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Nintendo Download: Puzzle Bobble, Water Warfare, SimEarth, Altered Beast and More Sudoku (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

DSiWare takes a bit of a break to give the spotlight to the Wii releases this week.

A large part of today's update isn't very surprising - Three of the games are published by Hudson Soft and were already announced for release earlier this week. The two unannounced releases are quite nice surprises though!

On WiiWare, we've gotten Puzzle Bobble Plus!, the third Bubble Bobble series WiiWare remake by Taito. Like Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands before it, it seems to be a remake of the original game with a handful of extra features. The gameplay is thus completely unchanged, you still need to shoot bubbles into other bubbles of the same colour to create a chain and make them disappear. It's always been one of the most addictive Taito games, so we suspect that this will be worth the 800 Wii Points price - Sean certainly seemed to like it.

Water Warfare is the game which has already been dubbed a "First-Person Soaker" - Unlike pretty much every other FPS game, you don't kill anyone, instead, you shoot water at their T-shirts until they pass out from being too wet! It's got a variety of other modes which are common in other FPS games as well, such as capture the flag, but of course, they've been slightly changed to fit the non-violent theme better. If you were disappointed with Onslaught's lack of a deathmatch mode you'll probably like this, and for 800 Wii Points it's cheaper too.

On the VC side of things, today's surprise game is the arcade version of Altered Beast, another classic Sega game which was ported to home consoles but is ultimately considered to be far superior in its original form. It is of course still Altered Beast, though - So it's still pretty much nothing but mindlessly punching and kicking your way from the left side of a stage to the right side. The game costs 800 Wii Points in Japan, but Mega Drive games cost 600 on average there, so there's no direct competition between the arcade and Mega Drive versions - Because they're 800 each in Europe, Sega has decided to be sneaky and has upped the price, so you'll have to pay 900 points for it instead!

SimEarth: The Living Planet is another in Maxis's line of simulation games, which also includes SimCity and The Sims. This Turbografx-CD version is pretty much the best version possible for VC, so no complaints there, but the game itself will likely only appeal to the hardest of hardcore simulation game players - There's an absolute ton of depth and different things to do, so casual players definitely might want to stay away! Read our review to see if it's up your alley if you're daring enough!

The solitary DSiWare release this week is Sudoku 50! For Beginners, which is quite simply put a collection of 50 Sudoku puzzles. Hudson Soft already released Sudoku 150! For Challengers two weeks ago, so the worth of 50 might not be as good - It's 200 DSi Points, while 150 costs 500, so you're getting a better deal if you get that! Plus, really, who doesn't know how to play Sudoku?

We'll have reviews for Puzzle Bobble Plus!, Water Warfare, Altered Beast and Sudoku 50! up soon, but rest assured that each of them will be a decent to great choice if you like their respective genres.

Thankfully, this means that Nintendo of Europe has broken their pattern of 1 VC game every 2 weeks almost as soon as it started - Thank the stars!

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Starwolf_UK said:

I wrote this beforehand so sorry for the redundancy:
900 for Altered Beast. Why? Space Harrier was only 800...

I guess SEGA have tried to make it so sales of the Megadrive verison won't hit zero from here on out but it just comes off as cynical.

Apart from that, nice WiiWare.



Ratengo said:

Congrats Europe to a good update...!

I don't think there's any pattern about 1 VC game every 2 weeks but a total of 4-5 games per update, which may be varying. Sometimes 0 VC and 2 DSi games, otherwise 2 VC and 0 DSi games just for example.

Altered Beast costing 900 Wii Points. Hm...! Has the arcade game been released in Europe earlier and/or is there any logo like the Hanabi firework in the Shop Channel?



KDR_11k said:

Hm, seems that splitscreen can't be combined with online in WW... The manual also says there are some restrictions in splitscreen regarding maps and bots. Still better than no splitscreen at all.

The missions seem to be more than just specific setups for bot matches, I've only played through the training but the first regular mission is apparently a timed target shooting range.

I wouldn't be surprised if half the players online tried to make their characters look like characters from popular animes...



pixelman said:

LOL Dazza. I want the Water Warfare review ASAP. I need to know if I should get it or Onslaught.



