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Fear the Fro!

Frobot is programmed to make love, not war, but when his five foxy girlfriends get botnapped he doesn't skip a beat takin the fight to the streets. Blast your way up from the Funkytown Slums to the BotBlocker HQ and get back what's yours!

Game Overview:

  • Burn Baby Burn - Earn powerful special weapons including the Robo Hustle dash and the Jivestalker disco ball to help take on the Man!
  • The Big Payback - Journey through a story mode filled with action, adventure, and fro-frazzling physics puzzles to rescue your girlfriends!
  • Superfreak - Find hidden power picks and upgrade your style!

It's a fight to the last Fro in Frobot's multiplaya arena! Face off with up to three of your friends on one TV to see who will earn the spotlight.

  • It's Raining Guns - Access an expanded arsenal of funky weapons including the Bass Bomb grenade and the Heartstopper shield!
  • Do the Hustle - Unlock multiplaya maps by beating single playa levels in record time!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's dy-no-mite!

It's been a fairly long wait for Fugazo's first WiiWare offering – the game was announced over a year and a half ago – and while Frobot initially looked extremely simplistic and basic, it's now evolved into quite a polished and well-designed release...

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Nintendo Download: 20th December 2010 (North America)

20th December 2010 (North America)

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News: Frobot Funks Up WiiWare on December 20th

Frobot Funks Up WiiWare on December 20th

1000 Points of smooth funk

Who's the shiny metal dude who makes all the ladies scream? Frobot! You're damn right. He's also coming to WiiWare on December 20th after a long period of polishing, priced at 1,000 Nintendo Points. We played it back in April and since then Fugazo has been hard at work making important tweaks and changes that should hopefully make Frobot worth the wait. Check out the new..

News: Brand New Frobot Director's Cut Video

Brand New Frobot Director's Cut Video

The game continues to look better and better

The nice folks at Fugazo have just sent over a brand new gameplay video of their upcoming WiiWare release Frobot in action. The brand new video shows a far more polished look and assures fans that the game will indeed be released sometime in 2010. It's been a long wait for the game, but judging from this...

First Impressions: Frobot


"Blame it on the (robot) boogie"

Robots pretty much go with everything and afros are no exception. After getting a bit of time with a pre-release build of Fugazo's WiiWare debut, Frobot, we'd have to say the hairstyle is as fresh on a machine as it is a human being. Navigating menus displaying a fun '70s look to the "Single Playa" game, you'll find that Frobot is an action puzzle game..

News: Frobot GDC Trailer

Frobot GDC Trailer

More frantic Frobotic action!

The good folks over at Fugazo have just sent over the latest video of their upcoming WiiWare title Frobot in action for all to see. In this new video you can check out many of the new levels and boss battles to better get a taste of what you can expect when the game hits the WiiWare service later this year. We'll keep you posted on any new information on Frobot and..

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User Comments (17)



BrazCanaMan said:

Wii definately need more original ideas like this one! I hope it turns out good. Totally keeping an eye on this one.



tatemon555 said:

@ Mariopwng: Hopefully no-one will listen to you. This ain't shovelware, it's awesomeness.



iAmThetot said:

I'm looking forward to this title. It won't be an insta-buy for me, but I will get around to it eventually regardless of what the reviews say. I think the idea is great, at least they're trying to be unique.



estoiagamer said:

An action based puzzle game (or as i like to call it AZZLE) with a robotafro!!! this looks fun



Corbs said:

Easily one of my most anticipated WiiWare releases of 2010.



Kirk said:

I dunno.

It looks like a less polished version of Wii Tanks with a silly Afro Robot theme imo.

I might be wrong.

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