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Hey guys since Nintendo is holding a media summit in 11 days from now, i decided to post my Top 10 games that at least should checking if it's worth reviving or releasing a remake or a sequel, with that said here' my Top 10 Games that Nintendo should consider making:

10. Mario Paint WiiWare edition.

Why? Cause Mario Paint was a unique SNES game it came with a Mouse aka SNES Mouse and had a Music Maker as well as a Microsoft Paint style but with Mario Franchise slap all over it, but even so it was deferent enough to be unique on it's own as well as having a Arcade Style bug game if i remember correctly.

Why WiiWare instead of other Nintendo Platform well to be honest i think DSiWare is a better choice but knowing Nintendo anything that said Mario in the Title will cost and because we already have a FREE Flipnote Studio on the DSi, i'm guessing it won't sell on the DSi plus WiiWare don't have a Art/ Drawing games like DSiWare infact we have multipule other Art/ Drawing App on the DSiWare already like Nnoo 's MyNoteBook and the fact since DSi only sold about 17 Million of the 125 Million in total that's about 7 to 8% of the total DS install base so from a business point of view it's not a good idea and WiiWare is on every Wii System (i know that Casual Gamers don't get there Wii Online well some of theme but still a better choice giving the circumstances).

9. Drill Dozer WiiWare edition.

Why? Well have you ever heard of Drill Dozer it's one of the last Gem's of the GBA before being 100% replaced by the DS and i'm guessing you never heard of it and intensionally giving the circumstances i don't blame you after all the game was released on Feb 2006 (don't remember the exact date but i do know the month and year) which was a year + 3 month's after the DS was released and made by Game Freak, yes the same Game Freak who made Pokemon and if you pay attention to Wii VC also made Pulseman for the SEGA Genesis.

Why WiiWare instead of other Nintendo Platforms such as DSiWare? Well probably the same reason (except for the Genre part) as Number 10.

This fan rate it the best 2D Platformer of all time.

8. F-Zero either on Wii or DS.

Giving the circumstances i don't mind being on either platforms i just want F-Zero return and made by Nintendo EAD that's right no SEGA, no Nd cube, no Amusement Vision and especially no suzak i want the original team to make a new one.

Why? Well why not F-Zero is a completely deferent racing game and still is just like 2D Metroid was deferent enough to be NOT a Mario clone, plus giving the positive reaction of the F-zero game on VC and Nintendo can release 3 Excite games on Wii ( 1 being a WiiWare title). Plus just like F-Zero show what Mode 7 can do on the SNES i believe F-Zero can show either the power of Wii and DS graphics capacity.

If you still haven't play this series there are two F-Zero games on Wii VC: one on SNES and the other one N64 section. (I kinda prefer the SNES game over the N64 one off course that's just a personal opinion both are great games).

Since i haven't put a pacific platform i'll let you decide on which platform F-Zero should return.

7. Wave Race Wii or DS.

Same Reason as F-Zero i'll let you decide which platform should wave race returns to as well as Developer choice of Nintendo EAD.

Why? Well for start it's a personal opinion that i like Wave Race more then F-Zero since Wave Race was completely deferent enough when i got my N64 i mean Wave Race on had graphics that i never seen before at the time plus i never thought Water could look so Water on a Game System before admittedly i never play Wave Race on Game Boy so i could only speak for Wave Race 64 and Wave Race Blue Storm. Also Wave Race predated Tony Hawk Pro Skater as the first Trick (the whole trick mechanic) which you could rack up points in stunt mode so this game had everything at the time except a strong multiplayer (limit to 2), however Blue Storm on Gamecube improve this and a lot off other minor upgrades such as characters, stages and graphics as well as a 4 player game now.

Review wised the series had never had a bad review and after playing "Power Cruising" on Wii Sport Resort it bags the question is Nintendo teasing us of a Jet Ski game or just like Wii Boxing are they trying to show us a Jet Ski Demo for a future Wave Race game? Either way i'm hoping for a New Wave Race game. And just like F-Zero there's Wave Race on the N64 section of the Wii VC if you never tried the series gave it a shot after all it's a great game.

