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Devil's Crush (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Devil's Crush is the exciting sequel to the hit pinball game Alien Crush and features even smoother ball movement and enhanced special effects. Shoot the ball onto the board with the Devil Shooter, then use flippers and nudging to keep it in play and rack up a high score.

Complete certain conditions to play up to six different bonus stages. Get a "Perfect Clear" on those to earn a huge amount of points. The game's ominous theme is enhanced by its enemies: wandering skeleton knights, sorcerers and even a giant face that changes from a goddess to a sinister serpent.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Shoot the ball onto the board with the Devil Shooter, then use flippers and nudging to keep it in play and rack up a high score.

After the wonderfully wacky Alien Crush you would have thought developers Naxat would have struggled to create an even more unhinged pinball simulation - but you’d be wrong!Devil’s Crush improves on its spiritual predecessor in almost every way...

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User Comments (49)



Clayfrd said:

If this is as good or better than Alien Crush then it is well worth the download!



Don-Bon said:

I want a good pinball game, I've never played this one so I'll wait and see.



Jonno said:

This = the best pinball machine sim ever (so Mario Pinball Land doesn't count) This is definetly worth a look by all!



Steve said:

This is one of the best pinball simulations ever, perfectly balanced with tons of secrets to reveal!
A M U S T buy for every pinball enthusiastic!!!
I rate it better than Alien Crush, as the screen is scrolling softly and not switching between the different areas



djshep1973 said:

Wow, I remember this on the MegaDrive, and that was an excellent game. Here's hoping the PC Engine version was just as good!



The PC Engine version is nigh on exactly the same as the MD version and they both play absolutely fantastic pinball



Beastard said:

I remember this game on the Genesis (Mega Drive) as Dragon's Fury. Great game. Recommend playing this, even if you hate pinball.



Iapetus said:

I was always a fan of Motley Crue, the pinball game for MD. I'll have to check this game out.



Eric42 said:

The video that's posted makes this look like a great pinball game... this may be on my gotta download list.



link64 said:

I have herd that the Megadrive version had different music ( the same songs just arranged differently) which are considered worse.



johnsen6 said:

All this talk about "Best pinball game ever", is it really true? I need someone to compare this to the great Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies on the Amiga, as they were truly great games (the Nightmare table on Dreams and Fairground one on Fantasies stick out for me).



babs said:

If you're going to be picky, the best pinball you can have at home (short of buying a table) is visual pinball and vpinmame for the PC. That way you can play *actual* tables. Addams Family, Twilight Zone or Star Trek TNG anyone?

I love all pinball games though, this is going straight on when I get home



deggs said:


up until i played this, my fav console pinball was kirby's pinball land (for the original gameboy)...



This game wins the best pinball game ever award by an absolute mile, I would definately go so far as to state that this plays a better game of pinball than any pinball game now. Devil crash is a lesson in how to get everything right in nearly every possible way. The ball physics are perfect, it never feels to light or too heavy, the tables are just right, the bonus stages have such atmosphere and the whole underlying gothic theme is complimented by a great little techno soundtrack. I remember seeng the look on an Amiga owning friend's face after playing this. There would be no more raving on about pinball dreams. Those that have played it have that feeling that one only gets when one knows they have just witnessed near perfection, that feeling however is nothing compared to that smugness one can only achieve by seeing the non initiated play, then watching them have "just one more go".
For all of those people who have already played this gem, you know what I have written is true, for all of you who have not downloaded this, what the hell are you doing?? BEG BORROW OR STEAL to get the points to download this classic game.



Mendez said:

That video looks awesome 0.0
Shame I'll probably only have 500 points left after tonight ¬_¬



Ross said:

Anyone know the anime cartoon Fullmetal Alchemist ? I swear thats a transmutation circle at the top of the pinball machine...



MrLonghair said:

We're not going to get Pinball Fantasies, Illusions, Dreams etc on the VC because the rights to those games belong to a bajillion different companies now. I asked DICE about it earlier this year, and they had that answer. Luckily Devil's Crush is enough until I figure out how to repair my Amiga 1200 to get the DICE pins running, even though it feels that the flippers are spaced just a bit too far apart.



Jolan said:

Its so worth 600 points. If you want pinball on you Wii get this.
If you want a game that gives you tons of fun, get this.

Just don't reset the software... high scores reset with it.



Yoshi175 said:

you don't have to reset thois game you can press plus and minus (ont the remote don't know what it is on Classic controller) and that will reset the game and keep the high scores



JoeldeBunchastu said:

This is the best pinball game I've ever played, even surpassing Alien Crush (Which I also have), and I would recommend it to anyone



Yoshi175 said:

I love this game, I was taking a risk when I downloaded it but I love it
5 star



sirmatt said:

I beg to differ with the enthusiasm on this game. I am an "older" gamer lured back by the Wii, and I love the virtual console games.

I am frequently playing SOLDIER BLADE (love it!), Street Fighter II Turbo and Wave Race 64, but Devil's Crush just doesn't do it for me so much.

My main gripe is that one big gaming site is right: the ball physics are just annoyingly light. The ball feels a little too light. Just by a hair, but it's annoying enough to a pinball "purist." I used to play tons of Pro Pinball by Cunning...ball physics are pretty great there. This game is just annoying and it ruins it for me, personally.

People say the reason Mercury Meltdown Revolution is so addictive is because of it's realistic blob physics. I tend to agree, and extend that to pinball physics.

Personally I wish I would have passed on my recent purchase of Devil's Crush and Air Zonk in favor of Starfox 64.

