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Japanese WiiWare Tuesdays

Posted by Darren Calvert

This coming Tuesday (27 May) our friends in the land of the rising sun get two new WiiWare games up in their Wii Shop. Isn’t it nice how Nintendo of Japan is so kind to publish a release schedule?

These are the two delights that they are getting:

Saikyou Ginhoshi Shougi - 500 points

Oekaki Logic (features downloadable content) - 500 points

Saikyou Ginhoshi Shougi appears to be some kind of crazy puzzle game and Oekaki Logic looks very much like Picross.

Probably not the most exciting week for them!

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Dazza said:

Its a good idea but we want to review the western versions of the games for the site really. There was enough confusion over the Dr Mario options as it was without trying to review the Japanese version!



maka said:

I hope they release the picross game. I wonder what the numbers in the red corner are for. They seem to be the minimum space that the blocks would occupy...



Stratos said:

In regards to the idea of using a Japanese Wii to review games early, you could post previews/hands-on-impressions of games based off of the Japanese ones with a big disclaimer at the top.



Bensei said:

That's not a "crazy puzzle game", that's Shougi! That's Japanese Chess!
It has nothing to do with puzzles. It's like Western Chess, only with different moving rules, the ability to upgrade all your figures and to use the stones of your enemy if you've beat them.

You can play it on Club house games btw.

Who of you would pay to play a Picross clone online? I stay with my Picross DS imo



AbbyVampire said:

Dang...Picross? That better come to the states!

Oh and its not play to pay online. Its pay to play downloadable puzzles...



Adam said:

Ah, Shogi! Slim chance of that coming over here. Oh well, there's always



Big_Sexy said:

Don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but...

It's Picross that you can play with your Wii. For serious.

Picross DS is enough for me right now. Oekaki Logic - that name sounds familiar for some reason. I think there was there a Japanese arcade game called Logic-something that was basically Picross, but with some crazy powerups and challenges. Now if Oekaki Logic was like that, maybe'd I'd be more interested.



AlexSays said:

@ Dazza- i agree.
i also think previewing Japanese releases would make waiting for the game even more difficult.
if VC-R previewed Dr. Mario back in March when it was released in Japan, i might not have been able to survive the wait.
same goes for FFCC: MLAAK.

plus WWW has enough work trying to keep up with the latest WiiWare news,
we don't want to increase their workload.

but why doesn't Nintendo of America publish a release schedule?
do they think we like WiiWare surprises? or VC disappointments?



Nfamous209 said:

@maka I second that request I'd love to have a picross game. (and yes I know it's on the DS for those who wanna get technical)

@Big=Sexy I know about that but if I am gonna shell out money for the internet channel to have a daily puzzle. It would be nice to just pay for a game so I can do more than one puzzle at a time. That is the only thing i don't like about that site.



ChocoDK said:

Japan is lucky for getting cheap games but their releases look kind of boring to me personally.



pdrydia said:

@ Big=Sexy
I need to add to my wii internet faves. It's decent stuff. is another logic puzzle game which is pretty wii-browser-friendly. It's Light Up, or Akari, a Nikoli game.

We ought to have a thread for these sites in the forums...



DEMON212 said:

Yeah, I agree. Because then DYC could be the feature Wii friendly flash game. Why pay 500 points when you can play it for free? However I'm in the camp of, why play it at all? lol



Bass_X0 said:

No Picross style game looks exciting. But then its charm doesn't lie in the graphics.



blackknight77 said:

I am sure the Japanese are not going to complain too much. They can always go back and play Dracula X. They are so lucky



calculon said:

Picross is damned good, time wasting fun. Will definately be getting Oekeki Logic should it arrive on our shores - it's a snip compared to the 900 points we had to play for SNES Picross (which was also awesome)



Objection said:

I believe the over-all accepted spelling is Shogi. That is how I have seen it anyway



Adamant said:

The o in Shougi IS extended. "Generally accepted spellings" can be whatever they want, but it's impossible to know how to pronounce the word unless you differenciate between extended and non-extended wovels.

Not that Joe Random knows how the hell to pronounce Japanese words, but...

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