6. PilotWings Wii Or DS

Ok i promise that this is the last time i'll let you decide the platform of a game, anyway with that said just like Wave Race in Wii Sport Resort the have a PilotWings style game aka Air Sports in Skydiving and Air Plane game, but unlike Wave Race most of Wii Sport series takes several ideas from the Pilotwings series like the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal ideas as well as scoring, but here's where the similarities end Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort felled like an incomplete game compared to PilotWings in fact PilotWings has a degree of challenge and a 100% guarantee to improve your game i mean each time the challenge get's harder in terms of level and in three deferent Vehicles the gyrocopter, the jetpac and hang glider plus (well in the N64 version anyway) there where bonus level / equipment in within the game if you score good enough to unlock them such as canonball, Sky Diving and Spring Shoes. plus PilotWings Story and Gameplay is in a way a simulation and Acadamy style Story and unlike most simulation PilotWings succeed by giving unique challenge and a degree of a deferent environment in each level so it won't felled boring nor doll if you see the same environment which most simulation failed at.

PilotWings on the SNES i barely played so i mostly spoke of PilotWings 64 but with that sad just like F-Zero and Wave Race the SNES version of PilotWings is on Wii VC. While i did say that F-Zero and Wave Race should be made by Nintendo EAD, after hearing that Next Level Games aka the Developers behind Mario Strikers Charged or Mario Strikers Charged Football and Punch out! Wii wants to make it please do after all i'm starving for a new PilotWings Game.

5. Kid Icuras WiiWare edition.

After playing NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits i'm convinced that that's not how Kid Icuras should be like, don't get me wrong NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is a great game but it's to brown or using way to much "realism" graphics in fact Kid Icuras on the NES looks like a cartoon world so using The Super Mario Galaxy engine (For background) would make better sence with that said after playing Blaster Master OverDrive i'm convinced that, that's how to revive a NES classic in the modern era, which bags the question could Kid Icuras be revived in 3D? The answer as of right now is unlikely but can it be revive in modern 2D? The answer on that one is Yes in fact use the Metroid Fusion engine on the GBA since the colors where vibrant and graphics wised it look like a comic book.Ironically both the NES and Gameboy games use the Metroid engine so in my opinion keep doing the tradition and make a new Kid Icuras game with the latest Metroid 2D engine aka Fusion's.

I'm pretty sure everyone here by now knows what kind of game Kid Icuras is and same reason as Mario Paint and Drill Dozer WiiWare edition (the question why WiiWare instead of other Nintendo platforms).

4. A True Kirby 3D game on Wii.

OK this is kinda hard to explain but Kirby is the Mega Man Of Nintendo in other words most of the time it sticks of what it made the first game works aka a 2D game even do Kirby appeared on N64 it's a 2.5 D game and it has only one spin-of game on Gamecube and as of right now i doubt that there will be a new Kirby game on the DS and at the same time a supposed Kirby Wii game is in the works but the trailer showed it's another 2.5D. I don't hate this concept but given the fact Kirby never risk into 3D like other Nintendo franchise makes Kirby a kinda of a letdown since all Nintendo Franchise i seen works perfectly in 3D. I'm well aware that both Mega Man and Sonic also 2D platform games, didn't work so well in 3D but both series was kinda complexed already in 2D so i didn't expect a Super Mario 64 like game, but at the same time at one point i agree that Kirby should stay away from 3D incarnation after all the games where kinda complexed but mostly simplified, but after playing Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 i'm convinced that Kirby can work in 3D after all 2D kirby games are similar to 2D Mario games and after seeing the 2D inspired Power Ups in Galaxy including Fire Flower i'm convinced that Kirby inhaling abilities can work in 3D as well as the pointer function in Galaxy (Collecting star bits and feeding Lumas) can work with Kirby exhale abilities. So in terms of Control and 3D Engine Super Mario Galaxy's Engine is perfect for a 3D Kirby game, The Real Problem is what type of items Kirby needs to collect ? for example both Mario 3D and Banjo-Kazooie series are in my opinion the best 3D platform there can be in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy: Mario collect Power Stars, while in Super Mario Sunshine Shine Sprites had the same concept as Power Stars, in Banjo-Kazooie they had to collect multipule things like Music Notes to well in the first game at least pass thru the Music Gates while in the second game the used to learn new moves set but the puzzle pieces where like Power Stars in that game while Star-Bites where like Music Notes (If i had to Compare Super Mario Galaxy to Banjo-Tooie) With that sad i didn't played Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts yet so i have no idea what you have collect. Anyway back to the topic for Kirby i don't know what Kirby should collect but if i had to pick one Kirby to redesign in 3D (just like Nintendo took Zelda a link to the past as concept and use that to make Ocarina of Time) It would be Kirby Amazing Mirror simply put it had Super Mario 64/Metroid like gameplay and it uses that mix very well (My Favorite Kirby game by the way), but if i had to guess what Kirby should called would be Shard (from Kirby 64) and Warp Stars. So in the end would Nintendo want to make a New Kirby but in 3D well i'm hoping that "Project Sora" is that game.

