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The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die. The sea rages. The earth decays.

But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fulfillment. "When darkness veils the earth, four Warriors of Light shall come...." After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear, and in the hand of each was clutched a crystal.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

The game that kicked off the most popular RPG series in existence.

Role-playing games began their climb to popularity during the early 80's on the many personal computers of the time period. These turn-based titles brought a more strategic element to gaming for those looking to use their minds more than their reflexes...

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Terra said:

I was one of the many people who thought this would never happen, who thought that they were more interested in remaking it to the death, so we'd never get this version. I'm so thrilled to see it has. While i have the GBA version (ironic in some ways), i know a lot of people wanted this to arrive, so thank you S-E. I retract all my previous criticisms of you regarding remakes.



slangman said:

This is fantastic. I had doubts about this coming. Did this come to Europe?



Bass_X0 said:

Nope. No European release originally. I've already got the PSP remake anyway.



Kevin said:

Oh, sweet! When I heard this was announced I was like no way but its true. Awesome, finally the genuine article of the original returns! I like Dawn of Souls but its not the same experience. Final Fantasy IV I may skip on since the DS version is awesome.



abe8812 said:

I may get this game even though I already have the GBA version of it.



MrPinguy said:

This one worth the buy even if you have one or more of the remakes.

Because this little boy is very difrent from the remakes, oposite to the SNES's ones.



Adamant said:

The GBA and PSP versions are awful, mangled abominations.

Please, if that's all you've got, give this a download and see what you've actually been missing out on while thinking you've played FF1.



MrPinguy said:

>_> They're not that bad, actually putting asside the fact that they are too much easy, they have better interface, bestiary, better translation, and extra dungeons.



Draygone said:

The enemies wait until all of your party members have performed their moves

That's not entirely true. While enemies only get one turn per round, they do get in attacks in between player attacks. A more accurate statement would be "The enemies wait until all of your party members input their moves".

I also hated the GBA version. Enjoyed the PS1 version, but it lacks the classic feel of the original. I'll definately be getting this upon release. Though I'll miss the boss themes some. Wonder why the boss themes found in the soundtrack weren't used in the game.



Adamant said:

What, so "good game" is worse than "horrible game.. with more stuff"?

Plus, the PS1 version has a better interface, better translation and a beastiary, too, and that remake is actually good.

And yes, they ARE that bad. I can't for the life of me understand how people can actually find any fun in them (though looking a GameFAQs boards, and seeing tons of threads about "how to grind to level 99 easiest?", I guess it might appeal to the people who grind away all difficulty in all games they play anyway. Even still, the plot s kinda... not there, so I'm not sure what they see in it, either. You'd think they'd find more enjoyment in a "hold A as enemies die around you to reach next FMV" modern RPG)



Jazzem said:

Really liked this on GBA, but I'm a bit annoyed that version is much easier than the original. I'll download this when it arrives



Tweek said:

This is my favorite NES game ever! I will definitely download this!



Curt said:

I've played the remakes, but I can't wait to play the original version. I'm glad Square Enix finally decided to release the Final Fantasy games on VC.



MrPinguy said:

I didn't say it was good, i said it was not as bad as you describe it.
It's true that it's too much easy, and i don't know why YOU CAN SAVE EVERYWHERE, seriously if they wanted to have a more confortable save, put it only on the world map, like the SNES ones.
But it have extra dungeons with 20-40 floors, more bosses and things like music player that are good extras, that why i have the PSP one, because of those extras.
But yes i enjoyed more the PS1 more, it was more chalanging and was the first time i played FF1 here on Europe.



Lotice-Paladin said:

FF1 on PS is harder. My brother went mad at me for saving it with no potions, everyone's HP near zero and roughly about 1000 steps away from the nearest town, but I managed to do it eventually (thanks to the memo saves).

As for this release, I am unsure whether to get this game after playing the PS remake of the game. I know the graphics don't really matter but the gameplay bored me just after I got to Mount Gulug (the name is also used in IX).

500 points sure is tempting though for a excellent RPG .



MrPinguy said:

"gameplay bored me just after I got to Mount Gulug."
Yes when the real quest for the crystals begins... u just got the Earth one.... what a shame.



