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Nintendo Cereal System Sells For $200

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Indigestion medication not included

Do you remember the Nintendo Cereal System from 1988? It let people who just couldn't get enough of Mario and Zelda to pour them into a bowl and eat them, keeping their spirits (but, sadly, not powers) with you all throughout the day by way of two different types of cereal: fruit-flavored for Mario, berry for Zelda. It came with some neat collectible cards, and you could even get a PowerPad or a sweet Mario cereal bowl through offers on the box.

In yet another example of video game collector's having no limits, an unopened box of the NCS was bid on 22 times and eventually sold on eBay for $207.50 USD.

To whoever bought it: please don't eat this cereal. If you do, please post a video online for the world to watch in morbid fascination, or at the very least live-tweet your taste bud sensations. And try sending in for that Mario cereal bowl.

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Corbs said:

I always forget that in the 80's you had to have the prerequisite Saturday morning cartoon and breakfast cereal in order to be the "in" thing.



Aronos said:

I think if somebody actually ate that now, we wouldn't see them for a long while lol.



California_Jake said:

Ewwwww. I think it's way past its expiration date by now...

As for the commercial, that's one of the most annoying songs ever. "Nin-ten-do. It's for breakfast now!"



retrobuttons said:

Haha the Mario in the cereal is just an unrecognizable orange character. And Zelda a pink/purpe one.



VilicoBRA said:

"If you can't beat'em, eat'em!" They should have done a Kirby version.

Buyer, open it and post the pictures! Argh!!!



XD375 said:

I know of this but I don't remember actually eating any.

Pokémon cereal, though, I remember eating that. It was a Cheerios ripoff with Pokémon-shaped marshmallows, similar to Lucky Charms but nowhere near as good.



Chunky_Droid said:

I remember we had some Mario style cereal in the early 90's in Australia, I sent my coupons in and got a Mario hat and a subscription to the ONM at the time. (yeah, I ate a lot of cereal)



MarkyVigoroth said:

Me, I know that this obviously had collector's value, and I do not mean to belittle this event, but I would much rather make my own Nintendo-based eats (especially since I do not trust breakfast cereal anymore).



William90 said:

I've seen this advert before, it's hilarious. Link looks like a teddy bear. So dated, the outfits and the special effects. I love the cheesy American voice "There's Zel-Duh Too!".

I remember in the UK a Pokemon cereal, about 9(!) years ago, around the same time Ant & Dec rapped about it on Saturday mornings. I thought it tasted rank, but tried to convince myself anyway because "It's Pokemon!"



StarBoy91 said:

Wow, a Nintendo Cereal System (NCS)? Sounds awesome. Never heard of it prior to today (I wasn't born until 1991).



kevohki said:

I remember the cereal. I also remember it tasting terrible and never buying another box.



rodoubleb said:

I bet it's chalk full of preservatives and artificial flavors. It should be safe to eat for another 25 years at least.



A1234 said:

with this and that $13,000 nes ebay auction recently, I just wonder where these people are getting the money from? I need to do what they are doing. lol



Noire said:

The Legend of Zelda: The Savior of Breakfast

Anyone else want that game now?



Zweck36 said:

My cousins and I ate about 20 boxes of these during there limited run in the late eighties. Fabulous.



chadthegamer said:

Super Mario breakfast cereal, now with real mushrooms, just imagine
Seriously, my mind is blown by how much awesomeness is in that commercial.



TKOWL said:

Wait a sec, the slogan on the ad is "If you cant beat 'em, eat 'em."
Possible foreshadowing to a beloved Nintendo Franchise?



William90 said:

I wonder if there is still a market for a Nintendo cereal nowadays, what with gamings supposed popularity- can you imagine the little gifts!
Let's dream up some potential names!
-Bowser's Thwomps?
-Coins and Stars?



Mike1 said:

I remember that cereal. It actually tasted pretty good. Ahh, the memories.



Raylax said:

We rescued breakfast!
Hurrah for 80's advertising. I'm glad Nintendo's adverts have improved since th-- oh.



Jave said:

Ten bucks that the guy's mom or someone is going to find that box and pour it for breakfast the morning after.

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