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Tue 17th Feb 2009

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Wrenski commented on Tecmo Announces Family Fun Football for Wii:

Wow, way to go Tecmo. You could put out a football game that would have stood out for being football and arcadey, you've got a whole series that means a lot to tons of lapsed gamers.. And you wuss out and put out something shallow like this.



Wrenski commented on Don't Toss Those Old Controllers Yet:

I'd love it for N64 games no doubt, but why SNES and NES games? Those work flawlessly with a CC/Vanilla remote. They should''ve covered other systems that are hard to replicate the feel of, namely the Genesis controller. Even if only three buttons, the layout just doesn't feel the same on the CC.



Wrenski commented on Little Mac in live-action Punch-Out!! commercial:

The hate for the usual Wii commercials is hilariously overblown (Seriously dudes, this is the same kind of thing that sold the NES so well back in the day).. But that doesn't stop this from being the commercial to finally overthrow Smash Bros 64 one in awesomeness. :3



Wrenski commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming to Wi...:

I thought so too, but most people still seem to refer to it as one single entity. Even on Wikipedia it's not completely made clear that it's anything but a single game with multiple chapters inside.

I just throw it out there whenever I think people might be getting the wrong impression, because I'd hate to see a bunch of disappointed folk when they realize they've only bought one out of multiple parts.

I hadn't heard the three episodes per release though, that would be a nice compromise on Square's part. I guess I'm just pessimistic after the mind-boggling Crystal Defenders split.



Wrenski commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming to Wi...:

You know, guys, I never see any mention of this, but you dudes KNOW this isn't one single game and that's it right? It's a multi-part release, like it was in Japan with individual parts coming out over time.

I was stunned to hear this, so I think it's info that needs to circulate a bit more lest people be shocked and angry come June 1st.



Wrenski commented on Sony to Reveal Copycat Motion Controller at E3?:

Ugh, I really hope this rumor doesn't persist. This is why Nintendo put off announcing many games from E3 till their own event, because there were tons of rumors that Microsoft and Sony were going to take up arms and finally try to steal the new market.

If there's any legitimacy, we'd have a repeat of last year, with hardcore whiners crying their eyes out and declaring the doom of all gaming on message boards everywhere, and...

Actually, nevermind, more hardcore manchild breakdowns would be endlessly hilarious and worth the delay on new game info. Keep the rumors flowing!



Wrenski commented on Sony: We Own the Living Room, Nintendo Owns th...:

I never understood how people could call what Sony does at their craziest 'PR Spin'. There's no way something like this is advisable, it makes you sound aggressively stupid.

The only time this actually worked is when Sega used it way back during the Genesis days, and it only worked because they backed up their talk and sold big numbers.



Wrenski commented on Review: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Supe...:

What? Why will this 'probably never come out on virtual console'? It's made by Natsume, they're still alive and kicking and already have VC stuff.

Or is it just the new hip fad with internet kids these days to be as needlessly negative as possible?



Wrenski commented on Review: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Supe...:

This really is a fantastic game, and had so many cool ideas way ahead of it's time plotwise that still don't happen very often these days.. I'd name the big romantic one, but it'd be a spoiler for when this inevitably hits the VC, and anyone who has played it knows what I'm talking about anyway.

Definitely one of top 'Not-Square' RPGs of the SNES, along with Breath of Fire 2 (despite its flaws).



Wrenski commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

@Adam "The Nintendo Seal of Quality used to mean just this. Why no longer?"

No. Shut up for god sakes, everytime I see someone say this I want to gouge my own eyes out. IT ISN'T TRUE. It was NEVER TRUE. All the Nintendo Seal of Quality was was a sign that it had been liscensed to keep developers under Nintendo's thumb during the NES days. Please stop spouting this crap, you're wrong.

