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Major League Eating - New Screenshots And Video

Posted by Darren Calvert

In a WiiWare World exclusive we bring you a trailer showing footage from Mastiff’s upcoming Major League Eating: The Game. In addition to that we have all new screenshots too!

Since the game based on Major League Eating was first announced it has attracted a certain about of scepticism. Can Mastiff capture the fun and excitement of the “sport” of stuffing your face with food until you explode? In the past developers have taken the easy way out and just made sporting videogames such as football and basketball, but the greatest sport in the world, competitive eating has yet to be attempted as a videogame – that is until now!

From the looks of things the gameplay takes the form of a one-on-one fighting game but rather than yoga flames you let out devastating belches! For good or bad, we have to admit to you that we are sort of looking forward to checking this enigma out soon.

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blackknight77 said:

You heave, You leave

I have never been that hungry in my life. No wait, let me think about that.

Too bad they don't do pancake contests



Corbs said:

Is it just me or is Critter Round-Up beginning to look better and better.



lockelocke said:

Crazy Legs! What the hell!?
I hope he doesn't mix Breaking and Competitive Eating, the results would not be pretty.



DEMON212 said:

What next? A game where you play as the head of a major games company and you don't have a button for "no" or special powers. Like that really fictional super power called quality control.



Virus said:

And worldwide, the sound of thousands of starving children crying is heard... gah, this stuff scares me...



Omega said:

How many Wii-Points do I get if I download this game? What? I get no points for that? But seriously: This game and "Critter Round Up" and "Frat Party Games" show how some "black sheep" among the developers see the WiiWare-Service: They produce a bunch of low quality games in order to enrich themselves. And all without risk, because they do not need to pay for the sales, the expensive production of the data medium or the instruction booklet. Hurrah! A whole new world of rip-off.



Will said:

I think Nintendo needs to step up the quality control. As Omega said, its gonna be all too easy to release a pile of rubbish without risk.



i8cookie said:

i was kinda looking forward to this game, but now i've seen that video, it looks like a game that could have been quirky and funny has turned out to be lame and unfunny. Whats with that crappy burping to attack your opponent, who on earth would think that was a good idea.... pass



AlexSays said:

@ ICEknight

this game was made for Americans,
because only Americans would be dumb enough to buy this game... and enjoy it.

@ Corbie

Critter Round-Up is starting to look like a quality title.
now don't you wish you could take back that 4?



Big_Sexy said:

The sad fact is, there are people who "eat up" this kind of game. People who loved the toilet humor of Beavis and Butthead. People who still enjoy Ren & Stimpy.
The one thing I haven't seen anyone say is that this game could possibly work. If the controls are spot on, and the powers and skills are balanced, I could see this game actually being enjoyable. DBZ style burp-offs? That's something I never would have expected, but yeah - that's relatively interesting.

And I don't know anyone who can look me straight in the eye and say they didn't enjoy the gross humor while playing Boogerman.

Personally, I still wouldn't buy it. The throw-up takes toward the front of the screen - uck. I could have lived without seeing that. But the over-the-top humor that Mastiff took with this game - despite being a "legitimate" sport - really shows the kind of freedom they've been given with this license. The fact that MLE is letting them release the product in this fashion also shows that they can take a joke.

So I guess people who like this kind of humor might have a decent game to flock to. Because we haven't seen any quality ones with it in a long time.



ChocoDK said:

I was looking forward to this game but seeing the trailer now has kind of bored me. And I also hate the bathroom humor stuff and the game looks kind of repetitive. Maybe if it is 500 Wii Points?



sailingtheseaoffools said:

"The throw-up takes toward the front of the screen - uck"

It means you automatically lose in the game. Throwing up big no no. So just don't have you character toss their cookies.



Ginta said:

Even though it's an odd concept, I'm looking forward to Major League Eating. It might suck, it might stink (I made a pun), and it might just be terrible all around, but so far it looks like it'll be fairly good. Only time will tell if it's a rotten game. (Another pun, rotten. Get it?)



The_shoemaker said:

Well Now that there's more information on the game I'm slightly more interested. But looking at all of the other wiiware releases, I highly dount I'll get this game. Plus it looks like a multiplayer would be the funnest part, and I don't have anyone to play with. If it was online that would be different, but it still wouldn't change my mind.



Quimby said:

This game could very easily be the best thing to happen to Wiiware.
If this, Blackjack, critter round up and all the other games of their breed flop as badly as they rightfully should it might make publishers think before they pump this crap out.
I just pray that would be enough to prevent Wiiware from going the way of mobile phone games, especially given the sick pleasure our beloved big N gets out of only letting new games dribble out onto the VC.
(The way they are to handle Wiiware is to be seen, but having no VC games released along side Wiiware launch seems to say they will be intermittently connected )



lockelocke said:

The biggest problem I see with crap games like this is that they limit the amount of quality titles that can be released each week.
Otherwise, I would say, Go for it, Embarrass yourselves, Mastiff developers.
But, because Nintendo only delivers a couple of WiiWare titles a week, the appearance of a game like this so early in the service's life is a bit scary.



Herandar said:

Love the warnings at the end... "Do not try speed eating at home."

This game is almost as disgusting as the concept of competitive eating is.



StarDust4Ever said:

Ten years ago, I would have probably bought something juvenile like that. Now I am 27 and a whole lot wiser. Thumbs down!

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