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Sun 10th Feb 2008

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d_vader commented on EarthBound:


According to this website 309 VC games have been released so far.

I just went to the top of the website, then I place my mouse cursor over "Games" then clicked on "Out Now".

When I scroll all the way down I read, "Showing items 1 to 309 of 309."



d_vader commented on Take Five and Double It!:

I abhor 10-star rating systems. What's the difference between a game getting a 2 or a 3? It's a bad game either way. Who on VC Reviews is going to spend time and energy to decide whether a bad game should get a 2 or a 3 especially when there are different people having a different idea between what a 2 and a 3 rating is.

I prefer a 5-point rating scale because it's simple and gives more than enough information when accompanied by the written review. Why fix what's not broken?



d_vader commented on Mega Man 2:

Please release Megaman 2 for the NA VC!!! Please stop releasing games like Crusin' USA (yawn). You know more people will buy Megaman 1, 2, or 3 than any of the VC releases that were announced all last month.



d_vader commented on First Official Images of the New Neo-Geo Stick...:

One of the reasons why I was really intrigued by the Neo Geo controller was because it brought me closer to playing at the arcades.

The reissue looks real nice. I, personally, would not get it only because I don't like having extra peripherals around. I already own 4 wiimotes, 2 nunchucks, and maybe a wiiwheel.

I know that's not a lot compared to what others have (i.e. zapper, 4 nunchucks, wiisports pack, maybe the wiifit), but I am trying to hold back from getting extra controllers and gadgets for the wii.



d_vader commented on Mega Man 2:

Please put this game out in its original form on the Wii VC!

I don't plan to get many VC games. This is one of the few games I plan to get so please make it available for download =)

Thank you,
Megaman 2 fan



d_vader commented on Dr. Mario & Bacteria Extermination:

Is it worth getting the original if this one comes out? Anyway, this new version looks real sweet. I would hate to also get the original and then see that's it's the same game as the new version.



d_vader commented on Mega Man 2:

HairyMike and anyone else in the US waiting for it to come out in the VC, I have a question...a BIG question!

Will this game be available to us living in North America? It's out in Europe, but will we ever get it? I've been on message boards where some have speculated that because we got the gamecube version of it that we might never get it for the Wii VC.

I hope that's not true because the gamecube version has been redone and is no longer representing the original form. Also, I just purchased 4 Wii-motes and don't want to have to get a gamecube controller. If anyone knows FOR A FACT or can tell me with compelling reason that Nintendo and Capcom are planning to release Megaman 2 (and also MM1 and MM3) for the Wii VC then please tell me (with reference) because it would be ashamed if this game didn't come out for the Wii VC.