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Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Riding Peripheral

Posted by Jon Wahlgren


Well, this was unexpected.

A European patent held by Nintendo (discovered by Siliconera) shows the company isn't content with just having peripherals like the Balance Board, Vitality Sensor, Zapper, Wheel, MotionPlus and the Nunchuck. No, Nintendo wants to peripheralize your badonkadonk as well.

An inflatable horse saddle is the latest innovation patented by the company. The seat would have be able to sense body motion through built-in sensors and present an accurate translation on screen, like a MotionPlus for your butt.

In the picture, a child is seen holding a nunchuck, which the patent describes could be used for "bronco riding, a lasso, a sword, or other weapon."

Keep in mind that just because Nintendo has filed a patent doesn't mean the peripheral will actually be developed or released. Still, Yoshi's Safari Wii confirmed?


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TanookiMike said:

I was actually thinking something to do with riding Epona, but yeah, Yoshi's Safari would work too.



Machu said:

Ya know what, I don't like it.

That picture's plain wrong! 0_o



KrazyKain said:

Epona would not be a cool idea.. can you imagine having to get off every time you run around as link, and then get on this thing every time you get on Epona... unless its a game were your always on epona



warioswoods said:

With this and the vitality sensor on the horizon, I expect great things from Sexy Poker 2.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

With this, the vitality sensor, and motion plus, I can see great things coming from that Playboy game



Philip_J_Reed said:

I was going to post something funny, but I've already been massively outdone by warioswoods in post #9.



Slapshot said:

Hang on. Didn't we just hear from Nintendo for consumers to be patient with the Vitality Sensor that more software is coming and now they want another periphial. WTF. Hang on I get it. Sit on the Infatable butt thing with your feet on the balance board with two Wii Remotes in both hands and the Vitality Sensor and you have full body motion control. Now we need motion control gloves and necklases and prob. socks too. Yeah definatley socks too.



jangonov said:
Perhaps Nintendo knows that Microsoft and Sony are watching them. Therefore they are releasing joke patents to keep them busy. I mean seriously, can you imagine microsoft.



SmaMan said:

Didn't the 27th game in the (Rayman) Raving Rabbids series sell on the point of that it was the first Wii game you could play with you butt? Maybe this was just a failed prototype of the balance board.



Sean007s said:
Nintendo...i double-dare you to announce a horse game at E3 next year....and if you do.....BYE BYE! packing my bags and going to the other consoles for good.

Stupid bloody ideas they have.



beauhappyday said:

Well, if it's comfortable, who knows? I'd bet my guess that this is probably for the magical world of bella-sara crowd...



Token_Girl said:

I will get this if and only if Nintendo also brings back the Power Glove. Games would just be "better" with both.




Ok nintendo serious needs to think of some real ideas I mean what the $#@! is that all about.



MrPanic said:

Apparently Nintendo really does want to get rid of all Ninty fans...

Unless there are adult games coming our way, in that case expect many sticky situations and unpleasant video's on youtube.



SmaMan said:

Looks almost like just a mini-beanbag chair... but really uncomfortable.



MindFever said:

Oh god,take me now... This is something you can't explain in plain words. Let me putt it this way:


I seriously hope this ain't another era of POWER GLOVE or the round-skate-kind-of-thing (yes,it was pure crap.craptastic,so to speak)... Nintendo just can't resist.



damascus said:

this is probably something that nintendo thought was a good idea of the time. so they patented it in case MS or Sony copies it.

i doubt this will actually become a real product.



Crazed said:

Apparantly we're going to do more than just play as Yoshi is Super Mario Galaxy 2...



mjc0961 said:


Why would anyone ever, ever say that? Please, nobody ever say that.

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