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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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MrLonghair commented on EU VC Releases - 5th October - Fatal Fury and ...:

I owned a NeoGeo back in the days and I know that NeoGeo AES games have never been PAL, had borders or run at 50hz. You could take a Japanese AES unit, a US AES game and plug and play on any European TV. Since there's more vertical resolution to the PAL standard you'll see some graphical garbage instead of black borders, but it was 60hz.



MrLonghair commented on Devil's Crush:

We're not going to get Pinball Fantasies, Illusions, Dreams etc on the VC because the rights to those games belong to a bajillion different companies now. I asked DICE about it earlier this year, and they had that answer. Luckily Devil's Crush is enough until I figure out how to repair my Amiga 1200 to get the DICE pins running, even though it feels that the flippers are spaced just a bit too far apart.