@Corbie "The main discussion here is wondering why Nintendo can't come up with a more viable solution to quality control than setting these thresholds. If these thresholds only kept shovelware from seeing the light of day it would be one thing, but judging from the weekly Top 20, that's not happening and there are some good games from good developers that are getting caught in the crossfire."

You know what? So what. We hardcore internet nerds can get as pissed as we want about a game we sneer down our nose at as 'shovelware', but if it keeps selling, it's something people want. If it's something people want, no matter how much we cry about how they must be ignorant, it is a good thing it exists.



Wrenski commented on Talking Point: Could The Conduit Be in for a R...:

"If you think 40,000 for HotD: Overkill and 66,000 for Madworld are figures that Sega is happy with then you really should pass me some of whatever you're smoking."

Logical reasoning and the ability to think that Sega, being a long-standing company from long before the 'YOU MUST SELL MILLIONS TO BE A SUCCESS' crap started, can successfully plan out a niche title to perform well in it's niche while still reaping a profit? Can you smoke that? I had no idea, it must be quite a head trip.

Must be what Atlus smokes to manage to be an extremely successful company despite putting out maybe one or two games that could be considered 'successes' in a conventional wisdom sense.

"Can I simply ask what constitutes a failure, it all seems a little subjective to me...? Did these games make a loss at retail?"

Pffft like profit matters! You're a failure if you don't break a million! Geeze where were YOU during the past couple gens of 'big budget blockbuster bull'?

No No! They're in denial! Don't you see! We internet nerds actually know MORE than Sega does! It's a conspiracy! Because developers NEVER express distaste when a game genuinely does bad! Any claims that Capcom was disappointed in the sales of Zack & Wiki is filth and lies.



Wrenski commented on March NPD - MadWorld Debuts With Sales of 66,000:

This isn't surprising and anyone who expected otherwise was being obtuse. It's a 'highly stylized' game which relies almost entirely on it's style to make up for not having a lot of content. It's a great game, but it obviously wasn't going to do well when it forced itself into only having a very niche audience (ask many core gamers and they'll express hesitance at it seeming short and repetitive). And just like Okami and God Hand, even though it's a good game you're naive if you think it would have sold well on the other systems.

Personally I think the once-Clover, now-Platinum Games needs to go back and study Viewtiful Joe, seriously hunt for what they did different in it. Something about it allowed it to be a big success despite being a very hard, very style-driven game. Something which was apparently missing from every other game they've made that allowed it to surpass a niche fanbase.

It certainly wasn't demographic from not being as violent as God Hand or Mad World, because Okami wasn't exactly an adults-only title. It can't be because it was easy, when half the reason it sold so well was because it was willing to kick your ass plus Mad World is pretty easy.

So what was? I dunno. I don't make these games, it isn't my job to know. But I sure hope Platinum games tries to figure it out.



Wrenski commented on Review: Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS):

This and Meteos made for me turning from 'One day this system might be good I guess' to 'Oh good god I love my DS', and they came out right near eachother, it was fantastic.



Wrenski commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

Man screw the whole 'It's a dumb concept' line of thought. Almost every fantastic game imaginable is a 'dumb concept'.
"Be a doctor and do operations"
"Be a spikey haired defense attourney"
"Make stuff with balls of sticky goop"
"Be a plumber and grab mushrooms to grow"
It's all retarded when you clip it down (HA!) to it's base concept.

Meanwhile WiiWare has had a lot of great stuff, but this is the only game aside from World of Goo that makes me think "Wow, this is awesome, developers really getting creative and trying new things". But of course goo balls are a much less 'silly' concept, so hardcore gamers won't pile all over this and slobber on about supporting creativity in the same way. Gotta love it.



Wrenski commented on Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare:

Yeah they could, and I hope they do.. It's just frustrating because it feels like Hudson is the only one who bothers trying anymore, despite so many cool games coming out that would be greatly improved by it (I'm looking squarely at you, Taito).



