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Ulala and Crazy Taxi Joining Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

More characters to be revealed

Sega have released another trailer of the racer being developed by Sumo Digital, showing off Ulala from Dreamcast game Space Channel 5 and Crazy Taxi's BD Joe, which received a rather good GameCube conversion a few years back.

It's been announced there will be 24 tracks in total, a healthy amount though just shy of Mario Kart Wii. Sumo Digital have also revealed some tidbits on Sonic Stadium's forum: the DS game will have an exclusive Crush 40 music track, all versions bar the DS version will have track designer ghosts to beat and there will be no snaking in the game. The online mode on Wii version will not support Wii Speak and Sumo are working to make the online as cheat-free as possible.

They have also said on the forum there are four more characters yet to be announced. Let the speculation commence! New trailer follows below:

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BlueBandanaJake said:

Looking forward to renting this game. Id really rather it end up being pretty good, seeing as they're putting a lot of effort into it.



James said:

Pixelman - "the online mode on Wii version will not support Wii Speak and Sumo are working to make the online as cheat-free as possible."

I'd say so, yeah



Boonehams said:

16 of Mario Kart Wii's tracks were simply taken from previous games, so this game technically edges out Mario Kart Wii in number of tracks... not that that automatically makes it better, mind you.

Also, my guesses :
Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe
Alex Kidd
Vyse from Skies of Arcadia
Akira from Virtua Fighter



Odnetnin said:

@Syl Well, he was, probably... They just didn't reveal him until now. I see nothing wrong with not revealing characters until a month before a game's release.



Boonehams said:

Hmmm. Okay then.... Instead of Alex Kidd... and previous reports said Toe Jam & Earl weren't in it, so... Jack from MadWorld. (Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?)



jackaroo said:

Also even though this doesnt rule out Akira altogether, Jacky has been confirmed for the game too.
Im hoping for :
A Chuchu or KapuKapu from Chuchu Rocket
& Nights. Although Nights might not be making it in from reports so maybe Vectorman.



Ryuuga said:

Yeah! Ulala!! That`s great news!!!

My guesses are: Opa Opa, Arle Nadja, Space Harrier guy and hmmmm...yeah the E-Swat cop XD
Ok the four above are impossible, but I would really enjoy if they include at least Shinobi Joe, or Tyris Flair from Golden Axe...



DarkEdi said:

Aika & Vyse from Skyes of Arcadia
The Barbarian from Golden Axe
and Agent G or Isaac Washington from HOTD Overtkill



AVahne said:

might try this out, but i don't think it'll make players curse for fun as much as Mario Kart does



Stuffgamer1 said:

Drools over the thought of Skies of Arcadia characters...

And why not? After all, they threw Vyse and Aika into Valkyria Chronicles!

What I'm REALLY still waiting for is some announcement for SOME kind of exclusive PS3 content. They're either holding it close for no apparent reason or setting up for some major FAIL. I'm hoping for the former, of course, lest I wind up with the Xbox 360 verison (sorry, guys...I'm not interested in the motion-controlled, Wii Speak-less, SD Wii version; besides which, Banjo-Kazooie & Avatars pwn Miis).



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hmm...if this leak proves true, we can sadly forget about Nights and Arcadia in the game. Instead, we get...Bonanza Bros? I wish I understood their decision, but I don't. Not at all.



jackaroo said:

@Mickeymac : February 23-26 I believe.

Also looks like the final characters have been leaked as mentioned above.
Jacky & Akira from Virtua Fighter.
Bonanza Bros
Chuchu Rocket (Not sure which character yet. Most likely Chuchus)
& Opa Opa (Fantasy Zone)
Bonanaza Bros is a bit of a weird addition. But im happy about the ChuChu Rocket addition.
Also Vyse is still a possibility. The site has confirmed the 360 version will have downloadable characters. Unfortunatly no announcement was made about DLC on Wii or PS3.



Machu said:


I (and many others) would really like to see Wii versions of Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi and Shenmue. Instead, we get a Mario Kart clone with characters borrowed from each.

/me sighs...



William90 said:

I would be a good idea to put Ristar in!
People will think"who is he?", discover his game on the VC, and Sega get profits!



Boonehams said:

Hmm.... That site seems legit. And honestly, despite the fact that I don't agree with their decision, it makes sense that SEGA would choose Bonanza Bros. That game has appeared on no less than three SEGA game compilations and was one of the earliest Genesis games to hit WiiWare, so at least to SEGA, Bonanza Bros. is fresh in their mind and something they seem to like... for some reason.

Oh well. There's enough good characters in there for me. And besides, there still a chance for Nights, Ristar and Arcadia themed tracks or DLC.



BlueFlameBat said:

Fine! Put Ulala in! Really, I'd be happy for that!
Just make sure multiple control options are in as well. Not everyone likes to use the Wii remote to steer.



Spaceboy said:

I think everyone is forgetting that this game isn't going to be very good. It's SEGA mi amigos. They don't make good games anymore. They only publish mediocre ones.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Spaceboy: I disagree strongly with that assertion. SEGA Superstars Tennis was a GREAT game that didn't deserve HALF the bad press it got and should've sold WAY better than it did! I fully expect this game to be excellent as well.

Well, SEGA seems pissed about that leak I posted about, so I'd say it's looking even MORE legit.

For the record, I do LIKE Bonanza Bros...I just don't get why they're in this game. I'm cool with it, I guess...though it still seems to me like they could've chosen more widely-requested characters instead...

I've seen no "Pay & Play" logo on the Wii box art they released, so I'm guessing that version sadly will not have DLC. I find it doubtful that the PS3 version will have the same problem. Also, various scattered leaks suggest Ristar may be in, at least in DLC, and the Wii and PS3 versions may still have unannounced exclusive characters. The suspense is maddening!



Phobos said:

I like the setting and all, but they just cloned Mario Kart Wii and dumped some SEGA stars in. After trying SEGA Superstar's Tennis (which is my cousin's, thankfully not mine), I was really disappointed with SEGA's gameplay. I'm saving my money, and sticking to Mario Kart.

@Spaceboy - I agree with you. SEGA really need to get their act together if they really want to hit it big in future.



RonF said:

I'm not sure why I would buy this game considering I still have fun playing Mario Kart. Perhaps I am not much in SEGA characters, although I like the idea of playing with Crazy Taxi. BTW, it is a great game and they should invest in a new version.
@Stuffgamer1: I hated SEGA Superstars Tennis and I think the press was too gentle with it. I hope you're right about the Racing game, despite I suspect you and I have very different tastes.



WAM2 said:

@Spaceboy: Yeah, SEGA really have to do something really amazing after the abomination that was Sonic Unleashed. That game was all kinds of crap. The day levels were cheap and broken and the night ones were boring!

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