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N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console

Posted by Damien McFerran

Although the Classic Controller is enough for most retro-loving Wii owners, there are some that crave a rather more authentic experience. There’s nothing like experiencing Virtual Console games on the controllers they were intended to be played on, and while Nintendo’s limited production of the Club Nintendo SNES pad will have satisfied a few, it’s going to leave a certain demographic out in the cold – namely those who love the N64 controller.

But fear not. A talented hacker called Raphaël Assénat and been tinkering away in his dimly-lit workshop and has produced a converter that permits the use of the original N64 controller.

Nintendo really should have come up with something along these lines already, but I guess when you’re making more money than you feasibly know what to do with then you’re likely to let things slide a little. Thank goodness for the inventive yet socially withdrawn hackers, we say.

The adapter can be purchased direct from Assénat’s online store.

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Dazza said:

This mod actually seems quite clever as you can set up the mappings just the way you would want them with lots of configs to choose from as you boot up.

Clever boy



Kawaiipikachu said:

While this is pretty cool but i have no use for it .

My classic controller do me fine even with Legend of Zelda: Occrena of time .

While i do agree with the missing c buttons might be a bit annoying but still i rather just stick to the classic controller for me as it never fail me .



Wiireview123 said:

yea the bad thing bout that is that the control stick on my n64 pad is broke. but that still is pretty cool



slangman said:

Sounds really cool (even the way you can set up mappings) but i have no interest as i only have 2 N64 titles on my VC (can you guess which ones lol?) at the mo and most of the other titles that are up i already own on my original N64).



MVP said:

Really great the N64 controller is my favourite, I hope one official to be released as the SNES in Japan!!



Kevin said:

I never really liked the feel of the n64 controller. I always felt that I was going to break the analog stick.



hansolo350 said:

I believe I had linked to this site back in the SNES controler tread. Anyway I have one of these converters and it works great, I've even been playing MKWii with it. It is also wearth mentioning that he also has Genesis convertors.



Bensei said:

Oh damn, I hope this lands on ebay soon, because I don't really trust such small sites



BB_Sting said:

The Ultra 64 controller was one of the worst controllers ever concocted. Sure, it was the first to use an analog stick, but it was cheaply made and the stick just feels weird when compared to the likes of a ps dual shock. I still have a functional dual shock pad. Not so for my N64 pads.



AchubaNanoia said:

Even though it's true that the N64 controller stick will start to wear down after one week or two of constant use, I still believe is one of the best controllers ever made, very confortable, allowing for three different playing positions. Too bad that, at least in the West, we didn't see much use for the other two .
I think it would be really nice if someone - Nintendo or not - could make a Wii-compatible N64 controller without actually using the original model and instead making a new one with the same design, and making a "ball under the stick" to make it last longer (like the Nunchuk or the Classic Controller).
Still, kudos to the guy who made this, I always love to see this types of hacks, even though I'd never know how to do the same, no matter how many charts and how-to's you throw me!



Bensei said:

I hope they really do what FalloutBR says, because nearly every N64 has different controls for the original buttons. If they made another Classic Controller specially designed for the N64 they could add controls for this controller in the Wii shop.

Btw: You can't press Z in Kirby 64 (so he can't say Hi at the title).



Damo said:

Games like Mario 64 and Sin and Punishment were built around the N64 pad. IMO it's the only way to play titles like these.



Clockwork said:

Typical, the adapter is severely overpriced. For the amount of N64 games on VC now, it just doesn't seem practical.



Waxxy said:

This is all well and good, but good luck finding an N64 controller that's still in good condition these days...

What Nintendo NEEDS to do is release their own version and make it plug into the Wiimote just like the classic controller. That way the control stick could be brought up to date (no more loosening/breaking after a few month's use) and the appropriate buttons could be added (Namely Home, +, and -) If they were to release such a thing for $20-30, I would gladly buy a few. Playing N64 games with the classic controller just doesn't feel right to me.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Hm, I severely need this to play Sin & Punishment. It would also come in handy for Ocarina of Time as I hate playing the ocarina with the C-Stick. I would buy it, but I need to know a little bit more about how well it works before forking over $7 for it.
EDIT: Apparently the guy changed how his site is set up since last time I looked because before it looked like it cost $7 for it, but in actuality, it's $37! That's extremely overpriced to me, I'll just wait for Nintendo (America or Japan) to start selling a remake N64 controller.



