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Mega Man 9 Stop-Motion Video is Great Beyond Words

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ok, so this isn't strictly WiiWare news but we just had to share this totally radical video with you - and it must be worth watching because we haven't used the expression 'radical' since we were 12.

Hardcore Blue Bomber fan Nicolas Ménard has constructed this amazing stop-motion animation video which sees Mega Man navigating his way through a whole range of real-world situations. And it rocks!


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There's also a slightly better quality version here.

Source: Kotaku

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Ben__Harlan said:

I saw it a few days ago in GoNintendo and all i have to say is that is obviously AWESOME.



ness said:

Awesome, brilliant, great, fantastic, ...

Did i forget something?^^



Wiiloveit said:

I'm a bit scared of taking a bite out of my Oreo's now, in case they kill me.
Oh, and just to confirm: would you guys say that this video was, uh, I dunno... awesome?



Stuffgamer1 said:

That was pretty weird, but good. If only the game wasn't so dang hard, I might like it more...



LAA said:

I gotta admit...
That was awesome!
I dont really like Megaman, but that video was pretty cool.
Its even more cooler since it was a stop motion video, it probably took him a while to get it just right.
It'd be funny if the developers saw this and used his idea, "Megaman: Encounters in the kitchen!"
That'd be kinda Cool!



Ziondood said:

Yea i loved that video =D
i saw it yesterday on kotaku and i fell in love with it =DDD
Capcom should give that kid sum money and put that on tv =D



Decus_Q said:

that was pretty cool, that would be interesting if they made a game like that, or even a level



Rexy said:

I wouldn't care about what kind of responses Megaman 9 has received (shoot me) but that video rocked I'm a sucker for stop animation, and it's stuff like this that so easily make my day!



Twilight_Crow said:

As nobody has mention it, it's my duty to say that this video was AWESOME!!!
I love stop motion, I've done a few videos myself and it's so hard to get it this right, congratulations to Nicolas for this nice animation.



Clayfrd said:

Thank you WWW for this great albeit slightly odd article. My life is one step closer to complete. Okay, maybe not, but the video was nice.



Wesbert said:

Hah! And to think there are people out there who still believe video games and art don't mix!



Loooca said:

I'd try to say one of the words the cool kids are saying these days, but I don't know any, so: Awesome.



Nero said:

That is so awesome. Would be more awesome though if he jumped through the boss door, which is something I always do. Anyone else?



Mr_Mat1 said:

Beau travail monsieur Ménard ! Excellente représentation de votre talent à l'international!! Félicitation!

D'un Québécois à un autre

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