3. StarFox Wii

Why? The real questioned is what's taking so long? It's kinda strange and odd that there isn't any Starfox game yet for Wii and unlike the rest (except for Kirby) it does have a DS game so it's not missing in this Generation. I already talk about why they should make a StarFox Wii Game:

The real questioned is will it ever continue again? I'm hoping it will and just like F-Zero and Wave Race let Nintendo EAD make it, NO Namco, Argonaut Software and Q-Games. The only other Developer i won't mind is Rareware (aka the Donkey Kong Country/ Banjo-Kazooie makers since they did make StarFox Adventures Dinosaur Planet which was an excellent game).

2. Pikmin 3

Ok even do it's some what confirmed i'm still not convinced that it will be released unless i see both a trailer and demo of the game. And trust me pilotwings was planned for the Gamcube and it never saw the light of day. So i'm hoping with all my energy that is will be debut at Feb 24th at "Nintendo Media Summit", Pikmin 3 is a Wii title at first Control wised i thought it should use standard control, however New Play Control Pikmin showed me it's way better then Gamcube Controller so i'm more hyped for Pikmin 3 then before.

Pikmin is an Action RTS game and as of right now only Little King Story is similar to Pikmin, even traditionnel RTS game like Command and Conquer or Sins of a Solar Empire are so similar with one another that there's almost no unique or key deferent between them Pikmin on the other hand is so unique and deferent that is both fun and at times relaxing to play if you never had play Pikmin before i highly recommend you do so after all Shigeru Miyamoto Himself made this game yes the same guy who made Mario and Zelda (just to name a few) made this masterpiece as well yes this game is fun from start to finish while New Play Control Pikmin 2 has been released everywhere except in the US Region (my region sadly) i heard a rumor that it will be released this year in the US region. I play both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 on Gamecube as well as New Play Control Pikmin and either control version are great.

1. Donkey Kong Country 4 on WiiWare.

After hearing that SEGA is going to release Sonic The Hedehog 4 Episode 1 on all three Consoles, I pounder when was the last 2D Original series released excluding Advance and Rush series and it hit me that it was 1994 the same year that the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country was released and the game that made the SEGA Genesis look like crap and outdated with the oadd ons aka SEGA CD and 32X to rival just a SNES game that took Mode 7 to the Max anyway back to the topic as Nintendo fan growing up in the 90's (I was born on Jan 12th 1989 had a NES Action Set as my first Game Console then the SNES in 1993 or 1994) either way next to Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World, Kirby Super Star and the Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3 on my SNES and i loved every single on of them Donkey Kong Country 2 is one my personal overall favorite game played yearly after the SNES era plus Rareware was my second favorite developer studio (the First being Nintendo EAD off course) during the SNES and N64 era while today Intelligent Systems is my second favorite developer after Paper Mario came out and the fact they Made Fire Emblem and Advance Wars games. Anyway that's just a short History of my SNES days even do i own 5 cartridges (while 6 deferent 6 SNES game in general since Super Mario World and Super Mario AllStars where two separate SNES game before bundled with the SNES) i did play more 20 deferent SNES games since my cousin had Mega Man X, Mortal Kombat 2, some power Rangers game while several of my friends had Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG, Yoshi's island, Killer Instinct, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 2 (4 Originally) while other titles i later re-introduced thanks to Wii Virtual Console and the GBA.remakes. (Yes i did play A link to the past and Super Metroid i own both now thanks to Wii Vc while i first played a link to the past on GBA). Anyway back to the Topic Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is my all time favorite Donkey Kong game and after Donkey Kong Country 3 i waited patiently for Donkey Kong 64 which was also great but not as great as the 2D ones while borrowed heavily from Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 3D platform games it also had the same feeling of fun and overall it was still a awesome to bad it's not on VC yet. While Rareware was purchased by Microsoft in 2002 ever since then my hopes for a new Donkey Kong Game (made by Rareware) where lost and even do Nintendo re-released DKC 1, and 3 on GBA and Wii VC, it's a shame that Paon can't make a awesome Donkey Kong game instead it's decent (with the gimmicky shoulder button crap). If i work for Nintendo i would destroy Paon and start looking for former Rare employee's (and trust me almost have them left Rareware over the years including the brothers who found the company) and recruit them in one building. It's been over 10 years since i experience a true Donkey Kong Game even do Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a Great game i want to see the guys who made Donkey Kong Country made a new Donkey Kong Country game.

