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EU WiiWare Update: Fun! Fun! Minigolf and Strong Bad Episode 5

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not many surprises for Europe today to start off 2009 - One game was already announced beforehand, and the other was almost guaranteed to come out! It's still a nice duo of games, however.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf was released in the US two weeks ago. As the title implies this is a golf game - Graphically it's easily one of the strongest games on WiiWare, but the game is sort of lacking in actual gameplay, as, while it starts rather simple, it gets hard quick. There is multiplayer, but when your friends are all playing the game for the first time, it becomes more of a challenge to see who can actually clear each hole instead of who can do it in the lowest amount of shots! We thought it was ok, but not that great.

Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-Bit is Enough is the conclusion of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (For now?). It's the episode which is most likely to appeal to fans of the flash cartoon, as the beloved Trogdor finally makes an appearance, and the whole game revolves around him! We thought it was one of the better entries in the series, but obviously, if you didn't like the gameplay style of any of the previous four episodes, this one isn't going to win you over!

Not a very surprising start to 2009! What will we get in this year's first VC update, we wonder?

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RGVEDA said:

Only 2 After weeks of 4 Releases, now only 2? And i thought Europe will continue the Catch Up Weeks with 3 US and 1 new Europe game.



Corbs said:

Ouch. I'm a bit surprised at only two releases this week. Maybe they're figuring people are all spent out after Christmas.



Shortay said:

Not too good. I'm not interested in either of the releases, although going by how many WW games I've downloaded lately that's probably a good thing.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

What's with the mediocer releases we've been getting recently? Aside from a few gems (Phantasy Star IV, etc.) it's been a relatively poor month for WiiWare (I'm talking December 13 to now).

Well, at least the good people of Europe have their CHristmas gifts



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i have plenty of incompleted games to last 2009 so unless its special like Sucery Blade for example i pretty much ignore & this week i ignore .
Thru i think i woke up the dead when i laugh at the (sub)par joke .



calculon said:

I'd say it's the worst week for along while. Not only do we get a crud mini-golf game but we also get Strong Bad. At least we can celebrate the end of one of the least interesting point-and-click series ever.



Starwolf_UK said:

Good thing there is nothing of interest for me, I'm almost out of Wii points (and no cheap sources, Zavii is too far away and woolworths were totally useless*) and blocks on my Wii (I have an SD card and I'm not afraid to use it ).

Oh yeah and the whole other games to play thing

*-Have loads of the shelves but none behind the counter...typical woolowrths really



Rexy said:

Well, let's put it this way. Once this week is over, we can finally get away from the debates between those that love SBCG4AP and those that loathe it. >.> At least, I should be able to enjoy this in peace, since I'd have to pretty much get a season pass to get the PC version otherwise.

I gotta give credit for that little (sub)par joke though. Hah.



shadows262 said:

Strong Bad and Fun Fun Minigolf?
woow you guys are sooo lucky(sarcastism)

ill be busy playing MM9 and Orbient



7th_lutz said:

I am now wondering if we will be getting a vc game on Monday.

I wouldn't be surprised if North America will getting vc games once every two weeks and Wiiware games once every two weeks.



Ricardo91 said:

You guys waited an entire week for just 2 Wiiware games? Ouch. I hope a similar trend doesn't start occuring in America. I can't imagine how many people would complain if we only got one VC or Wiiware game period, or one VC and one Wiiware game.



Virus said:

Another case in which I'm amazed how well the Europeans and Austrailians are taking this. Boy, us Americans sure are whiners.



Objection said:

Predictable, we got a catch-up and so do you. But you only got two games this time....oh well....



Supermarioman said:

Good week for you I guess, I've asked this qustion before, But is it really true that Hudson has left thr VC, i need to know, I love Hudson, other wise you can cheer that the Strong Bad series is over for now, Europe, Happy New Year, 20 minuts late.



SmaMan said:

I think that episode 5 is the best in the series actually. 4 and 5 would be great to be sold together, since they're really the only two that are directly sequels of each other.



ness said:

@ Ricardo91: "You guys waited an entire week for just 2 Wiiware games?"

Actually we waited two weeks for the WiiWare games.

@ Comments: Sometimes i really ask myself if everybody understand the 'Scoring Policy' of WiiWare-World and know that 6/10 are not bad...



