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First Official Images of the New Neo-Geo Stick for Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

SNK has published official images of the forthcoming Neo-Geo stick, and the good news is that it looks exactly the same as the original AES joystick we all know and love.

The classic design, first seen with SNK's Neo-Geo home system almost 20 years ago, arguably ranks as one of the most iconic controllers in the history of videogaming. Back in the days of the Megadrive/Genesis, gamers would marvel at the fact that the Neo-Geo stick was actually the size of Sega's 16-bitter. It was a beast of a stick and certainly more than ready to take any punishment you were prepared to throw at it.

As we reported a few weeks back, this stick is an update of the one previously available for Sony’s PS2 console. It will mean that you get the most authentic experience possible when playing SNK’s classic arcade games on your Wii.

So far only a handful of titles have made their way onto the Virtual Console service, but fingers are firmly crossed that more will follow – this machine really is a goldmine of quality software.

There's no news regarding a Western release at the moment and to be honest it might be a bit too obscure to warrant one. However, importers shouldn't have too much trouble getting their hands on one when it's eventually released this year. It's likely to feature the same 'button mapping' setup as Hori's already released Fighting Stick Wii.

April is still the expected shipping date, so pop that down on your calendar. Or you can place a preorder with Play-Asia now if you prefer!

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coire said:

Cool, It really does look the part, but I hope it comes out in Wii White as well as black.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Don't really think I'd be that interested in getting it with the current (or projected selection) of VC games out there.

However, if this thing can also support play with GC and Wii games, namely fighters and some random games like Zelda which I've always wanted to try playing zelda games with a controller like this, I'm suddenly interested in it. And then it'll also be worth getting for the few fighters/shooters/arcade ports I have downloaded from VC.



Damo said:

coire - I was thinking the same, Wii white would look good...but then the stick might not look as authentic as it should do.

I used to own a Neo-Geo AES and just seeing that controller gives me's such a classic machine.



Roo said:

No way - Virtual Console is already costing me too much money, I've not bought an actual Wii game in months! Damn you Virtaul Console...Damn you!



Laxiom said:

so, will this controller be mapped to other VC games outside of NeoGeo?



Z-BRA said:

This controller would be awesome for even some of the sega master system games, remember the old joy stick controller for the master system? It would be good to bring it to the north american market if it can work with other VC games other then just the Neo-Geo ones. Imagine the possibilities with WiiWare games and this controller



ICEknight said:

Radretrogamer, controllers can't be "mapped to other VC games".

Think of this as a classic controller with no analogue, and the buttons in a line of: [ZL-L] B-A-Y-X [R-ZR].



Ross said:

I like the black style look. It gives the Wii another colour apart from white and blue.



Dazza said:

I keep meaning to order the Hori fighting stick as at least it matches the Wii. Still a traditional Neo Geo stick would be a winner, its just such a classic (but HUGE) design!



ZueriHB said:

Hmmm... Neo Geo Hardware for Wii.. I must have.

Would also be great for the Shooters on the PCengine.



IDreamInSound said:

It looks quite lovely, I'd love to own one. Now if only they would expand the Neo Geo library here in America...



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Wow! Unlike the SNES controller Japan has, this one looks very similar and it's coming to America, but i'm not going to get it.



Bass_X0 said:

i'm interested but i know it'll be expensive. i'll stick with my classics controller. it would certainly be fun to use, i've never used a neogeo stick before, it'll just too expensive.



Peppy_Hare said:

Hope it works with the upcoming Samurai Shodown compilation. Because the Wii's classic controller isn't compatible with Metal Slug Anniversary, it's not likely that the NeoGeo2 stick works with Metal Slug Anniversary, so by extension I'm not holding my breath that it works with Samurai Shodown compilation.



d_vader said:

One of the reasons why I was really intrigued by the Neo Geo controller was because it brought me closer to playing at the arcades.

The reissue looks real nice. I, personally, would not get it only because I don't like having extra peripherals around. I already own 4 wiimotes, 2 nunchucks, and maybe a wiiwheel.

I know that's not a lot compared to what others have (i.e. zapper, 4 nunchucks, wiisports pack, maybe the wiifit), but I am trying to hold back from getting extra controllers and gadgets for the wii.



Damo said:

PlayAsia's listed price is about £30, which is pretty reasonable IMO.



SergeEXE said:

I'm not that big on Neo-Geo games, so I think I'll stick with my Hori Fighting Stick Wii. I like the button layout on it better anyway.



slangman said:

Looks cool though it would only consider getting it if there are about 10 to 15 Neo Geo Games avalable.

Besides i don't know if this will work with other VC games so i gusss I'll pass.

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