said:

Do want the collectible version. C'mon Sega, we Brits loved you more than we loved Nintendo back in the day, how about something in return, eh?



Pj1 said:

Yes we do want the collectable version too please Sega! I agree with SoulSilver IV We did use to Love Sega.

I hope the DS version is a good one, but as a British Nintendo said 'It can't go wrong'



MDee14 said:

i wish this would of been downloadable instead. Bring the virtual console already!!!



Raylax said:

@22: You're aware all of the titles in this are available on the Wii's Virtual Console, right?



FJOJR said:

It's funny how you have cover unavailable on the side but the cover is right there in the article.



Raylax said:

@24: Framerate issues, huh? Hmm. If there's no more content than the 4 games and lock-on, I might end up getting the VC releases after all.



Chunky_Droid said:

@FJOJR: I used the Australian cover for the article, I believe normally they use either the US or UK box art, whether it's any different or not I can't vouch for however, I'll mention it though. Nice find! lol



Kevin said:

Sonic & Knuckles just came out for the VC so I'll stick with that.



hanna said:

i dont care about what all of yo said it sucked lols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



hanna said:

by the way i have a dsi and ds isn't that cooler than your stupid dsi mcmario3

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