While Nintendo EAD did it's best with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Rareware it's still my choice for developing a Donkey Kong game.
And even do Rareware is with Microsoft it kinda lost there touch in fact so far only Kameo and Viva Pintata has received great reviews while the other games where mixed and even do they where strictly a first-party developer for Microsoft they did make 2 DS games Diddy Kong Racing DS and Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise. Also they left quite a legacy after departing from Nintendo even here at Nintendolife there was an article of why Nintendo need a new "Rareware team":

So anyway what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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And you know, I was just making a thread, and wondering whether or not I was typing too much in the first post. Looking at this, I don't think I need to worry about that.

You know, Rhansley, you should consider becoming a writer. At least then you'll have an editor.

Could you at least bold your main points so skimming will be easier? And use paragraphs more often?

Also, you may want to consider getting yourself a blog. You can write all you want, and you won't be criticized as much, since the people who go to your blog go there to read massive amounts of text.

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Well, your list (and writing skills) are amazing. And you did peak my interest on a few things, for example:

  • Wii Sports Resort games as a springboard for possible titles like Wave Race or Pilotwings would be really great.
  • Mario Paint on WiiWare sounds pretty cool in my opinion, since it is a classic and well, it's Mario! DSiWare.... Not so sure. We have Flipnote, myNotebook and Art Academy to keep our styli busy.
  • For F-Zero to come back.... I would put my money on Project Sora to do development on it (you've seen Captain Falcon in Brawl, and the CG cutscenes, of course) and for adding things like, say, online play (or leaderboards for time trials) would be great and they should totally use WiiConnect24 for stuff like DLC and so forth.
  • Kirby going 3D. I'm in agreement. Just take the ideas and engine for Mario Galaxy, mesh in some HAL magic and I can see a good title. Even throw a little Air Ride action in the mix. He's been on the DS train for a while, it's Wii time.
  • Kid Icarus. We've seen the possibilities: NyxQuest, Pit in Smash Bros. Brawl, the remakes of NES games like Contra and Blaster Master, but is Nintendo up for it? Pit made a nice debut in Brawl and he's destined for much greater things.
  • Star Fox. The once mighty series, where is it now? In the bargain bins nationwide? It is time for Team Star Fox to get back where they belong. In the air fighting Andross and Star Wolf, while defending the Lylat system. Command (DS) was an okay title but for Star Fox's return, I want them to look at what they did for Star Fox 2 before it was cancelled and give it some well-deserved polish and we could have a great title on our hands. The online system for Command was flawed, but I can see greater possibilities for a Wii version.
  • Ah, Pikmin. It should be confirmed. Just that nothing's been shown yet. Is Shiggy and the Nintendo crew holding out on us while people keep playing NPC to keep their hopes alive? We'll never know the truth. I'd bank on a possible DS version too. Touch screen has many possibilities.
  • With Sonic 4 coming soon, it would be fitting for Nintendo's original mascot to return as well. Barrel Blast was not a good way to bring back DK. At all. As a matter of fact, the only good DK game I played in a long while was Donkey Kong 64. Jungle Beat is good, I'll give it that.Donkey Konga was annoying. But there is something about Donkey Kong Country that peaks my interest. DKC4 would be a great way to build a homage to the great 16-bit war between the SNES and Genesis back in the old days now that Sonic 4 has been revealed by Sega already. I know Nintendo and Sega are friends but just this once, a nice throwback wouldn't hurt.
  • Rare. It would be great for Nintendo to bring back the originals who left the Microsoft-owned Rare. The old Rareware were geniuses. They had great games to boast about: Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day and so on. I would love for them to return as a new team.

