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Mike Tyson is Entirely Oblivious to New Wii Punch Out!!

Posted by Damien McFerran

...and reveals that he's rubbish at the NES original

Former boxing champ and part-time ear-biter Mike Tyson was in the original NES Punch Out!! - this you probably already know. However, when he went off the rails Nintendo quickly removed him from the game in order to avoid upsetting the wee kiddies.

They even scrapped plans for an intergalactic sequel, but the less said about that, the better.

Moving forward to the present day, Nintendo is putting the finishing touches to the Wii update of Punch Out!!, and it should come as no surprise to learn that Iron Mike isn't involved; in fact he doesn't even know the game is coming, despite being quite a gamer himself.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Tyson commented that he's a big fan of Cacpom's Resident Evil series and that he 'stinks' at the original NES Punch Out!!

Sadly, the video interview isn't available to viewers outside of the United States. And that includes you, Canada.


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Aenaida said:

Sadly, the video interview isn't available to viewers outside of the United States. And that includes you, Canada.

You don't know how much I hate that...

Regarding the game itself, I won't be purchasing it, due to lack of interest and funds.



Kid_A said:

Ha! That made me laugh. He didn't even know that the game exists.



Corbs said:

I thought it was spelled with an "e" in Canadian English. Sorry. I need to stay off of Wikipedia.



Toddr said:

Well, it's spelled that way in french, like the Montreal Canadiens, but any other time it's spelled Canadian. I'll forgive you. This time.



BlueFlameBat said:

Don't worry, people outside the U.S. I made a transcript of the interview right here:

Josh Horowitz: "For people my age, I grew up with a very iconic video game..."
Mike Tyson grunts.
Josh: "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! There's a new Punch-Out that's coming out. I don't know if you know that, that it's like the first one in a decade, for the Wii."
Mike: "Yeah."
Josh: "Did they come to you and ask you to be a part of it?"
Mike: "Uh, I believe there was a Round 4, Fight Night 4.
Josh: "There's that too, yeah, but I think then there's also a separate Punch-Out!! game. There's ... That's, like, you and, like, Ali on the cover, I think, that one."
Mike: "Yeah?"
Josh: "But what about ... uh ... for ... for the Wii game?"
Mike: "Uh, I don't know if I'm in that, and I don't really know about that."
Josh: "Were you ever any good at Mike Tyson's Punch-Out?"
Mike: "Nah, I got slaughtered."
Josh: "What?" (seeming a little dismayed)
Mike: "I got slaughtered all the time."
Josh: "Didn't they, like, give you, like, the free, like, code of like how you could beat any opponent?" (he says a tiny bit more but I can't make it out through Mike's interruption)
Mike: "No, I got slaughtered. I never played it again. I played it one time and I got slaughtered and I never played it again.
Josh: "Are you a big, uh, gamer now?"
Mike: "Um, Resident Evil. That's my favorite. Resident Evil."
Josh: "And you're a little better at that than Punch-Out, hopefully?"
Mike: "Yeah, I suck at ... uh, all the boxing games and stuff. I played Mike Tyson fightin' Joe Frazier in Punch-Out. Joe Frazier was killing everybody. I got ... playing Joe...Joe Frazier was just demolishing. We all lost. But I like Res...I like games with plot. I like Resident Evil and stuff like that. I like Gods of War, combat, stuff like that, but all that other stuff, man."
Josh laughs.
Mike: "Sports? Oh man. Things like, I never got... I never got into sports. The only thing I ever did was just box and stuff. I started so young, but I never played sports or anything before."

Mike said a few other things, but he was slurring so damn much I couldn't understand.
And yes, Mike really did say he was playing as himself against Joe Frazier in Punch-Out!!, despite Mike not being playable and Joe not being in the game at all.

Thanks for the clarification, Ian Daemon.



SmaMan said:

Maybe he meant Glass Joe perhaps? Though it would be pretty sad if Mike Tyson can't even beat him. I guess its kind of like how most real-life guitarists do terrible at Guitar Hero.



BlueFlameBat said:

Actually, you are right, TwilightV. The license did expire, and Nintendo decided not to renew it because Mike had lost the championship to Buster Douglas (albeit through a disputed referee's count). SEGA immediately picked Buster up to be in their own boxing game on the Genesis, which is probably one of the reasons Tyson was replaced by Mr Dream instead of Buster. This all happened before the rapes, ear-biting, and spouse-beating.



BlueFlameBat said:

I don't think I beat Glass Joe the very first time I played the game either, but that was because I didn't really know the controls and what I was supposed to do.



BlueFlameBat said:

Sure thing, Aenaida. I just hope the next thing I transcript won't be filled with slurred words. I must have backtracked about 30 times. It was worth it though because I don't appreciate websites restricting access from any region.



Mr_M said:

A lot of MTV's content is not available outside the U.S. MTV are dickheads.



theblackdragon said:

@Mr. M: it's not just MTV that does it, either -- Adult Swim online is also unavailable in different parts of the world (it killed me to be in Japan and unable to watch the new episodes of Metalocalypse as they came out last season). I wonder what the deal is, exactly. :/



SmaMan said:

Is the interview stored on site in some kind of .flv format? Because I could try to rip it and re-post it region-free on YouTube if it is.



timp29 said:

Lol tyson is going to fight a tiger? This ones for siegfried and roy!



Chunky_Droid said:

Thanks BlueFlameBat for that

And yeah, his license expired, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream came out months before he went off the rails.



Objection said:

Speaking of typos: "Cacpom's Resident Evil series" Assuming the series hasn't been sold off to a similarly-named company, I think that's a little off.



SmaMan said:

No, of course he meant Cacpom! You know, they made Meagman and Strete Fightre!



BlueFlameBat said:

I tried to download the video using RealPlayer and all I could get was the opening ad before the interview.

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