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Wii Neo Geo Joystick Coming in April

Posted by Damien McFerran

It had to happen. With SNK supporting the Virtual Console and consequently making some of its wonderful 2D fighting games available for download, it was almost inevitable that someone, somewhere would look at producing a more ‘suitable’ control method than is currently offered by the Wiimote, Cube pad and Classic Controller.

Japanese retailer Rakuten has posted information regarding a new joystick that will be fully compatible with Virtual Console games and should allow for a more ‘faithful’ experience when playing those lovely Neo Geo fighters, not to mention the countless other arcade titles currently available on the download service. This is mainly because it’s a replica of the classic AES controller that Neo Geo fans know and love! As well as making your Virtual Console experience more enjoyable, it should also provide the same functionality as the Classic Controller with many Wii titles.

Although no actual images of the stick have been released, Rakuten has stated that it will be similar to the PS2 Neo Geo Stick 2 (there's an image of it up there). Fingers are firmly crossed that it will retain the same sleek black look of the original – as much as we love the clean white styling of the Wii, it’s simply not the correct colour for anything Neo Geo-related.

The listing states that this highly desirable peripheral will be available for purchase in Japan on April 10th for about 5,040 yen (which is £25/$50 to you and me). Here's hoping it makes it to the West as well.

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Damo said:

You wouldn't play Neo Geo fighters with an N64 pad though, would you?



Link_O_Fett said:

Nice. I haven't downloaded any Neo Geo games yet (although KoF '94 is very, very tempting right now), but when I do, I'd like to use the controller that was meant to be used!



Will said:

I have but one request in regards the Neo-Geo joystick. Make it Neo-Geo black, and not Wii white. And all will be well. (and wireless too, with a decent battery life, not pushed about the rumble but thats all I ask I promise!!)



Bensei said:

What happened to your wiishaft anyways? Did you ever get one? Hope it'll be able on play-asia and a GCN and not a Wii Controller, so that I can play Metal Slug Collection with it.

And a N64 pad would be awesome too! Maybe free configureable because most N64 Games are now made to fit the CC



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´ll be playing Neo Geo fighters with a Retroport:ed SNES controller because I´m perverted. But I wait for a GOOD fighter to be released, Samurai Shodown, even a sequel to the curent ones would do. A Neo Geo stick for Wii is cool though, I hope it indicates more games coming to VC soon!



Aldo said:

I think this Controller is very Expensive! And there are not many Games on the Virtual Console for NeoGeo!



snabald said:

Now, I would love for the same thing to be done with the NES, SNES, N64, and Genesis controllers - seriously, I would buy them.



Steviis_Father said:

" Deadeyerobbie - 30 Jan 2008, 16:46 GMT
I would perfer an N64 controller for the wii, but its better than nothing."
But don't all the N64 games on VC use the Gamecube controller, which is best rendition of a Nintendo analog controller so far?

About the stick though, white or black, it doesn't matter to me. I just hope that this controller works like a charm with SF:Hyper Fighting, and with subsequent Capcom iterations to follow.

*here's a brain fondle: try using this on Smash instead of the classic controller... OMG!



D00M said:

Nice, I just hope we get something like that for N64 games,
I found the classic controller terrible for StarFox64, so much in fact I haven't gone back to playing it and regret my purchase, I had no problem with it using a N64 pad back in the day either.

So, fingers crossed for a N64 pad, I can't see the N64 FPS games working very well without it, I believe this could be the reason why there are NO FPS from the N64 catalogue on the VC.
I wants some Turok 1 & 2 and Doom 64...



sam said:

I cant wait to hook up a proper joystick, I use the gamecube controller right now, it is ok but not perfect for fighting games.



Sariku said:

Bleh, don't we already have the Power Glove and Fighting Pad accessory?



ICEknight said:

"I just hope that this controller works like a charm with SF:Hyper Fighting"
You won't be able to use strong kicks or punches with this controller, due to the lack of buttons.



Varoennauraa said:

Hi everyone! I'm noob here.
For oldskool fighters I like D-pad best for its accuracy and speed(thats why I'm excited to try Smash bros. with just wiimote).

But some top down arcade shootem'up games, like Guerilla Wars, had one function that cannot be properly performed with anything else, and that is: Rotating joystick. I have always hoped that somebody would make that kind of arcade controller for home consoles(and some games that uses it of course).



WWammy said:

This is good news but it would be good if we had other console controllers for that authentic feel. I mean playing a Megadrive game on a controller based on a Snes controller doesn't feel right. While the Snes had the advantage of 6 button controller out the box the Sega 6 button controller was much better for fighters in my opinion.
Also theres nothing quite like playing N64 game with the original controller. It doesn't seem to sit quite right with the classic controller



The_Indigo_Effect said:

I like a good arcade stick, but the button layout is pretty strange compared to what I usually see; it seems like it would be uncomfortable to use. Quite frankly, the controller doesn't look optimized for fighting games which would be my only justification for buying something like this. I guess it would work good enough for Top Hunter or Magician Lord. If I'm not mistaken, I think Hori arcade sticks for the Wii are still available for purchase, and they retain a more traditional design.



Damo said:

Indigo Effect - "Not optimized for fighting games"? You're kidding, right?

This stick design has seen more fighting game action than any other controller in the history of videogames!



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Well, there's only one row of four buttons to pull off basic attacks. Typically, there's a total of six buttons or two rows of three buttons on an arcade stick. The top set would allow weak, medium, and fierce punching attacks while the bottom provides the same setup for kicks; to me, one row of four buttons seems limiting. Also, it really looks like I would have to place my right hand in what looks to be an awkward position. It would seem advantageous to have these buttons placed horizontally rather than at an angle. To be fair, I've never actually used this controller, so I suppose there's a possiblity that I might gel with it. However, based on the button placement, I'm skeptical about how it would perform.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

"But don't all the N64 games on VC use the Gamecube controller, which is best rendition of a Nintendo analog controller so far?"

Well, I'd say yes and no." The GC controller is nice and technically is superior to the N64 Analog. But the 64 Analog lasts longer and is less sensitive. While that's not important for games like Zelda, Mario or even Smash Bros so much, it makes a big difference for a fighter. I bought CvsSNK2 for the GC, and if you ever tried to pull off complex moves with the GCs sensitive Analog (say Hibiki or Geese or Athena) many times it would just register a half circle as you pressing multiple directions somewhere in the process.

The N64 Analog, like these Arcade sticks, was rubbing across solid plastic and always pointing to one direction. Not rolling on whatever the GCs Analog thumb thing is and sliding into different positions. Great for many other games, but not for fighters. And the GCs D-Pad was even worse...



Bensei said:

"18. Sariku United States - 31 Jan 2008, 14:24 GMT

Bleh, don't we already have the Power Glove and Fighting Pad accessory?"

Tell me where I can get it, please =D



Damo said:

The_Indigo_Effect - The 6 button setup isn't the 'common' setup for fightings games - it's the config for Capcom fighting games. There's loads of amazing titles on the NG that obviously use the 4 button setup. Who knows, Capcom may release a six button stick like this, but for the time being this is a Godsend as we should be seeing many killer SNK fighters on the VC.



JaredJ said:

This fighting stick would be awesome. What ever happened with that "shaft" fighting stick you guys reported on? Is it any good? or what about the hori fighting stick for wii?



Damo said:

We don't have our Shaft sticks yet, they're still being produced, so we're told!



SergeEXE said:

I like my Hori Fighting Stick, do I don't think I'll have any need of the NeoGeo one.

With the Hori stick, I can play my VC games with Arcade precision, and I can even use it on my computer with Bluetooth for just about anything I want. What more do I need?

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