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Fri 17th Oct 2008

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DoctorJest commented on Space Invaders: The Original Game:

As an unmodified version of the original, 800 points is a joke. This game has been available in a hundred different FREE forms for twenty years, and some of those are considerably better than the original. If I was going for this kind of game, I'd go with Galaga '90, not this - it's far, far better than its 30-year-old ancestor, and 200 points cheaper to boot.

Probably just one for the fans, or those looking for a nostalgia kick. And with nostalgia, I think the same thing'll happen to me if they ever find their way to a Centipede release...



DoctorJest commented on Review: Pop:

On the one hand, this game's a great, simple score-based game.

On the other hand, on chill mode, you can play this even when you're drunk and trip off of the airy music. Totally worth the points!



DoctorJest commented on Helix:

This game's a real blast! I don't agree that there are any movements that are too fast to handle; it's like DDR in that respect, the more you practice and play, the better you get at reading the game and matching the timing accurately.

It's even better played with two players when one of you takes an arm. You really both have to do the whole dancing sequence for it to feel right, so you both get the workout, but can work together to get a good score. It feels like a great upper-body workout if you're looking for something to develop fitness rather than strength, and in that regard it's a great partner game to DDR that does the same for the legs and trunk, but a lot easier to set up and play than pulling DDR mats out and clearing enough space to play. Great fun!



DoctorJest commented on My Aquarium:

This isn't a game, and if people reviewed it as that, then I'd see why they would score it low. But personally, I love it. I put this on to just run in the background when I have other things to do; it's really relaxing and gives nice background noise. Because of what you can do it's a little more involved than a simple screensaver, which is nice, but it's definitely not a real game either.

There's nothing else on the Wii that really offers anything like this, and for me, it's definitely worth its $5.



DoctorJest commented on Mega Turrican:

It's a pity that they don't have the Amiga versions available really. My favourite of all the Turrican games was Turrican 2, which was a real blast, although I sort of preferred the graphics of the first Turrican. Still, this game's a decent replacement for those ones.



DoctorJest commented on Space Harrier:

This is one of those games I loved in the arcade, but could just never like on the home systems. Of course, the arcade version had the moving flight-chair that shifted up, down, left and right as you flew, so you got a whole extra experience there...