XCWarrior said:

I still believe this is the greatest controller ever. Just wish it was build more durably. I own like 8 of them because I kept overusing them.



JaredJ said:

I ordered my genesis/megadrive adapter from that site. Kind of pricey but works great.

As for the N64 adapter, not interested. For me the GC pad works just fine.



Rexy said:

Likewise, the Classic Controller hasn't failed me yet even for N64 releases. But this looks really cool nonetheless



SmaMan said:

Can you still get the Club Nintendo SNES Pad? It was on Play-Asia for a while and they said "Pre-Orders starting soon" and then it vanished a few weeks later. Is it hidden somewhere now?



aichpvee said:

Way too much at $30 AND they're charging way too much for shipping. It doesn't cost $7 to ship a cable of that size between any two points within the continental United States. This fool got too greedy and is going to lose a lot of sales over it. I might be too lazy to make my own, but there's no way I'd pay someone else almost $40 to get one.



Viral said:

I agree aichpvee, the cost is way too high. Besides, it'd be cool to bust out the old 64 controller for a round of Mario Kart 64 but I'll wait for Nintendo to release one.



Draygone said:

I'll definately pass on this one. The N64's controller is my least-favorite official controller, due mainly to the weak analogue stick. Granted, I've never broken mine, but the wear is obvious, and more than that, it seems like I have to jam it to make good speed in various games like Paper Mario or Yoshi's Story. Playing Paper Mario using the GameCube controller was so much better, and if I ever got Yoshi's Story for VC, I'm sure it'd be the same deal.



eagidni said:

i've been considering getting raph's cable for quite awhile now. i've found playing n64 games to be entirely impossible with the gamecube or classic controllers, especially in games like 'ocarina of time,' where the button layout is shown on the screen. it can get quite confusing... even moreso than turbografx games and their mention of the "run" button, heh.

i just hope the business the raphnet shop gets as a result of your mention will bring prices down, haha...



rhytwo said:

I was hoping he made a adapter for the N64 controller to plug into the Wii remote. I'm beggining to hate cords ever since my little brother triped on a cord and broke my Wii.



Sharecrow said:

I happen to like the classic controller quite well, so I don't see myself buying other controllers.....maybe I'd think about it if the classic one didn't work well for a particular game, but I haven't come across one of those yet.



Stratos said:

You guys must trash your controllers or something because I have four N64 controllers that work great and have thousands of hours logged on them.

Though I don't see why Nintendo can't release some wireless NES,SNES, N64 and other controllers and sell them from their online store.



Tim said:

I want someone to release a classic controller to gamecube converter cable so I can use my classic controller with gamecube games. There is a cable for just about every controller now except the classic controller.



everydayJOE said:

This is Ausome!!! The N64 controller is my 3rd favorite controller, being xbox 360 #1, and NES #2. The price is a bit steep but i'll purchase it sometime in the near future. Can't wait to try Sin and Punishment on the original incarnation!



WoRMaSTeR said:

N64 controller is the best ever. Anyone who says they can play N64 games fine with their classic/GC-controller has never played those games with a true N64 controller. The converter is overpriced as you still need to buy a controller separately. Good news in any case.



Betagam7 said:

Just a thought: would rumble paks work with this and the games that originally used them, i.e Lylat wars?



Outburst78 said:

Like someone said earlier, it would be nice if Nintendo released an updated N64 controller for VC games. The Wiimote works great for NES games, the Classic controller is perfect for the SNES games, and I think you can use a Gamecube controller for some/most (maybe all?) of the N64 games, but I like the N64 controller better.



Bensei said:

@SmaMan: i guess play-asia gave up to fetch some, you can only get them from ebay
@BetaGam7: It could maybe if Nintendo updated all N64 Games to do so, but since that accesory is not from Nintendo, it won't



Grumple said:

You all who are complaining about not having a working N64 controller anymore: you do realize that Nintendo still sells brand new N64 controllers through there online store. Here's a link to the page

This is just for the U.S., but I'm sure its offered in the other online stores too.



Clayfrd said:

Hmm... I somehow missed this article. I'd get this, but my N64 controllers are falling apart, which sucks because I got Majora's Mask a while ago from a friend, but my controls suck.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I remember Nintendo once wanting to use a shell for playing old games (as in having a N64 shell for inserting the Wii Remote for playing N64 games). This is probably even better.

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