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In no particular order:

1080 Snowboarding 3 (with motion plus/balance board support!)

F-Zero Wii

Kid Icarus WiiWare/DSiWare

EarthBound remake/port/something for godsakes

Wii Music 2

Donkey Kong Wii (perferrably more in the style of Country of Jungle Beat)

Luigi's Mansion 2

Mario Paint DSiWare/WiiWare

Paper Mario DS

Super Smash Bros DS

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I'd love to see a new 2D Kid Icarus game. I absolutely loved the original back on the NES and have very fond memories of playing it, along with Super Mario Bros 2 and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Seriously, it would be great if nintendo gave it a cartoon styled surreal-like look, kind of like the style of Wario Land Shake it!

I also picked up Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for the GameBoy a few months back, since i missed out on it growing up. and it's actually better in ways than the orginal...but not everything is better. The original still has more charm, better music and more intense platforming. dont expect to fall to your death in the GB game, because you cant...But, the GB game has less frusturating and better dungeons. i like how the game has more of an emphasis on the Mallet as well.

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Kid_A wrote:

QOTD: "plus i never thought Water could look so Water on a Game System" by Rhansley64




A new Chibi-Robo! game for the Wii...

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Beatiful Birdo Prom Courtship:
A dating sim featuring the beloved Birdo, compete for Birdos affections and aim to become prom King & Queen, use the balance board to dance your way into Birdos heart, dance off rivals, dance the many dances of courtship, and then claim the prom crowns.

Sonic Metroid:
Sonic and his pals enter the Metroid universe, save Samus as Big the cat and co, while also searching for Froggy.

Navi alarm app:
Start your day the right way, let Navi wake you up in the morning "hello, link, listen, hello, watchout, hello, listen"

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A new StarTropics..please Nintendo.

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A real true NEW Super Mario Bros.



F-Zero , Starfox and Pilotwings please!! They all have fantastic potential with motion controls and I can't believe we haven't heard anything of their existence. I do hope Nintendo are being their usual coy selves and keeping info to a minimum in order to blow us all away by announcing at least one of these games at E3.

What's this bit for again?


A turn - based Mario RPG would be cool to have on the Wii. Maybe even for the DS...

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Waluigi's Mansion

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I shouldn't have to ask for these, I should have them already...

  • F-Zero
  • Wave Race
  • 1080
  • Starfox
  • Pilotwings

Less likely, but I see no reason why not...

  • Geist
  • Chibi Robo
  • Custom Robo

Is it E3 yet?! i'm gonna be so disappointed if none of the above are announced



lz2010 wrote:

Waluigi's Mansion

I concur, or any kind of platforming game involving Waluigi...

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Anything as long as they never make another Wii Music.

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First of all, I'm glad I'll never have to proofread one of your college English papers.

I think those are all good ideas (stretching the truth with regards to Mario Paint), especially StarFox, but we'll probably never see Donkey Kong Country 4. Sega is a third party now, so they can make a new retro Sonic game and send it to all consoles, but DKC4 would require the cooperation of Nintendo and Microsoft, which is highly unlikely seeing as they couldn't work out a deal for rereleasing Rare's retro games. Even then, it wouldn't be headed to Playstation Network. Even if Nintendo could legally make a DKC4 on their own, which I'm not sure about, would you trust a DKC4 not made by Rare?

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It's a shame the US never got their hands on Doshin the Giant, or it'd turn up on a lot of these sort of lists quite often.

Patiently waiting for a Doshin the Giant sequel announcement since 2003.


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