Expa0 said:

Hey, Hey! why was Final Fantasy VI dropped out off the coming soon list? Don't tell me, that it's not coming.



Ricardo91 said:

@Adamant. "You'd think they'd find more enjoyment in a 'hold A as enemies die around you to reach next FMV' modern RPG"

First off, most modern RPGs don't play like that at all, and second, they're far more entertaining than the "choose ATTACK and watch your characters randomly hack at a legion of enemies" structure of classic RPGs.

I think that Dawn of Souls was an excellent remake. It added 4 (awesome) new dungeons and made the gameplay easier and more accessible. Sure, they may have made it a bit too easy, but that was the only real flaw I saw in it. I still have a lot of fun with it.

@MrPinguy. There's a reason why they made it so you can save anywhere. It makes the game more handheld-friendly. If you're playing the game on a plane for instance, and you're a right in the middle of a tough dungeon right when it's about to land, you can save it right at the spot and continue EXACTLY where you left off, without having to traverse a bunch of floors from whre you last saved.

At least, I THINK that's the reason why they put it in.

Oh, and I have a pregunta: Is the original particularly hard? I loved the original in DoS, and might get this version, but I don't want it if it's especially difficult. I hate really hard RPGs that take hours of grinding to make progress in.



CanisWolfred said:

I played this on an emulator and liked it quite a bit, so I might get it. I liked it more than the Dawn of Souls version, since all the graphical upgrades and story enhancements got in the way of the sheer simplicity that I loved so much about it.



MrPinguy said:

There is a thing called "Quick Save" that do that job in other portable FF titles.
That still doesn't justify that. I mantain my opinion about the remakes save system.

Are you the same guy that complained about EarthBound battle system being to much Dragoon Quest-esque?
And now you praise NES FF simplyfied interface? >_>
Are you alright?



Ricardo91 said:

"There is a thing called Quick Save..."

Oh right. Forgot about that...

Still, being able to save anywhere is good when you're feeling lazy, but want to play an RPG. That's my only defense.

Also, Mickeymac said before that he's got a fickle personality...



Digiki said:

Dawn of Souls version is nice, yes it may have enemies that are pretty much millionaires, that beg you to kill them, but it's still got the charm.
Although I guess I would enjoy it more if it wasn't walk around pressing A.



Cally said:

@ Adamant

I haven't tried the PSP versions yet. What's wrong with those? FF2's miserable leveling system seemed a little nicer in the GBA version to me.

I really enjoyed the FFAnthology (FF1 and 2 remakes) for the 16-bit graphics and, better still, the 32-bit MUSIC. What little story is there is cleaned up and sensible. The "memo save" anywhere is handy, too.

The original Final Fantasy is playable, I'd say . . . barely. It's really SLOW, worst of all. With better options (especially the PS version) this is kind of a curiousity item than anything else, I think.

Sakaguchi said "Garland" was his favorite villain. I think he likes to be a wise-guy sometimes.



MrPinguy said:

^ It's FF Origins not Anthology

And Garland is awesome both in FF1 and Dissidia



ProfEasy said:

I´ll download it, when it comes to EU. But we have to pay 600 points .
But i think its a fantastic game



MegaMX4 said:


Agreed! I'd LOVE to have Dragon Quest 1-6. Will it happen? Guess we'll have to wait and see, huh?

And as for this game, it's about time! I won't be fully satisfied until every FF is released, but this is a truly momentous start.



Curt said:

I really hate how every major game announced to come to Virtual Console spends at least a few months being ready for a release before finally hitting the shop channel.



Adamant said:

@Cally: "I haven't tried the PSP versions yet. What's wrong with those?"

Same thing as the GBA games, pretty much. They're very similiar.

@Ricardo91:"Is the original particularly hard?"

No, not very. It's one of the easiest RPGs on the system.



WolfLink22 said:

I may give this game a try.I never gave it a try when i was younger so if USA gets this soon i will look at a review for this game to see if it is something i'd want to play.I liked Quest 64 and it was one of the easiest games i've ever played/owned.

We will see tho because not only do i need more Wii Points.But i want other VC Games that i use to own in cart form or that i own in cart form still that are higher up on my get list due to the Controller or cart problems themselves.



