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Read Your Horoscope with the Today and Tomorrow Channel

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

New free Wii Channel launches in Europe tomorrow.

Japan's gotten a number of Wii Channels the past two or so years which the rest of the world has yet to see - Still nothing has been said about a western release of the TV Guide channel, the Wii no Ma channel and others.

Well, except for one of them - Since late 2008, Japan has had a channel with which you could read your horoscope. This channel will finally be making its way elsewhere this week - Europe is set to get it tomorrow (Perhaps because tomorrow is 09/09/09) as the "Today and Tomorrow Channel." As with all other Channels, it'll be completely free and downloadable from the Wii Shop.

Nothing has been said about a North American release, but we'd imagine it to follow quickly.


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Chunky_Droid said:

Yay? At least it's probably a better read than our state-wide newspaper's horoscope dude, he's terrible



Tails said:

i don't really think i'd use this channel that much i wish we get the Wii No Ma Channel soon though x.x;



paulcmnt said:

Uuu, horoscopes. What's next? Detect Spirits Channel? Well, I guess it's better than nothing... maybe.



Bensei said:

I wonder how many will depend their lifes on this channels suggestions. It suggests you what to eat and which friends to visit or not (if you made Miis with their birthdates).

Or how many users will check if the get along with Hitler (by horoscope)



Golgo said:

Any more of this inane trash and my horoscope will become very predictable indeed: it will feature me walking into Game to trade-in Wii against a new PS3 slim.



Cheezy said:

Eh I'm not surprised who gets it first, but I'm sure we get it soon after...



Machu said:

Not even downloading it, what a stupid idea for a channel. Horoscopes are a load of ********! Ug!



brandonbwii said:

It's funny that of all channels released in Japan, they decide to bring this one over. Whatever happened to that business card channel? I would've even preferred that.

The upside to this is we are finally starting to get free channels again. For a moment it seemed as if Ninty was only going to continue apps and stuff on DSi. Hopefully Nintendo is hard at work on localizing the Wii no Ma channel for a worldwide release.



TourianTourist said:

OMG... Nintendo gives us something for FREE!!! Let's start complaining!!

Seriously, Nintendo could give everyone a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for free, people would still complain.

It absolutely doesn't matter, if this channel is stupid or worthless or a waste of memory (omg, my 2GB SD card will suffer from that one, lol), it's for FREE, gorramn it. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.



Mange said:

I´d take Mario calculator or metronome before this crap. I bet it even can´t predict your sexlife



Objection said:

I'll pass on this one. In fact, there's not a single free channel that Nintneod's given us that I've kept for any amount of time.



Sean_Aaron said:

I tried it and it seemed to be about as useful as Everybody Votes or Mii Contest Channel...



Terra said:

Maybe our reviewers should start doing channels as well as games, seeing how this one's coming under fire before it's even out.



mjc0961 said:

Who the hell would download this? Oooh, a channel that tells me precisely jack ****. How dumb do you have to be to believe in this horoscope crap anyway?

"OMG... Nintendo gives us something for FREE!!! Let's start complaining!!"
Oh yes! We got something completely useless for free! That makes it all better. If people are really dumb enough to even care about their horoscopes (although I think such people are too stupid to operate a Wii), they can get plenty on the FREE OMGICAMEITSFREE Internet Channel. This pathetic update is a slap in the face to us all.



Terra said:

I will download this, just to see what it's like. I'm not saying it won't be crap but seriously guys, you're being ridiculous. Ok, so horoscopes aren't the sort of thing a lot of people and yourselves are into, that's fine. Some people are into this stuff, which is who Nintendo are aiming it at, not necessarily you. It's like criticizing Call Of Duty, saying you think it's S*** when you're a fan of racing games or some other genre. There isn't a type of game/application/channel that everyone will like.

You're not being forced to download it and it's free if you do, so what's the big deal? You don't need to be insulting to those who do like horoscopes, like several of you are.

@JustYourAverageBleh - I take it then, that you haven't seen the abundance of shovelware on the Wii, all the minigame sets, Ubisoft's Playzone games (Among other crap games they've published), all of DDI's games like their popcorn arcade label etc...

Those are worse for us and we have to pay for the privilege. Oh yes, a free channel is the worst thing to happen to the Wii at all so far



WarioFan63 said:

Japan loves this kind of stuff so this channel isn't pointless at all. It's just the cultural differences make it seem that way.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Sean Aaron.A good point. The last time Nintendo asked for your Blood type was one of the Fire emblem games for the GBA and the blood type option vanished from non-Japanese releases presumably as people don't really know their blood types.



Reala said:

The only channels I use are the internet channel while my PC starts up, or the Nintendo channel for DS demos but they barely update that so its hardly used, really have no interest in the superstition channel but it will probably prove popular all the same.



Klapaucius said:

I don't know my bloodtype. In Japan everyone wants to know each other's bloodtypes, but we just don't care in the West (unless you go to hospital or give blood).

Its free. Download it. What's the worse that'll happen? You don't like it and you delete it? So what? People shouldn't complain about FREE things.



dap594 said:

My mum (who doesn't like any games console or game) is really looking forward to the horoscope channel; mainly beacuase she believes and likes that sort of thing. i am quite looking forward to it (WHY is evereyone complaining about it already when they havn't even had it yet and it is FREE!! FREE things are the BEST things!)



Adam said:

Awesome, the Wii needs more free, pointless channels -- seriously. I love the voting channel. They are funny little time wasters.



Twilight_Crow said:

I don't believe in such things either, so what, it's free, and it's just for fun. There are people that love this stuff, why insulting them?, why to be angry for getting a FREE app you don't like?, don't get it, problem solved .



Metang said:

They can, megaman-sam. The Internet Channel is pretty damn useful, and while the Everybody Votes Channel and things of that nature aren't useful, they're nice little time-wasters.



Shadow007 said:

Why does Nintendo waste their time with such USELESS channels like this one when the DSi still lacks Virtual Handheld? I'm confused.




Its just some free add on for your Wii. Im pretty sure they have poeple making channels in a seperate team that wouldnt TOUCH anything like the Virtual Handheld. They invented the money printing machine, they ARE able to multitask



Klapaucius said:

I downloaded it! Who downloaded it?
Its very silly. Pure nonsense. The warnings about how you choose to use what it tells you make me laugh. The "Lucky" ratings are a bit odd. Sort of like a game, but I don't see how we have any way of influencing it to get a higher rating.
I probably won't use it much, but that's okay. I'll move it onto my SD card, no harm done. It's cost me nothing, after all!



Machu said:

227 blocks for 1 minute of fun. It's full of the usual polish 'll admit, and I'm sure some people will think it's great. But I'd much rather see Nintendo spending time and money on something with more substance. Deleted!



Tate24 said:

i was bit shocked by 227 block size! i found it pointless channel my birthday fall's on 23/12/1983 and ive always been a capricorn only to be told that am now sagittarius?? i think got that wrong nintendo!!

as for rest of it its lots of stupid hints and though its got nice clear layout i found it pointless addition id prefer nintendo come up with something little more useful like Wii demo channel or update some older channels with new lease of life! instead of other channel thats as useful as nunchuk by its self.



Alfred_ENG said:

71 luck, lucky colour white, Put my white socks on. had rice and salad. Then did the house work. It told me to clean my toilet.



ArtMcCarthyDotCom said:

Out of all the channels they could make they did THIS!?!?!?!?
Horoscopes are as real as Mother 3 coming to the US.



nix said:

44 luck, lucky colour light blue, eat meat, and clean the fridge.

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