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Fri 14th Aug 2009

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Copper commented on New Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Videos:

I wonder why the release date info hasn't been updated here? On the Nintendo Channel it states the game will be coming out September 14th, the same with Gamestop's page I think it has been totally 100% been confirmed lol! Looking forward to getting this game in September



Copper commented on Flipnote Petition Says "We Want Smash Bros. DS!":

I don't mean to sound sour or anything but seriously! This small, plain petition is detracting attention from some of the better Flipnotes out there I hope it loses it's spot quite frankly very soon because this is NOT a flipnote! I want Super Smash Bros. DS, but it just ticks me off how other people's Flipnotes that they spent a lot of time working on is not getting it's fame because of this!/ rant over