Wrenski commented on Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare:

This looks absolutely fun as hell and I really want it. ...Except what the crap, Konami? Hudson can put online in an FPS with reasonably sized levels and you can't do it for a TOP DOWN RACING GAME? Come on, this looks like it would be PERFECT to put on my SD Card's 'online' page. BS.



Wrenski commented on id Chief: "Show Me Why I Should Develop For Wii":

Because the Wii is selling like mad and the pointer has already been proven to be a delightful boon to FPS games, yet surreally underutilized? That there's a whole untapped market that obviously yearns for something to sate them, and if you weren't dicking around (as EA did with the NES way back when) you could've already been enjoying the benefits that Conduit is likely to reap in your stead?

That and these 'record numbers' have almost immediate drop out, and worse, because of development costs, often times don't recoup what was invested. Mark my words: Don't expect RockStar to ever try to make another game on the level GTAIV, especially not when Chinatown Wars, which would have cost an absolute fraction to make, is also doing great, and gamer response has been far, far more positive to it.



Wrenski commented on Review: Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (SNES):

This is why I love the VC. I can't explain what it is, but I tried to get into the game multiple times over the years because it looked pretty neat, but could never manage to have interest last past the first town.

Now that I've boughten and downloaded it, I've already logged in a couple solid hours and am hooked.



Wrenski commented on Analyst Reckons Wii Investment is "Fools Gold":

"Then you get to titles like No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki. Why the heck DIDN'T those titles sell well?"

No, this is exactly the problem the entire industry needs to move away from. Zak & Wiki did arguably do bad, but No More Heroes DID sell well. We've had it thrown around and beaten into everyone's skulls that 'Well' = 'MILLIONS GANGBUSTER SALES'. But that isn't true, if that were true, well, most (even fantastic) developers would be completely , long LONG before the Wii ever existed.

No More Heroes only broke a couple hundred thousand, and the conventional wisdom says that should be horrible... Yet Suda, a man who has put out quite a few games (and all on extremely popular systems like the PS1, PS2, and DS) was extremely pleased with the sales, thanked western gamers, and we're getting a sequel.

There are only two possible explanations: Either Suda51 is a moron, or we need to get over this mentality where being a success can ONLY be achieved by selling millions.

Given that so many companies (ATLUS) live, survive, and thrive pretty much all of gaming despite rarely selling what conventional wisdom says is 'great', my money is on the latter.



Wrenski commented on Analyst Reckons Wii Investment is "Fools Gold":

The thing everyone seems to ignore is that despite what the last couple generations have been shoving down our throats, you don't need to be a megaton hit to be a success. Many many great third party games that whiners hold up as 'THIS IS WHY THE WII IS HORRIBLE FOR GAMING BECAUSE THESE DON'T SELL' get perfectly pleasing sales for their creators, and even get sequels. No More Heroes only sold like what, a couple hundred thousand? That sounds like nothing when we've been listening to how you have to hit millions to be a success, but it's Suda's most successful game (And the one on the least supposedly Hardcore system period), and it's getting a free pass for a sequel. Capcom is even still debating doing a Zak & Wiki sequel, and they were one of the very few developers to go 'Ehh it did kinda bad..'

The real problem right now is that developers need to ween themselves off this 'EVERY GAME MUST BE A BLOCKBUSTER THAT NEEDS TO SELL MILLIONS TO BE A SUCCESS' mentality, and accept the idea of making games which can be successful even if they only appeal to a niche. That is what the big pitfall is.



Wrenski commented on Konami: VC Arcade Support and WiiWare Life Force:

This is seriously cool. I'm not even a huge shooter fan (though if one is really distinctive like Lords of Thunder I'm all over it), but I love seeing old franchises getting new life on WiiWare. Like someone else said, hopefully Parodius is next.

Maybe Konami can enlist WayForward again and get a Contra Rebirth, I'm sure it'd perform better on WiIWare since most people with a Wii and who buy stuff off the shop are huge retro fans anyway.