Rexy said:

A 6 and an 8 are decent scores if we put it this way. Not to mention that all the Strong Bad bashing around here is like a kick in the teeth for me no matter how good the final 2 games in the set were according to the staff. Most of you would feel the same if there was a crowd that did the same for Mega Man 9, World of Goo or anything similar, right?

But my point is, never call it a mediocre wiiware week until it turns out one of the games is a sequel to SPOGS or Platcchen. End of.



Bass_X0 said:

Only two games... bugwah!? I'm not really bothered anymore. None of the games that have been released in America that we have not got yet are any I would download. But I do like seeing the lists fill up on the site. FFMG looks good but I won't get it.



Wiiloveit said:

This makes me very angry.

Ok... I got FFM and it's fairly decent, and I'll be getting Strong Bad episode five once I get around to finishing Dangeresque 3, but COME ON, NINTENDO! ONLY TWO RELEASES?!?

When North America get two EVERY WEEK and we're stuck with two for TWO WEEKS, it's no wonder that we're not catching up with them in terms of number of games.

Plus, there are loads of games that have ALREADY been PEGi rated and are still waiting to be released. Beer Pong, Protothea, Bruiser & Scratch and Pop Up Pirate might not necessarily be games that everyone's waiting for, but the least that Nintendo could do was release them now - not only is this more frustrating for the consumer when there aren't as many games as there could be, but it's also hard on the people that make the games, who won't be able to earn any money until Nintendo can get off their fat arses and upload more games to the Wii Shop.

Equilibrio, Groovin' Blocks, Snowboard Riot, Manic Monkey Mayhem and Jungle Speed are all in the queue for a release (all been PEGI rated, you see), and the only way around the problem of not enough games is to release loads of them at once - and if more than four games are released on one day, then the fifth game won't be visible on the main menu, and some poor developer isn't going to get their game noticed as easily.

So please, Nintendo - start releasing four new games every week until this problem is done with - or if not, let Virtual Console and WiiWare share weeks - we're not so dumb that we can't tell the difference between a new title and one with 8-bit graphics (don't get me started on not getting any N64 games for ages...).

I beg of you, NoE. PLEASE.



kitroplious said:

@Wiiloveit - Remember what you said about us not getting Maboshi until you got World of Goo? Now, I sense a similar path to the amount of games (as said in my post above).



Wiiloveit said:

I doubt it somehow
You should get our Niki Rock 'n' Ball on Monday, and then there's a bunch of other ESRB rated games you could get very soon...



Djungelurban said:

Not a surprising start? What are you smoking... This is a huge surprise! Only two games?! If we're not getting 2 every Friday from now on I'll get plenty cranky... Grrrr....



PALgamer said:

I'm going to have Fun Fun!!! And about the huge bulk of games we are getting today, like many have pointed out, it's great that NoJ is reading WWW and taking their releases very seriously. Four games each alternating week was too much for us, it allowed us to be on par with US, but we aren't accustomed to being treated like that. I couldn't decide which games to get, since there were so many to pick!!! Thank you for listening and releasing two games, this way I know what to get.



SmaMan said:

I guess I have a little more pride in being an American now. Sure we have a dying economy but hey! We get a whopping THREE games every week! America!



EJD said:

A disappointing start to 2009 for me. I hope only 2 games a week doesn't become the standard for releases. At least the Strong Bad fans can complete their collections now.



Eyetoy said:

To me Strongbad is the only game worth purchasing on wiiware besides My Aquarium and Major league eating. The rest including World of Goo(except in 1-4players) and MM9 are really bland and boring after trying to get into it, my friends also hate World of Goo and they won't even touch MM9 lol.



Corbs said:

@ Eyetoy - You and your friends must be an interesting bunch.



shadows262 said:

how is My Aquarium funny?
and dont you like games were you have friends play and completly suck-to where you can laugh your ass off at their failure!?
oh and by the way WoG and MM9 are the 2 best wiiware games around



AlexSays said:

okok i giv u dat 1 sunnny dat was a good dis. I was just mad yall b dissin games lik MLE n Strongbad cuz we like games u can laugh at.

Yeah dawg I see whatchu sayin'.



AlexSays said:

Anyone see any HUGE differences between Eyetoy's first comment and the two after?



CanisWolfred said:

Somewhere out there, a dictionary is weeping...

