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Dry those tears, folks - it’s finally time for the last episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People! Surely they’ve saved the best for last?

At the very least, they do tie up some loose ends. For example, we’ve seen a broken Trogdor arcade cabinet in the last four episodes, which finally comes into play when Strong Bad accidentally breaks it even more, somehow causing Trogdor to partially break out of the cabinet. So now there is a Trogdor arcade cabinet walking around beating people up with its beefy arm!

After disregarding safety warnings and messing things up even more, Strong Bad causes the real world to merge with the videogame world. Regulars such as Strong Sad and the King of Town start thinking they’re certain characters and start dressing the part, while real videogame icons (such as Snake Boxer and 8-bit Limozeen) escape into the real world!

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To set things straight, Strong Bad has to recruit allies (Ranging from Mr. Fixit to the Innkeeper), and visit various videogames , such as Stinkoman 20X6), eventually ending up in Peasant’s Quest, where he must enter Trogdor’s lair and slay the beast to return everything to normal.

As you can imagine, because this episode is based on videogames, it’s got the highest number of hilarious in-jokes yet. It’s not unlikely that you’ll constantly laugh during play. The developers also took the perfect opportunity to use the extensive history of the Homestar Runner site; if you’re familiar with it, you should know that there are quite a few fictional videogames that exist in the Homestar world. A lot of them are referenced in this episode, ranging from Thy Dungeonman to more recent ones such as Space Circus Catastrophe (the game that was included in SBCG4AP episode 4).

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While you can explore some games, there is, of course, also one you can play – this time, it’s Gel-Arshie’s Pro Fruitboarder, in which you play as Gel-Arshie trying to collect strawberries and cherries while avoiding pineapples, all the while performing stunts on your surfboard. This is actually involved in the main story, as it is one of the games you have to explore the insides of. It’s certainly one of the better games to play in the series, but it is still rather repetitive.


Episode 5 is about videogames – that can only mean good things! It’s no longer than any of the other episodes, nor is there more to do, but it’s got more jokes than any other entry in the series, plus we finally get to see Trogdor in 3D: what more could you want? Sadly, the ending does not hint at a second series of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, which is quite a shame – we can only hope Telltale and the Chapman brothers agree to another!