CanisWolfred said:


I complained because Dragon Quest sucks. Final Fantasy, on the other hand, doesn't suck. Well, the NES version doesn't suck, anyways. Speaking of which, I hope we get this soon. I almost considered getting one of the remakes.



KingMike said:

"Is the original hard?"

It is more difficult than the remakes. There's several minor bugs (the only major being that the INT stat is unused).
It's also fairly annoying in that each character's 4 armor and weapon slots are the ONLY equipment inventory.
If you're full, you can't even see what's in chests unless you remove something (which is why a few chests near the end have crappy weapons inside).



CanisWolfred said:

Hurray! It's finally here! I'm so glad I saved up for it the entire summer!(like there was any other VC game I was gonna buy:P) I wonder, should I do an All-White Mage Run, A solo Red Mage Run, or perhaps I could actually attempt a (suicidal)All-Blackbelt run? Oh, I know! An All-Thief Run! G-d I love this game!^^



Adamant said:

Solo naked no-magic itemless low-level black mage run. Come on, be a man.



CanisWolfred said:


I tried that the first time I got it, but I only lasted about 3 seconds before it was Game Over.

How to you do a Solo run, anyways? Just not revive your dead teammates?



Adamant said:

Yep. Start a new game, get into a battle and have three of your four characters die, then keep them that way. Since characters don't get revived in this game unless you specifically decide to let them be so, it's easy enough to keep such a quest going.

(for the record, 4 White Mages isn't as hard a party to beat the game with as popular opinion wants it. People just tend to not realize how incredibly powerful the RUSE spell really is)



winter123 said:

I have this NES cartridge Couldnt manage to get into it though. Just too basic perhaps? The FFIII remake for DS i have been addicted to the past 3 days however. I hope they remake all the old FFs!



jc1305us said:

Glad to finally have the original I played many years ago as a kid! Ahh nostalgia...There are a couple of annoying features, such as when you defeat an enemy, and your next player is up to take a swing, he'll try and hit the same enemy you already killed instead of going to the next available enemy. Annoying to say the least. Also, there is a good amount of walking around fighting to gain experience and money ("Grinding" is what it's called?) It's still one of the best RPG's out there, as it was revolutionary for it's time, and certainly propelled the RPG format much further. A great game for five bucks.



geno94 said:

Not to sure if I want to spend 500 points on this, heard it is extremly difficult and unfare.



Lotice-Paladin said:

MrPinguy: "Yes when the real quest for the crystals begins... u just got the Earth one.... what a shame."

Aye, it is. I will complete it one day since I've almost finished every other main FF title (3 really frustrated me as it took an entire hour to reach the final boss without saving. I would have completed 7 but the last (not final) battle with Sephiroph used Supernova when I wasn't prepared and I used that save item in an awkward place.)

Anyway, it's good enough as a PS1 remake anyway.



coolman2010 said:

love this game almost as much as i love my gf it might not meet up with other games you can get these days but you should still get it.



jhuhn said:

Looks like the Hanabi Festival has briefly returned for the May 7, 2010 import release of Final Fantasy.



Bass_X0 said:

they should put 1 to 6 on vc !

But you know they don't translate games and they don't put games on the VC that are unplayable in Japanese. They're more likely to port Dawn of Souls and Final Fantasy V Advance to the WiiWare than do that. Which, even if they were straight ports, I wouldn't mind at all. I'd get WW FFVA.



Kurachi said:

i'm playing this game (not at this moment) and even though it has such an old style, i like it
i had to see gamefaqs to know how classes worked, as first i chose red mage, black mage, white mage and thief, but it didnt work well, and even though i didnt die, i saw my money going down easily
so i started over and used (still do) fighter, red mage, white mage and blackbelt

i saw gamefaqs has lot of people who play with 2 or 3 same classes, but i like the unique kind of team, 1 of each

i did great, it took me a while to get to lvl 2, but did it
someone at vc-forums said: be sure to un-equip for blackbelt... etc.
and then i saw it...... i didnt equip their armors and weapons
then i did, and now they all kill the weakest enemies instantly, haha

its a great game i enjoy it alot when playing

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