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Podcast: Episode 9 - Muramasa, Mario and More!

Posted by James Newton

Four contributors. Three exclusive interviews. One unstoppable podcasting force

Slightly delayed but bigger and better than ever, it's the ninth episode of the Nintendo Life podcast.

Weighing in at a massive forty minutes, it's got Rising Star Games answering your questions about Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Corbie Dillard telling you more about Nostalgia and the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet, chatting about his career, the character and a tiny game you may have heard of called New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Amendment - You'll hear Yen Hau state that Muramasa doesn't support 60Hz TVs, but this isn't true: it will be available in 60Hz so it'll run at the same speedy pace as its US and Japanese brethren. Thanks to Yen for posting in our comments to correct that!

To avoid the gnashing of teeth that comes with missing podcast episodes, subscribe to our Podcast (using iTunes) or download it using this direct link here. You can also find us on iTunes, so show the podcast some love as there is plenty more good stuff lined up in the future.

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User Comments (27)



invmat said:

40:35, this is the longest podcast we have yet.
And VGP, I agree with you (showing off Black Wii)



Damo said:

What an awesome podcast. Thanks to James, Corbie, Kim and Sean for an awesome production.

Can't wait for NLife FM either - sounding good, Jon!

Also, I can't believe we got Mario. Are we the best Nintendo site or what?



Sean_Aaron said:

Hey, I just made a phonecall, but I'll take what I can get. The interviews were fantastic. I never listen to podcasts, but this one I like (and not just because I get to hear my name).



noblo601 said:

Guys that was fantastic!
That's the first podcast I have heard. I really appreciate all the effort you all put into making something like that. I will definately check out future episodes.
I'm so keen for Muramasa!!!!



Roebuck said:

Awesome show! Like Nobolo said, "That's the first podcast I have heard. I really appreciate all the effort you all put into making something like that. I will definately check out future episodes." Me as well.



YenHau said:

I hang my head in shame...Muramasa indeed supports 60Hz TVs. Sorry all, I was thinking of Little King's Story (I blame James, we were talking about it just before the interview started^^).



James said:

Yen - thanks for clearing that up. Great news about it being 60Hz too, and sorry to have misled you with talk of Alpoko!



Sean_Aaron said:

@Yen: You really should have got Tyrone to do a Muramasa video -- it's not too late! Does he have a fan club yet?



Noire said:

Wow, that was quite the podcast. Excellent job on this one, y'all. I mean, with Corbs on Nostalgia, a TMNT IV name-drop (!), and finishing out with the voice of Mario was just cool stuff.



Stevie said:

40mins When I get home from work I will grab a beer, get comfy and listen to this.

@Yenhau - If your reading this I would like to say well done on Little King's Story, my favorite game of the year, can we have a sequel please.



Dazza said:

Wow that was the best one yet, I enjoyed it from start to finish. A really nice mix of staff contributions and developer interviews. Lovely stuff



Machu said:

Downloading... will listen in the morn whilst out and about, yay!

Lovely baps btw, mmmm.



WolfRamHeart said:

This was an excellent podcast! It was jam-packed with content! Very nice job Prosody! I really enjoyed your interview with Corbie about Nostalgia and the interview with Charles Martinet was such an amazing surprise! You really outdid yourself this time!



YenHau said:

@Sean Aaron - unfortunately Tyrone doesn't have time to do a video for Muramasa like he did for LKS. Its a shame as I really wanted him to do it, but fear not, he will be back in the new year for a couple of our bigger titles. I want to make this a regular thing so if you have any opinions on how we can improve on the LKS video do let me know, we value all your feedback.

@Stevie - thanks for your support! although I can't say whether a sequel is in the pipeline its always nice to hear people like your games:)



James said:

Working on a Saturday morning, Yen? Now that's dedication!

And if you do hear anything about LKS2, I demand the exclusive scoop!



Viral said:

Awesome interviews guys. Keep this going and this is extremely cool to get to hear from them first hand.



Machu said:

That was a great listen, thanks James. Can't beleive you met Mario, that must have been very special.

"who's in charge?"



Kid_A said:

NLFM Sounds very cool!
Charles sounds like a really nice guy. It's cool that he doesn't get sick of doing the voice after all these years.



Sean_Aaron said:

@YenHau: That's a shame, but I'll look forward to anything he does if it's at that same level of enthusiasm. What made that video so compelling was Tyrone's clear interest in the material, the background he imparted and the great shots of the game. I was aware of the game before then, but that video is what caused me to pre-order it!

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