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Spatterhouse 2 is the sequel to Spatterhouse, released only on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. A few months after escaping from the first mansion in Spatterhouse, the main character, Rick, once again encounters the Terror Mask and must use its powers to rescue his beloved Jennifer.

Rick will need to punch, slash, smash and even chainsaw his way through a haunted mansion against unspeakable horrors and terrifying bosses to make it out alive.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Rick, once again encounters the Terror Mask and must use its powers to rescue his beloved Jennifer.

Rick is back! After the Terror Mask from the first Splatterhouse comes back and tells him his girlfriend (Who seemingly meets an unpleasant fate in the first game) can still be saved, Rick puts on the mask again, and goes back to the remains of the...

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User Comments (43)



Aldo said:

Looks not good! Think this is a bad Game! But I havent Play it!



Dazza said:

It was a little bit of a disappointment it is true. Spatterhouse 3 is much better and gives you more freedom of movement like Double Dragon!

You can read a Splatterhouse 2 review from back in the day. (Click view PDF link!)

Mean Machines magazine awarded it 73%, which was lower than what you might have expected considering that people raved about the first instalment on the PC Engine at the time.



KeeperBvK said:

Doesn't look any worse than the original to me...but the sound seems pretty awful.



Wolveroses said:

Wow, they actually made a part 2? I downloaded the first one because nintendo power recommended it, and it sucked! why would they make a part 2? it looks the same, just different levels and enemies.



Bass_X0 said:

Series can improve with a sequel - just look at how Street Fighter 2 bettered the first game.



blackknight77 said:

I enjoyed the first one, I don't know much about the sequel.
The first Splatterhouse is not that bad and its only 600 points. I am guessing this will come out around Halloween.



Roo said:

I bought this for £2.50 ten years ago. Sucked back then, sucks now. Don't buy it.



Rossi said:

I enjoyed the first one.. and i have seen all the reviews for this and i am pritty pleased, i actually cannot wait for this one.. Even if its a bad game i will still feel happy on getting it because i love the series.. When it says OFLC rated what does this mean? Does it still mean its coming out in Europe..



Mr_64 said:

I quite liked Splatter House 2 back in the day on my best mate's Megadrive. Some of the enemies and levels were quite imaginative. On the downside I do remember being hugely annoyed with how slowly the main character moved, to the point where it could really hinder the game.

This is definately one to consider downloading, rather than long for.



Drake said:

Yes, if a game is OFLC rated it is 100% certainly coming to Europe and Australia (The ratings are actually for Australia, but Europe always gets the same games as down under, there's only been one different update not counting Australia's initial lack of Turbografx).



Clayfrd said:

I thought the first one sucked. Is there anything in this one that would change my mind?



Dazza said:

Not really, its similar to the first one, but it lacks the charm of the arcade classic in a sense so it is a slightly poorer as a result. Its by no means bad, but if you didn't like the first one, you wont like this!



Bensei said:

It's certainly that it comes to EU and AU, yeah, but the other question is when



TurboTEF said:

I can't believe people are saying that it doesn't look different from first one when it clearly sports better animation, more detailed sprites, and better graphical effects than what the TG16 could muster for the first installment in the series. Its actually a better game all-around as it requires more skill to get through some really tough spots along with a couple tricky bosses as well. Being the big Splatterhouse fan that I have been for the past 18 years, I really enjoy the first one still and play through it on a regular basis but the sequels are better games overall for the most part. Definitely downloading this to support it.



Atlantis1982 said:

Curious, is it true that Splatterhouse 3 the much superior one?
(Edit) I guess it doesn't hurt to READ THE REVIEW. (facepalm)



blackknight77 said:

@ Objection Blaster
I am surprised as the first Splatterhouse was rated Teen. What could part 2 have that the first does not.
@ Atlantis 1982 Its pretty good, but not as good as other brawlers such as Street of Rage and Final Fight. Splatter house 3 feel more like those games. I prefer the original because its like the arcade game.



MasterMario said:

This game got a M rating by the ESRB and is the first on the VC. Buit it makes no sense. The first Splatterhouse got a T raiting for the same thing. Blood, gore, and violence. Why would the ESRB do that?




@ MasterMario

It's 'cause the TG-16 version was just a tamed version of the arcade. It had no blood. This does, but yeah, this earning an M rating is a little weird 'cause there's MUCH worse games that have M ratings.



Yoshi175 said:

This is a very good game, definitly worth a 5 star rating.
just read the review and I completely disagree, I think the graphics and music are are good too.



Rossi said:

Does this mean it will be release in EU on Thursday? If so i need to get some points... i spent most on Gunstar heroes! I need 200 more.. i guess i can get that with the start points..



Breck said:

I like this much better than its predecessor. Although being a console exclusive, it has the arcade quality that was missing in the PCE / TG16 port of Splatterhouse 1. Sure, graphical elements repeat a bit in later levels (same trees, same brick walls, same elevator), but they're detailed enough to make the game look almost as good as SH arcade. And both games play basically the same, but this one has deformed fetuses that you can kill with a chainsaw. Definite plus.




this game n this series is 1 of my favorites very happy this is out finally



MultiPLAYA79 said:


Absolutely... this is one of my favorites for the MD/Genesis too ! But yeah... part 3 is the best hands-down. Can't wait for the new 3D remake !!!




All games back then and today look the same just different levels an whatnot,lol the first game is the best but 2 and 3 are cool.



lockelocke said:

My mom used to have to drag me out of Blockbuster the month they put this game out to play. Personally, I dig the lack of vertical movement. I think it really sets Splatterhouse apart from the other great side scrolling beat em ups of its time, its a cool challenge. Dig the horror movie feel.



Betagam7 said:

anyone who's downloaded it confirm if he has the white mask in this one or if they changed it to red like with the first splatterhouse VC game?



Dazza said:

The red mask in the Turbografx version was always the case when it got released in the USA. This would have been to avoid legal problems with Friday the 13th films as Splatterhouse undoubtedly ripped Jason off!

Obviously the legal matters weren't a concern when this was released in the west because Rick has a white mask, the way it should be!



Objection said:

Curious to see how Nintendo handled their first M game on VC/wiiware, i looked at the game info. On the page before the final confirmation (that tells you block size, points, etc.) it says something to the effect of...
Notice: this game has content of a violent nature and has been rated Mature by the ESRB.
Now, here's to more M's!



Malachi said:

I have Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3 emulated on my PC. SH3 is the best in the series. SH1 and 2 are prety much the same IMHO.

If you like SH, get SH2!



Jolted85 said:

I think this is the VC's first Mature rated title, but I don't think Splatterhouse is my type of game, allthough I do think some people like this type of game, not me though.



cecesigue said:

i actually think it looks better than sh, but sound is always an issue on genesis for me.



MrLopez said:

How can this game get 3 stars? The second one is waaaay better than the first one...



3 was great, but so is 2. It's a good idea to pick both up. The trouble is, 3 isn't available.

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