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Resident Evil Archives gives Wii gamers the opportunity to play classic Resident Evil games they may have missed at a great value price. Experience the beginning of the Resident Evil saga with the remake of the game that started the survival horror genre, Resident Evil.

The Raccoon City Police Department doesn't know what happened to the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) team it sent out to investigate the Arklay Mountain area, where a number of people have recently gone missing. The unit's helicopter seems to have crashed in the woods, and it hasn't received any contact from the squad since. The department decides to dispatch another S.T.A.R.S. unit, the Alpha team, to check things out… but something goes terribly wrong.

You take control of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (both recently seen in the smash hit, Resident Evil 5). Your mission is to investigate the ominous mansion at the core of the horrific disaster and uncover the secrets behind a radical, genetic research facility. With unspeakable horrors lurking around every corner, the ultimate test will be to make it out alive! Relive the thrills and terror that defined the genre of Survival Horror and launched a franchise that has sold over 40 million games worldwide.


  • The Original, Reborn: This is a Wii version of the classic Resident Evil remake, originally released on GameCube in 2002 which featured new rooms, areas, items and creatures that were not included in the PlayStation original released in 1996
  • Survival of the Fittest: Battle against putrid zombies, infected dogs and horrific gigantic bosses as you struggle to survive
  • Defense weapons: Defensive weapons protect characters when being attacked
  • Your favourite Resident Evil Characters on the Wii: Play as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, who each uncover two completely different paths as they explore deep within the horrific mansion
  • In-depth Puzzles: Solve dangerous, intricate puzzles and uncover terrifying secrets
  • More than 10 Different Game Endings: Unique endings dependent upon play decisions and successes

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Drake said:

It's more of a port, the only new feature is Wii remote controls, they didn't even add additional video options!




I hope capcom ports RE2 to the wii. (The orginal version) Also I'm not interested in RE1 any more even the new version. The evirment felt to comfined sometimes.



vampirelich said:

Anyone pick this up yet...? I've got it but haven't started yet because I want to finish RE 4 Wii first.



edofthe209 said:

Picked this up on sunday. I played the original on the PSX back in the day and had a blast. I somehow ended up skipping all the sequels until the Wii edition of 4 and the 360 version of 5. I have to say, going back to the tank controls and funky camera angles was a hell of a jolt and it's taking some time to get used to it. I suggest the sideways Wiimote control scheme as the D pad works better than the stick. I was also bummed that it doesn't fill my widescreen TV, but as it's a port I guess it was expected. Still, the game is a beauty to behold(the prerendered graphics look amazingly lifelike) and it really is scary. Far scarier than the new action heavy versions. As long as you want a good horror adventure game, this is a great buy in my opinion. Especially if you missed this on the gamecube, like me.



JGMR said:

Still the best Resident Evil game along with part two. Here's an tip for people who want to get the game to fill their widescreen tv's: Set your Wii screen settings to 4:3. This will do the trick. I was actually bloody dissapointed that i had to figure out a way to get the game 'wider' well it did the trick...



JGMR said:

It sure is in my opinion. If only Capcom made a remake of Resident Evil 2...



Rogues said:

I recently rented this game to experience the original and while the game was really creepy I found the controls some of the most frustrating ever. The constant camera angle changes causing you to adjust the direction you are running and placing you right in front of a zombie with absolutely no warning took much of the fun away.

I guess after playing RE4 it's hard to adjust to such a horrible control scheme just to experience the otherwise very scary game. Unfortunately, for me, the scariest part turned out to be the controls.



NassaDane said:

So much better than the newer games. And its actually scary. If it has the great camera angles like this one, its great.



supermonkey117 said:

I agree with NassaDane classic style tops the newer releases resident evil the remake was a nice touch up for the classic but resident evil 3 nemesis is by far the best of them all witch did have an edge with the eight foot ever changing super zombie witch is actually a tyrant if you read up on it stalking you through the entire game too scared to put your shotgun and magnum away just in-case and had some good replay value and a mini game that was really fun i don't like what ive played recently though with 4 and 5 but chronicles was a good addition to the series where you could play the the classics with the zapper with a friend.



dizzy_boy said:

i`m very suprised that capcom only added motion controlls to resi evil.
wide screen and a few extra weapons would have been nice.



Caster8 said:

Dont know if i should get the wii version or the Gamecube version i suppose they about the same , might have a few tweaks here and there on the Wii version



razzystar678 said:

On the Gamecube version, there is a Grenade Glitch where Jill can load her Grenade Launcher with infinite grenade ammo. I'm sure that's been fixed for the Wii version. The Wii U having no backwards compatibility with the Cube, has made owning Gamecube games pointless though. So get the Wii version.



HawkeyeWii said:

Just started playing this again. I really hope that Capcop brings 5 and 6 to Wii U or at least give us HD revisions of REmake and RE4.

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