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Little Mac in live-action Punch-Out!! commercial

Posted by Christopher Clark

Conclusive proof that pink jumpsuits make everything cooler.

Nintendo have released a hilarious new live-action commerical for the upcoming Punch-Out!! game on Wii, featuring real-life professional boxer Paulie Malignaggi in the role of Little Mac. Maybe it's the lack of a focus-group-approved family montage talking, but I'm almost positive that it's really, really good.

Check it out for yourselves below:

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Punch-Out!! is set for release on the 18th of this month in North America, shortly followed on the 22nd in Europe. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for an in-depth review soon after that time. In the meantime, why not listen to some tips from Doc Louis on how to play the game?

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Bahamut_ZERO said:

Hoho, this is great. No people talking about shopping in animal crossing or people partying, just good old gaming commercial

This is almost as good as those old Sega Saturn commericals



AVahne said:

yay Nintendo finally makes a good commercial again,the last one that i liked was the sluggers one and before that,i think it was crystal chronicles
the Wii would like to Play ones were okay for a while but then got annoying. they need to redo the metroid prime 3 commercial...



wanderlustwarrior said:

"... and then you may end up Walking the Dog".

Brilliant. It was a very good commercial. It's still not making me excited for the game, but it's a definite step up from the family montages.




Im guessing this dosent use Motion COntol plus. I notice he has to hold up and punch in oder to do an uppercut, instead of just doing the uppercut.



Wrenski said:

The hate for the usual Wii commercials is hilariously overblown (Seriously dudes, this is the same kind of thing that sold the NES so well back in the day).. But that doesn't stop this from being the commercial to finally overthrow Smash Bros 64 one in awesomeness. :3



Objection said:

Are these actually airing on TV? Cuz, while awesome, they seem much too long for that.



Kid_A said:

I've watched this like four times today. Perhaps my favorite commercial EVER! Glad Nintendo ditched the "happy family" approach.



wanderlustwarrior said:

because of how the music picked up at the end of the first one (starting at 1:25 ), I'm pretty sure that's where the tv commercial would begin, if there was one. The whole videos will probably be put up on Nintendo channel.

Which is a shame, cause if they break it up into good parts (such as anything said by Doc Louis), they could make a good series of commercials.



Modern_Legend said:

lol dats great it wud be sweet if they had multiplayer where they split the screen in half like wii sports boxing n u cud pick out of mac n the bosses for who u wanna be. MULTIPLAYER GAMES FTW!



DaVeMaN99 said:

Uhh... There is multiplayer like you said.
But there is no boss characters to play as. Mac Vs. Mac.
And the occasional Giga Mac.

And i love this commercial, best Nintendo one since Smash Bros. Probably my favourite game commercial actual.
And i am now purchasing the game because of it.



Neomega said:

@Comment 30: I'm black and I find that CLASSIC!!! Nintebdo should do a tribute to Wayne Newton stole my bike and All your base



Big_A2 said:

That's... a breath of fresh air. Not only is it funny and goes back to some of Nintendo's past commercials, but it doesn't involve white toothed rich looking people smiling so hard their heads are almost exploding. Nintendo's knows their core audience.

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