Topic: Which character would you like to see in the next Super Smash Bros. game?

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I think Layle(from FF:CC:Crystal Bearers) could be an awesome character in Smash Bros. He has a Final Smash already pretty much and the big gun from the intro could be an attack and he could charge them on a chocobo.

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Let me think what the Sonic characters will do in the next SSB game:

Sonic: He'll do the same as he did in Brawl, but possibly a few new moves. Final Smash: Super Sonic.
Tails: He will do his twin tail attack. Final Smash: X-Tornado.
Knuckles: For him at least, several knuckle punches. Final Smash: Master Emerald.

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Mega Man needs his place to have a battle. I don't really know a lot about him because I never played all of his titles.

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Best thread ever.
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Paper Mario, Bonk, Pico, Dr. Stewart

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Reggie should be in the next SSB game, you know it makes sense.



Knuckles and Shadow.
Funky Kong
Loads of Punch Out characters!
Samurai Goroh and Deathborn (one or two other f-zeros)
Micaih, Zelgius (one or two other Fire Emblem characters).
Mega Man
Ken the Eagle and Jun the Swan


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Megaman, Geno, Ryu and Isaac.

But most importantly, Neku.

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SuperMarioFan1995 wrote:

Let me think what the Sonic characters will do in the next SSB game if Sonic Team decide:

Sonic: He'll do the same as he did in Brawl, but with cornier one-liners. Final Smash: Werehog. For the next 26 battles.
Big: Has no attacks, just looks for water and fishes in it. Final Smash: Goes and looks for Froggy.
Chip: Flies around other players constantly shouting "PRESS A TO ATTACK!" Final Smash: "HEY SONIC! HERE'S A GREAT TIP! PRESS X TO JUMP!"

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For the people saying Epona, I say Assist Trophy. You jump on her to ride and trample people, and you would be able to knock people off her as well. Also, the more I think about it, the more I think Simon Belmont would do incredibly well, in a Smash Bros. game. Heck, in his games he only has 2 moves, but they gave Zero Suit Samus a full moveset and all she had was a paralysis pistol!

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I think Smash Bros. has gone as far as it can in its current incarnation (although I would still welcome handheld versions similar to Brawl).

Brawl is still a simple N64 game at heart. It really needs to enter the third dimension. Think Power Stone.

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Raylax wrote:


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Oh, the king from little king's story, toad, yes I WANT TO SEE TOAD!!!!

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Nintendo said for Brawl they would have a max of 3 3rd party characters, they had to be game based and appeared on a nintendo platform. We might get maybe two of these and we only got the previous ones because, well The creator of Snake almost begged to have him in and because nintendo started converging with Sega(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games).

That being said I'd suggest another female pokemon trainer with different pokemon, Midna/Wolf Link(could work like Zero suit with Samus), and costumes that change the look overall and possibly movesets to get Doctor Mario, Paper Mario, Vacuum Luigi, Pichu, Dark Samus, Daisy, Shadow, Mewtwo, converge Ness/Lucas, and Birdo. I think they could put the next one on the 3DS anyway.



Mickey Mouse.

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Zoroark because he has this awesome Transform ability which could be pretty handy in a pinch. Zoroark could transform into a Fox if you're a fighting a slow moving character like Bowser which would totally give you the advantage. Not to mention Zoroark is so much cooler than Lucario.

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Let's see, ohhhh
Tingle (who is either the worst or best character, but not in the middle ground)
Tom Nook (who in story mode is discovered to be the real king of the twilight and enshrouding the Smash Bros. universe in twilight, and people have to pay for the sun, or beat up Nook) (Wolf is one of the easiest characters to beat Tom Nook as)
Toad and Toadette (as the same player, and you can swap out between the two like Zelda and Sheik, or like Charizard, Ivysaur and Squirtle, not like the Ice Climbers)
The new character Miyamoto said he would make this year
The SNES (who would own everything and if Sonic's in there, smash him to death, and you could not control him normally, you would have to (if it's on the Wii) use the Classic Controller (if it's on the 3DS) use the control pad which would, like in the other Smash Bros. games, normally be used to taunt)
Any type of Metroid, preferably the most powerful ones
Shigeru Miyamoto (in Mii form)
Satoru Iwata (in Mii form)
Masahiro Sakurai (in Mii form)
Third Party
Mega Man (duh)
Professor Layton
James Bond

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quit the daydreaming
theres no more ssb to come the creator himself sayed that hes not intrested in a new ssb
so quit all these topics of what should be next in the series...
maybe if we are lucky will see one on the 3DS if nintendo thinks it would show of the visual power of it
maybe if where more lucky we will see one for the follow up of the wii

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