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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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GBAKirbster2007 commented on Dynamite Headdy:

I thought I had seen that character somewhere before....I've never played this, but everyone seems to agree its good, so I guess I'll buy it. Someone said something about Rocket Knight Adventures? That I am DEFINITELY getting, along with Sparkster for the SNES. Sparkster as a character was pretty cool, I mean come on, an armored possum with a sword and a jet pack? How original can you get?! It's a pity that he never got a chance with Sonic and Mario snagging the spotlight....Vectorman was in the same situation. There are and always have been lots of games that people overlook simply because it doesn't sound familiar. Hopefully now those characters might just get the chance to make a comeback.

One last thing, Sin & Punishment on VC FTW. Make our day Treasure!
You know you can do it easily! Give us the Awesomeness NOW!!!!