Corbs said:

Every time I see Altered Beast mentioned, the first thing that pops into my mind is that "Rise from your grave" bit. I remember marveling at the Mega Drive system because it featured that voiced speech in the home game. It really didn't take much to impress me back then.



maka said:

heh, I remember this text adventure that had some really strange noises on the ZX Spectrum. After a while we realized it was actually speech! It sounded crappy but it was pretty amazing for the time anyway...

Today's update is pretty good. I think I'll want to get Water Warfare eventually, the others I don't know... But I want Mario March of the Minis on the DSiWare!!!



Megaace said:

I have bought Puzzle Bubble Plus. AWESOME. Good graphics, perfect control of the bubble's machine, great effects when you play, the same classic playability, but with new levels. You can play 135 single levels (and buy 270 more), and the classic Battle Mode against the CPU or another player. I love it! Another great remake from Taito, and a must-buy if you like Puzzle Bubble.

Now, please, someone write a review for Water Warfare, I want to buy it to my nephew...



Megaace said:

Is it easy to control (Water Warfare) for a 6-years old kid? Is it a proper game for him? Im a litle worried about to let him to play a gun-game (even if they are water pistols...
It would be his first gun game, and I don't know if it is too soon. (I don't like the idea that he want to play with guns after playing the game...



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, I actually feel really sorry for the PAL regions right now. A full update, and it's pretty much all crap(asside from SimEarth, but seriously, how many people actually enjoy Sim-type games?). It's like they're trying to drown you in it. I can only hope than the next update won't be as bad as this.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Yay! Puzzle Bobble Plus! I have been WAITING for that game to be released! That game will be an as-soon-as-possible buy from me!



fudgenuts said:

Prediction for Friday 3rd of July 2009

Art Style: Boxlife (DSiWare)
LIT (WiiWare)
Bit Boy!! (WiiWare) - They said they hope to release it in early summer



Stevie said:

I'm so tempted to buy Water Warfare before you guys review it, any initial opinions anyone?



Egg_miester said:

wow arcade copy of altered beast i am so jealous first you guys get space harrier now this



The_Fox said:

"Please review Water Warfare fast and give it a 10/10!

What, do you work for the marketing team for this title? Just a little odd, that's all I'm saying.



Slapshot said:

I just played thru like the first 3 levels in Altered Beast Arcade this past week. Its pretty fun "Rise from your Grave" lol ....awesome



SmaMan said:

So I wonder if it'll be called Bust-A-Move Plus! when it gets over here. I never really understood why the two are called differently sometimes. And then there's Bust-A-Move Again and Bust-A-Move 2 which are also the same game... never understood that...



Kenji510 said:

Once again, good update for u guys in EU and i told u, u guys are gonna get the same games as NA that were gettin on Mondays as well right... so u dont need to worry bout nothing like hope we get this and get that soon and etc.. see EU is getting more good stuff now than NA.. i already bet that we gonna get some weak updates next week and its never good anyways.

So yeah, hope u like your games that u got today like Water Warfare, Alter Beast and especially Puzzle Bobble Plus, thats a good game to play.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Great update! hope we get a good update on Monday too. If there's at least one thing for me I'll be happy.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@malnin - This is the superior Arcade version. The Genesis version has also been in Europe for a long time.

Good update. Hopefully us North Americans get Water Warfare and Altered Beast soon.

By the way, you need to fix the Water Warfare link on this page (you misspelled "Warfare" in the link).



PALgamer said:

We are never going to catch up with NTSC like this. But who cares, right?
/me goes back to play Icarian

NoE have released only two WiiWare's from their schedule this month, both Icarian and Water Warfare. For July they have to release two of them each week or start having three WiiWares like in America. We do have more games than anyone in the queue so it would be logical we had more releases too!... nope it isn't...

Games for next month from "NoE's Schedule":
WiiWare - Bonsai Barber, Cave Story, Colorz, LIT, Oveturn, Robocalypse, Spaceball, Squibs Arcade.
DSiWare - Mighty Flip Champs!



