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Fri 28th Jun 2013

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smash123 commented on Super Smash Bros. (Tentative Title):

alright so stoked for this game but there's a slight problem I have and its that people want all these characters in the game that no one really knows. They should keep all the characters from brawl and focus mainly about Nintendo characters like(bowser jr.,toad,etc.).Also they should have like a little bit of characters from other game companies like sonic, knuckles(sega),
pac-man(Namco)...and I get that its supposed to be about the all these fighters from the universe or what not but they should focus on characters that are popular(Mario, Luigi, sonic, Megaman, pac-man, etc.) People want characters from all these games no one ever heard about and I hate to play the game with a character I don't ruins the fun of the game.I hope when super smash bros universe comes out the character roster would be fun for everyone.