****** UPDATE 2/08 ************

OK forget this review. This game is cheesy fun. Ball physics are fine, not so bad as I originally thought. Frame rate skips once in a while, but who cares. And I wish they still had the pentagrams, because those triangles look dumb. Other than that, fun game with lots of little mini-tables to play that are super cheesy (cherubs and alligators and weird skinned snakes and stuff...odd).

Good stuff, recommended...as I wait for Williams Pinball Hall of Fame...delayed YET AGAIN....ugh....

= Matt =



I wanted a good pinball game, so I downloaded this...
but I have to say I'm a little disappointed, mainly for the physics and the weight of the ball...
but it's a funny game and it's worth 600 point if you ask me.



Dave said:

I have never heard of Devil's Crush. However, I did own Dragon's Fury for Genesis. I figured I would download Devil's Crush because I was curious how close it looked to Dragon's Fury from the screenshots. The sound just didn't seem as good for Devil's Crush. It sounded like a dilapidated version of Dragon's Fury. Being that Devils Crush was developed first, the real credit for this game goes to those developers. But, soon after Tengen bought the game out and re-vamped it for the better. That guitar solo on the main screen gives you chills and intensifies the gameplay.

Which one is better....Genesis or Turbo? Genesis by a long shot. Tengen took a woderful game and juiced it up. Hopefully we will see Dragon's Fury as a download for the Wii and Crue Ball!!!!!



OmakeBGM01 said:

To the user above: Devil's Crush was ported to the Mega Drive by Tecnosoft and was named Devil's Crash. Later Tengen localized Devil's Crash for US and EU and then renamed it to Dragon's Fury.
Tecnosoft was the one who juiced the game up.



pdrydia said:

Matt is right about the way the ball behaves--I noticed right away that the pinball in Devil's Crush doesn't act the same as it does in Alien Crush. I don't feel like I have the same control over the ball as I do in Alien Crush and the game doesn't feel as fast. However, I do like that the switch between the upper, middle, and bottom sections of the screen is gradual--there's no back-and-forth flashing that Alien Crush gives you if your ball is bouncing around at the "boundary" between sections.

I like this game slightly better than Alien Crush, primarily because it's /hilarious/. I do enjoy crushing aliens, but I get more giggles out of destroying the tiny formations of color-coded marching men. It's particularly fun to narrate the goings-on in D's C to the other occupants of the room



The_shoemaker said:

This game does look good for a pinball game. Any one want a good review of it check DEMON212 video review of it at www.vc-forums.com



Manicfatty said:

Um...druids and smackin' a skanky lizard 'yatch in the face with my silvery balls of justice? HELL'S YEAH!!!! Great variety for it's genre and era, good use of the sound chip, and on top of the pure simple fun of it, you get a genuine old school sense of accomplishment. Buy it. NOW!



Eltigro said:

I have this game for my TurboGrafx-16. (I also started/created the Wikipedia page for Devil's Crush.) The best thing about the VC version is that you can keep your high scores. The actual TurboChip doesn't save those. It is a great pinbal sim, but being that it is just pinball, if you aren't a pinball fan, I predict you'll get bored pretty quick.



mr_niceguy said:

This game looks fun, and it seems like it will finally make true my dream of fighting the devil's minions with tiny metal balls! And since it's 600 wii points, I can also get Soldier Blade and Lord of Thunder too(without any leftover points if I get 2000 points). The Turbografx-16 is definitely the best console I never had and I wish I had gotten it when I was young.

Also, about the physics, how are any of you able to tell the difference? Pinball has always been a game of chance for me, and I'm never able to tell where the ball is going to go once I've hit it.



johnny5555 said:

I know there's a lot of nostalgia tied up in these games, after all that's what the VC is all about, but I wish people would rate these games just a little more objectively. I downloaded DC based on these reviews. It's pretty cool and will suck you in for a few hours. After that though, it gets old quick. Be warned - there is ONE LEVEL IN THIS GAME. If you can be entertained over and over playing the same level, trying to beat your high score, then maybe this is for you. If not, you'll get bored quick.



Ricardo91 said:

I'm gonna download this, because of all the positive reception it's been getting. Though I would've liked to have more than one table. But hey, I guess it helps the "pinball simulation" aspect.

@Jonno. Mario Pinball Land sucked ass.



AUnkownFuture said:

I just downloaded Devils Crush it looks very good and its better then Alien Crush. so if u are looking a pinball on the VC go For Devils Crush 5+



Drake said:

It's been long enough - I hope we see Jaki Crush as an import soon, it's the final Crush game.



Saint_Nick said:

I am addicted to this stupid thing. It's the ultimate "pick up 'n play" game.

"Ok, I've got 10 min, guess I have time to play a round"



Kurachi said:

i never played this one, but i might play pinball to kill time, and to improve my pretty bad reflexes, this looks good, smaller pinball games had mostly just 1 screen, this one has 3 (right?)
i might try it once bought SoM and bought wii points again
nice change from adventure, rpg and fighting games to pinball



Corbs said:

One of the greatest video pinball games ever made. Whether you love pinball or not, you owe it to yourself to give Devil's Crush a try.



Sp3nc3r said:

I love how there is more than one table... and then bonus stages! I randomly started pushing buttons on the password part and I got 800,000,000. I don't remember what the code was, so nobody go asking me what it is. Does anybody know how many extra stages there are besides the castle/demon lady/satan priest things and the dragon with a lot of heads level?



Falk_Sturmfels said:

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a cheap timekiller - realized, that I don´t have any Pinball. I didn´t like the Video, but the review and the comments made me horny to that game.
Well, I bought it - and it is damn good. The ball bounces sometimes a little unrealistic, and if I try to stop him he is shaking like there would be some electricity in his butt ... if there would be one.
Really good game.
Crazy, old, colourful - the hell of a fun.

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