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The highly anticipated new entry in Nintendo’s popular fighting franchise will arrive for Wii U in 2014.

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Announced by Nintendo

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Varia01 said:

YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! This is AWESOME! So many expectations about this game... New characters.... New courses...... New ETC. ETC. ETC.!!!! And hopefully a better story mode....



Jr-Joe said:

This is the only reason I'm going to buy a wii u, and wind waker hd...and zelda hd...etc



jarvisQC said:

WHY? WHY!! Why Nintendo can have a system online like the others systems!? I am not denigrated Nintendo, I was always a fan of this company since Nintedo 64; but , with the Wii (no games for fan, not online open world for games like smash bros,) i was hope than the wii u changes the direction, but now , I don't have hope no more



Chabbox said:

What I want:

Good Online Multiplayer
Better Map Editor
More unique skins with Achievements to unlock them



Gilius said:

Wish I had a Wii U now. Actually, really jealous for those who have one.



Prof3ssorMGW said:

Can't wait. If you plan on getting this follow/friend me on Miiverse! My NNID is Prof3ssorMGW.

If your a Smash Player w/ Facebook then you can message me for matches (while at the same time staying updated on SBB4 + tournaments) here:



MrsPickles said:

Is it just me, or does this seem to be... more cartoony then brawl. Not that I really care, just an observation. e.g. Mario.



smash123 said:

alright so stoked for this game but there's a slight problem I have and its that people want all these characters in the game that no one really knows. They should keep all the characters from brawl and focus mainly about Nintendo characters like(bowser jr.,toad,etc.).Also they should have like a little bit of characters from other game companies like sonic, knuckles(sega),
pac-man(Namco)...and I get that its supposed to be about the all these fighters from the universe or what not but they should focus on characters that are popular(Mario, Luigi, sonic, Megaman, pac-man, etc.) People want characters from all these games no one ever heard about and I hate to play the game with a character I don't ruins the fun of the game.I hope when super smash bros universe comes out the character roster would be fun for everyone.



SuperZelda12 said:

Maybe they will keep the original sercet characters like Luigi Ness Purin and Captian Falcon! But I hope to see Toon Link with a unique move set from Big Link and a different Final Smash. Same with Tetra if they can.



ammar003 said:

@Action4jackson why would you want classic sonic if this game is 2d so if they add sonic why would they add classic sonic but i hope paper mario is in the game so good idea



NightmareXIV said:

All these game will leave me with no money I'LL HAVE LESS MONEY THAN NEEDED TO BUY THESE! This is terrible.



masontcarr said:

i have a request for super smas bros for 3ds and wii u its 2 characters leonardo from teenage mutant ninja turtles but do the artwork from the nickelodeon series and i want a character that returns is lucario from pokemon i love you nintendo thank you! the leonardo character thats going to be a new super smash bros character a newcomer.

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