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Fugazo Announces Frobot for WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out Fugazo's upcoming WiiWare title Frobot in action.

WiiWare developer Fugazo has just announced their upcoming WiiWare title Frobot. We were able to snag a game play video of the first level demo and a handful of screenshots for you to check out.

Here's a snippet from the game's official website that gives a little insight into what we can expect from the game.

Imagine if Wii Tanks and The Legend of Zelda had a baby. That baby's name would be Frobot.

Campaign Mode

Play as Frobot and rescue your 6 robot girlfriends who have been
mysteriously captured! Fight robots with your ricocheting energy blasts
and timed mines. Solve physics puzzles using cranes, switches, and
teleporters to rescue your girlfriends from certain doom! The Campaign
Mode features 30 Levels spread across multiple environments such as a
Disco and the classic Space Station.

Battle Mode

Up to 4 people can play in this breakdown battle royale! Choose
from an assortment of weapons such as energy blasts, missiles,
and mines. Then pick from over 10 stages with different obstacles
such as destrucible walls, moving platforms, and teleporters!

We'll have more information on Frobot as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the title hits the WiiWare service.

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User Comments (39)



Kaeobais said:

oh my god YES! Not only is it a robot with an afro (which is enough to make me want it) but it actually looks damn good!



Sean_Aaron said:

When I read the name I thought it would have something to do with frozen yogurt, so this is a bit of a surprise (unless that's the big payoff at the end).

Looks nice and does definitely remind one of something from the 8-bit computer scene, though the gameplay itself seems pretty fresh (can anyone think of a similar game?).



Neomega said:

....Sean u don't understand stereotypes or implicity do you?
lol just kidding

I personally hope this brings some more edge to Wiiware



Gimic300 said:

If Wii Tanks and Legend of Zelda had a baby...

That's actually an incredibly accurate description of the gameplay.



Chipmunk777 said:

Wow this looks amazing! The music is great too! Also, I love Wii Tanks and Legend of Zelda. P: But yeah judging from the video, this game looks like it will be one of the better releases on WiiWare.



luke17 said:

OMG, I'm loving the cheesiness of the music, and graphics. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy....but it made me laugh, so I forgive it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

This looks really quirky and interesting. My only complaint is that 40% of the music loop sounds like Frobot passing gas.



Omega said:

Okay, I'm a robot and I'm going to rescue female robots. Yah, this sound like an epic story. Full of love, pain and desire. That gives one a horse laugh. - And I think the title "Frobot" is irritating. Reminds me somehow of Lord of the Rings. Why don't they learn a lesson from "Cocoto Platform Jumper" and call it "Fugazo Dungeon Gameplayer"?



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'm pretty sure most people when they hear "Frobot" are going to think afro + robot, not Lord of the Rings. You'll probably find yourself in the minority there.

And I don't understand your comparison to Cocoto. "Frobot" is an interesting (and risky) title for a game. You're not seriously comparing it to something as "fill-in-the-blanks" as Cocoto Platform Jumper, are you?



Omega said:

I do not know why I just had to think of Frodo. What a conicidence. And no, I'm not comparing it to Cocoto Platform Jumper. But I think it's a good idea that the title accurately refelects what the game is about.



Caliko said:

FREAKIN HILARIOUS title!! We used to call one of our friends in elementary 'Frobot'. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he'd get his own game!!!!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Ah, gotcha Omega. Though you have to admit that it's not at all uncommon for a video game to be named after its main character...



Omega said:

Yes, you're right, Chicken. To be honest: First I had not realized that this black ball should look like an Afro hairstyle. Now everything is clear: They should call the game "The Legend of Frobo: Battle of Hairstyles".



Objection said:

Sounds interesting...and definately unique. Too bad we couldnt have that play on our Wiis...



greyelephant said:

It looks like the controls could be on the level of TANKS from Wiiplay. If that's the case, I'd be slightly more interested. As is, I think it looks.........meh. Title is what really caught my eye. Frobot = Very funny!



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm still thinking this robot should be dispensing frozen yogurt as a weapon, but I'm encouraged to see something new coming to WiiWare!



Linkuini said:

I like the visual style, and the controls seem to have a sufficient level of polish, but if that's as creative as the levels get, I'm not very excited for it.



Sean_Aaron said:

Damn, I really wish I could get a frogurt here in Glasgow...missed my chance when I was in San Jose (I cannot believe they still exist!).




Wow this looks like an overly extended version of the tank game on wii play. Now with puzzles and exploration. It looks really good, plus I enjoyed the tank game on wii play. Best minigame on there.



Crazed said:

I basically agree with GabeGreens. This is an interesting title that seems to be doing many things right. If they add in more music (a disco song would be hilarious) then I will consider buying this.

Oh, and I think the title is perfect.

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