Topic: The top 10 games that Nintendo should consider making.

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10. Other relatively unknown franchise such as Balloon Fighters and Ice Climbers to be revived.
9. Kid Icarus (Wii)
8. More new IP's (Nintendo Wii)
7. Pilotwings (Nintendo Wii)
6. Bringing over Fatal Frame 4, Disater: Day of Crisis, and Zeignval No Reignalv to North America.
5. Donkey Kong (Nintendo Wii)
4. Earthbound (Wii or DS)
3. Kirby (Nintendo Wii)
2. Star Fox (Nintendo Wii)
1. F-zero (Nintendo Wii)


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Tingles Revenge, it'd be an update of Custers Revenge featuring Tingle, avoid falling eggs and make your way to Birdo.

Voldo Aerobics & Yoga, get fit wth Voldo, follow Voldos instructions on your wiifit board, and look just like Voldo in a matter of weeks

Warios Health spa, Tend to Wario as a health spa employee, oil massages, bikini waxes, mud bathes and more, Warios Health spa a refreshing new game



A true sequel to Paper Mario TTYD. Not real time battling crap.


It's like, I just love a cowboy
You know
I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
But I'm just like
Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse
And can you go a little faster?!


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