KDR_11k said:

Water Warfare is nice. It's a bit low on damage, even the sniper rifle takes several hits to down one target which I suspect may be pretty bad for assault and CTF. I've only played one set of online matches which were against Japanese players so it was pretty laggy, it's regular online lag though, not Nintendo-style (i.e. actions and responses are delayed but no reduced framerate).

I have no idea what the POW hammer is meant for though, makes you invulnerable and gives you a melee weapon that stuns but since you can't use another weapon while it's in use that strikes me as pointless outside of team matches where your teammates could finish the stunned enemy off.

PALgamer: The schedule was april-june so this was the last update in it. It's just one big lie.




Two of my insta-downloads Puzzle B and Watergun! Yes!

DSiWare is a bit of a cheeky one. One 200 pointer with 50 Sudoku puzzles? That's taking the p just slightly. To be fair I've downloaded at lease one dsiware game once a week for several weeks now.




NoE'S April-June list ware games that haven't been released yet!


■Bonsai Barber (Nintendo)
■Cave Story (Nicalis)
■ColorZ (Exkee)
■LIT (Wayforward Technologies)
■Overturn: Mecha Wars (Gamebridge)
■Robocalypse: Beaver Defense (Vogster Entertainment)
■Spaceball: Revolution (Virtual Toys)
■Squibs Arcade (Alten8)


■Mighty Flip Champs! (Wayforward Technologies)



Sneaker13 said:

I'm very interested in Puzzle Bobble Plus!, but I think I use my new points card for Icardian and LIT (when it will be released).



danik said:

Puzzle Bobble!!!!! will be getting this as its dam right classic and addictive game + i have just got the right amount of points aswell.



calculon said:

I reckon we'll get Lit towards then end of July, likewise for Cave Story and I reckon they'll be single releases (or run alongside Hanabi)

Bonsai Barber could come at us anytime, likewise for Squibs Arcade and Spaceball Revolution so I can see them coming out as multi releases alongside either Colorz, Overturn or Robocalypse.

I do agree with you on there being at least one game left over before July ends though - I doubt it'll be Bonzai Barber, Overturn or Robocalypse as they're featured prominently in some Nintendo UK articles and I think I've seen some other solid content relating to Cave Story too (other than just a listing) I reckon LiT will be a cert for arriving before the deadline so I expect Spaceball: Revolution to arrive late. No big loss really.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I guess that answers my "wonder how they'll pitch VCA releases of MD titles at the same price point?" question. Happy to buy MD titles for 600 points and Sega VCA for 800, ta. The price difference on these games between Japan and the rest of the world is really poor.

I notice nobody cheering that Europe is getting a Japan-style release week; guess it's true what they say: people only complain when things are bad and they're never happy when they're good...



PALgamer said:

Chibi Link and Calculon, you guys are very optimistic. Will they finally be able to release everything they haven't in the previous three months at the last one? I'd think they will release another two games from the list like they did this month, maybe three since there is an extra release day.
Squibs Arcade I'm sure was supposed to come out with the iPhone version, so it's really late, though if it's anything like the iPhone version they can keep it...
Looking forward to Bonsai Barber, Cave Story, LIT, Spaceball, and the latest US WW Neves Plus.



Rapadash6 said:

This is a solid update, and ya'll have to be happy that the 1 VC game every 2 weeks seems to just have been a temporary fluke.



Amorous_Badger said:

I'm almost tempted to get WW just because a swift google reveals so many uptight fanboys getting VERY UPSET INDEED over what looks like a silly FPS with the emphasis placed on fun rather than gravitas, Core Players and levels coloured mostly brown.



Bass_X0 said:

"Wow, I actually feel really sorry for the PAL regions right now. A full update, and it's pretty much all crap"

WiiWare seems to have quality games this week.



opeter said:

Puzzle Bobble Plus is OK, even if the 2 player mode stinks a bit (no scoreboard for example).




@Sean...I'M happy! .....

Anyway, the only game left I'm really wanting badly on NoE's list is Overturn. Cave Story, Bonsai and Lit will be good for the NoE ware service in all probability, but I'm not getting them. Colourz and Spaceball (yes, believe it or not) is on my radar.

MFC on dsiware would be sweet, but there are others I want more...

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