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Flipnote Petition Says "We Want Smash Bros. DS!"

Posted by James Newton

And not much more, to be honest...

By now we've seen some of the amazing animations talented folk can come up with when left with a copy of Flipnote Studio (and possibly some alcohol), but that's not to say that everyone with the application is so interested in becoming the next Hayao Miyazaki.

Flipnote user "Jacob" has started a one-page petition to show Nintendo how badly DS fans want to play a Super Smash Bros. game on their system, and so far the fan reaction has been predictably positive, with over 20,000 views, 3,000 comments and stacks of star ratings too.

Although we here at Nintendo Life would welcome a DS-based Nintendo-themed fighter as much as anyone, it has to be said the petition itself lacks a little of the imagination and finesse that marks out a great Flipnote. Hopefully some talented soul will take up the baton and produce a Smash Bros. DS-themed animation that gamers everywhere can really get behind.

For those of you who want to support Jacob and his petition, it's embedded underneath. Good luck and God's speed, Jacob.

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tripunktoj said:

This petition is original, the bad side is that there is going to be a lot of people copying this new petition method, and that it lacks an actual animation, or even a drawing.



JimLad said:

Somehow I get the feeling if Smash Bros DS ever was born and had online, it would probably be better than Brawls online.



Incognito_D said:

I have no personal desire for a Smash Bros DS. I think it's because I prefer to see the DS library being filled with titles like Pokemon and Phoenix Wright that work better on a handeld than a home console -- rather than watered down, inferior ports of home console hits like Smash Bros.



Darknyht said:

While I think they could do a very good Smash Bros on the DS (Mario Kart DS, and Mario 64 DS prove this), I am not sure if this petition is going to get them motivated.



warioswoods said:

He could have at least made an interesting animation; honestly, I hope they pull this one down, and any future "petitions" that don't include even a bit of artwork or movement. That's just a waste of everyone's time.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Something that could very well work. A portable Smash Bros is something I think would be very good if done right.

It has to be said the quality will be between the original and Melee but if it stands well then I'm all for the petition. Sure, the animation is dull but if it gets the point across it should work.



Madara said:

@Golgo - Too bad they won't Release it in NA. >_> stupid americans and their not catching upto anime-ness.
SSBDS sounds good, but yeah as everyone said, Little jacob could have atleast tried to make some animations showcasing somethings that they'd like, I have an idea right now while typing. Maybe in that, the animation could show the "newcomer" sign and then draw a character that was really wanted into brawl, Like Geno or Megaman. >_> It'd be a start.



Knux said:

Maybe Nintendo will actually listen to the petition and give us Super Smash Bros. DS.



Objection said:

I have jUmp Superstars. It's decent but not the same as having a Smash on DS. Its perfectly possible.



thewiirocks said:

There was a much better animation I saw last night. It was of the SSBB logo flashing, with smash cuts to text about wanting SSB DS. Unfortunately I can't find it right now or I'd share it.



JoeDiddley said:

Maybe Nintendo will want a killer app for the dsi & will finally bring us Smash Bros ds



Copper said:

I don't mean to sound sour or anything but seriously! This small, plain petition is detracting attention from some of the better Flipnotes out there I hope it loses it's spot quite frankly very soon because this is NOT a flipnote! I want Super Smash Bros. DS, but it just ticks me off how other people's Flipnotes that they spent a lot of time working on is not getting it's fame because of this!/ rant over



edhe said:

I've just seen a petition for Flash player support for the DSi on Hatena with 78,000 stars. What planet are these people from?



Sylverstone said:

I'm loving the petition idea, but yesterday when I was on Flipnote Hatena, these keep popping up! It's like these petitions will be Flipnote Hatena's rick-roll!



Metang said:

I don't think a SSB DS would work. It's mainly a multiplayer series, and with the current SSB games, others can just drop in at your house, pick up a controller, and play. (And with Brawl, you can play over Wifi, no one has to drop in at your house!) It would be more of a hassle to use local multiplayer on SSB DS. Of course we have Wifi, but those who lack Wifi (like myself) depend on local multiplayer. Which sucks very very badly.

And Jacob is strong to put up a petition, but he could at least make an animation with it.



Fulgor_Astral said:

pft whatever... Nintendo dont listen... Ever! a lot of people wants earthbound on VC and Mother 3 in some way in NA, but those tards at Nintendo wont move a finger to grant those wishes... so i see no point in doing this...



anthonyb said:

I like the approach, but there should be another way to get Nintendo's attention. I'm sure they have a long list of games people want- Nintendo surely knows that some fans would like such a game. I think if Nintendo saw an opportunity to make SSB:DS and thought it would sell well, they'd make it. I'm just a man, and I can see that this game might be a bad business decision- SSB is probably better left on a home console, especially considering how high-octane the game is. I used to wish for a portable version too, but now I think I'd rather see other games come to my DS.



Kadaj said: much as I love Smash Bros., it just wouldn't work for DS. Mario Kart and Mario 64 don't prove anything. It's not what the DS can handle, but what the DS is for.

I suppose a graphically dumbed down version, with more of a 2D presentation rather than pseudo-3D would work fine and be entertaining, but I just don't see it being as worthy to the series as Melee and Brawl were.

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