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Hello. Love all types of games!

Male, United States

Love the NES, and SNES! Love the classics, Mario Kart, Metroid, Smash Bros. ( Ike Rules! ), Fire Emblem ( love it ) and the Super Mario Bros series, you get the picture. I rule in Karts and Smash. Peach for Karts ( she has horrible road rage! ) and Ike in Smash. I barely lose in both of these games.

Thu 24th Apr 2014

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beaks commented on Dragon Quest X:

@DudeSean since its on the Wii U, you will never have to pay for online. Nintendo is known for free online games.



beaks commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker:

I was wondering when the man of the mushroom land was gonna get his own game! I can see this becoming a instant classic for Mario fans, plus captain toads stages were so fun in super Mario 3d world, I couldn't get enough of them, this cures that! Toad Rules!



beaks commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U:

Smash is the king of fighting games! Great cast of characters, stages, and fans. There newcomers are ok ( little mac was the best new one beside megaman ) and there still adding more! With so many outside characters making an appearance, who's next! I personally wanna see Simon Belmont from castlevania, if megaman can make it in, why not him? ( zero from megaman x series is my second character I want in )



beaks commented on Bayonetta 2:

First off, Nintendo is king! Bayonetta I think would make a great Wii U exclusive, plus part1 comes with part2! ( only in disk form, not downloadable version ) I love my Wii U more than my Xbox One, maybe if Xbox had more games like bayonetta I would be playing it more, but they don't, Wii U does! I hope Wii U keeps up its awesome EXCLUSIVES, NOT TIMED EXCLUSIVES ( my opinion the stupidest thing ever for gaming) and continue there awesomeness! GO BIG N!



beaks commented on Wii Sports Club:

I love the golf game. I play golf and had the worst wario shot ever ( curve shot ) and since playing Wii u golf I've gotten better. It helped me shoot straighter. I personally can't wait to try the baseball, homerun derby is my favorite. I'm glad Nintendo decided to release a full game with all of the games on it, but its great they also give you the option to buy individual games also. Just another reason Nintendo is the best, they give you options!



beaks commented on Possibility of SNES Remix and Other Remix Titl...:

It would be awesome to mix starfox and pilotwings together. Land a awing on a pilot wings runway while samus's ship tries to shoot you down. Or have link bomb other Mario kart characters and get first. Ooowww, have dk knock out gabby jay in super punch out. Also have mega man defeat Dracula or Simon Belmont take on sigma. Damm, I have so many ideas!!!