Anywho, I suppose this isn't a terrible week for you guys, but it's not that great either. Really, I can't see a lot of people being interested in these...who am I kidding these'll be on the top of the charts before you know it.


A marine biologist, huh? How's that been going so far?



CanisWolfred said:

See ya.

Actually, I have to leave too, I have to attend a funeral for my good friend, The English Language. I always wanted to say that.



Ricardo91 said:

@#33. What kind of crack are you smoking?
Oh, and uh... kEEp it rEel yO.

@Ness. Yeah, I meant to say 2 weeks.



shadows262 said:

what i think he said in his last comment was “see ya guys i gotta get up for school”
isnt it friday today?
why dont you type english or is it you dont know how to spell all of a sudden!?
by the way dude this aint myspace



Nickname said:

I'm not interested in any of them...I would have to keep waiting for
Eternity's child, S&S, Cave Story and perhaps snowboard riot...

PD: anyone knows anything about Overturn, the WiiWare game about robots or something like that?



Wiiloveit said:

@Objection Jlaster: He quoted the what, now?
@Eyetoy: If you weren't living across the pond, I'd love to hang around with you guys for a while. Possibly with a video camera. And a contract for a brand new "reality" tv show.
@AlexSays: He said the what, now? Where? What's going on?!? What two other Eyetoy comments?
@Nickname: Google's "Overturn WiiWare" Wait... you mean this game? Yeah, I've... erm... been looking at this one for a while now. Balance Board Robot Wars. Pretty cool. Erm...



SmaMan said:

I was mainly being sarcastic. You might get one game less than us but as far as the quality of the games it's about the same.
Thank you. I'm glad that I'm not the only one here who watches YuGiOh: The Abridged Series. America! (though there are probably a lot more europeans here who watch it too)



AlexSays said:

I'm glad that I'm not the only one here who watches YuGiOh: The Abridged Series.

YuGiOh is still on TV?
That is AWESOME.

How have I missed this?
First I miss "A Charlie Brown's Christmas" on ABC and now you mean to tell me I've been missing YuGiOh?

Oh this is just crazy.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-Sorry to pop your bubble of fun sarcasm, but YGO: The Abridged Series is an online parody. So its not QUITE the same. But if you really want something to laugh about, I heard the new season of YGO that IS on Tv has something to do with playing cards on motorcycles! Yeah I don't get it either.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

YGO: The Abridged Series is hilarious. It's funny because it's true ("Screw the Rules, I have money!").
@Objection_Blaster: I think the new season is like that because it's trying to be "hip" and "cool" to them there young folk



SmaMan said:

Wait, so that new YGO:5th dimension is just about motorcycles? Talk about overhype... Ah well, it'll give something for LittleKuriboh to abridge in a few years when he gets to it.

For anyone interested in it, here's the main website:



slambert215 said:

Yugioh just got more suckier. Motorcycles? Rofl.
Btw isn't it hilarious how we start talking about fun fun minigolf and now yugioh?



Objection said:

slambert, we all have ADD. But I think the correct website is though the other one might work too



shadows262 said:

@everyone who likes yugioh
haha ya i dont really like yugioh so i call it yougayhoe
sorry if it affends someone but i had to throw it out there



Kaeobais said:

@shadows262: Lol, I call it yougayho as well.

Ok update for europe, havn't played any of the strongbads. Plan on buying Starfox 64 and Gunstar Heroes with my next card. But I think I'm gonna buy The Conduit or MadWorld.



Wiiloveit said:

I've never watched a single episode of YuGiOh. I also didn't like Pokemon or Digimon. Is there something wrong with me being a gamer?

I think they got deleted, because I can't see them either.
I worked that one out myself



Nickname said:

@ Wiiloveit: yep that's the game I was talking about, and I actually like it, controlling robots with the B-Board while aiming with the remote and shooting your customizable weapons against other people online?
You know it sounds cool and also seems to be played well.



jangonov said:

Im glad that europe is getting games, I just wish the delay wasnt so long (yes I know Im american and it doesnt affect me but I still feel bad when we get a game and noone else has it)



Wiiloveit said:

@beastman93: Oh rly?
@Nickname: WWW had a Japanese correspondent a while back who previewed the odd game from Japan - they need to come back to WWW, if only for that robot game of yours.

Im glad that europe is getting games
Good to know someone cares about us.

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