Topic: Why are you so certain Wii U will catch fire, and that it won't be a failure?

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Let's see

Doomed is the Wii U

Wii U doomed it is

Wii U.. it is doomed


I know, I know, it's crude. I'm not claiming to be a Microsoft Paint master.

Shiggy as short round? Make it happen LucasArts... Oh wait... Disney?

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How many times do I have to type this? It's going take patience and games to get the Wii U back up and running, and the games will start coming this fall and holiday season. It's as simple as that.

I'm tired of these threads Wii U critics constantly post. They're getting stale and the critics should be expecting the same drumbeat of arguments over and over like the one I just put out. It's like a game of their's of "how many threads does it take to make these silly Nintendo fanboys get it?" How many threads will it take to make you critics realize that the Wii U is not doomed and still has a chance to succeed?

There's another reason why I'm looking forward to Tuesday. Once the first footage of 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and the Wii U third party games are revealed, it will put a halt to the haters' spiels, at least for a while.



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Anybody else notice the graphics aren't even equal to PS3 or 360?

This is Ninteno's first plunge into HD gaming, give em a break! As they learn to work with this technology and release more software on Wii U, their games can only look batter and better!
Just look at Uncharted
And I remember how people kept saying how incredible it looked when Uncharted 1 came out and how it couldnt look any better. Yet here we have Uncharted 3 that looks downright amazing and makes Uncharted 1 look like something from the ps2 era, but all 3 of these games were developed on the same console!
The Wii U's power isn't as limited as you think, all it truely takes is some time and skill. Unfortunately right now, only Nintendo and a few 3rd parties are putting effort into doing so. (Ubisoft, I'm looking at you! )

Yes, exactly! Nintendo just started into HD gaming, and needs to adapt and get use too it. Give it some time. Whoa, Drake on Deception is like VERY close to reality! Awesome!



What makes you think it won't rebound? It's still in its first year of its cycle.

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Everyone thought the 3DS would fail and look at it now. The Wii U is not done yet it just needs more must haves. Also the tech specs are not that far behind this generation, its still anyone's game.

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The Wii U will rebound because of a few reasons:

1. It is NOT Nintendo's only console. The 3DS is doing very well for itself and had a similar slow launch. Nintendo has demonstrated they are more than capable of "rescuing" a bad console launch.
2. Nintendo as a company has actually remained profitable and has large amounts of cash reserves. This means they have the time AND money to turn the system around.
3. The Wii U hasn't even been out for a full year. The Xbone and PS4 are already labeling games in their first YEAR AND A HALF as parts of their launch window. To be fair, under those same guidelines, the Wii U is barely through 1/3 of its own launch window. Before that windows closes, we will see AT LEAST one new Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin titles, along with promising titles like The Wonderful 101 and Rayman.

In short, chill out. Nintendo has so many things going for it, but anybody who wants to stand up and give the facts like I just did is labeled a fanboy. I'm not the fanboy, these are just the facts. If things are just as bleak this time next year, THEN we can have a more serious conversation. For now, the doomsayers just get a laugh from me.

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The Wii U this year is starting to look like the Wii did in 2007. Very similar stuff being said by critics, very similar games on the horizon. There was a real Wii game drought in 2007 but end of 2007 and early 2008 was amazing. Of course the difference is that the Wii had sold 7.7Mill units before E3 2007 and the Wii U has only sold 3Mill so far..... which is closer to where the PS3 was before E3 2007....

That said when the Wii had it's fantastic lineup of software in 2007 it had moved another 12Mill units between the 2007 equivalent of "now" and the end of the year. Software will always drive sales.

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I think it's gonna be just fine with the WiiU. Some things take time, and that's something which is almost a unrecognized taboo in modern culture (where everybody wants to hurry to their grave). The Nintendo 3DS had problems, the PSVita is starting to take of... and so will the WiiU. I am personally finished with consoles, but...if there was a console on my wanted-list, it would be this one.

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JGMR wrote:

I think it's gonna be just fine with the WiiU. Some things take time, and that's something which is almost a unrecognized taboo in modern culture (where everybody wants to hurry to their grave). The Nintendo 3DS had problems, the PSVita is starting to take of... and so will the WiiU. I am personally finished with consoles, but...if there was a console on my wanted-list, it would be this one.

I am more into my PC these days, to be honest. But as a gamer from the 1980s, some of these changes Microsoft (and maybe Sony) are making to console gaming are quite scary. Online check-in once every 24 hours? You CAN lend a game to a friend, but only if they've been your "friend" for 30 days and you can only do it ONCE? A camera attached to your console that can honestly record whoknowswhat. Mandatory game installs, even if you bought them on disc? I mean... c'mon, guys, when are we going to stand up and vote with our wallets by not supporting this kind of stuff? I'm happier and happier with my Wii U purchase, with Nintendo seeming to be the only manufacturer who wants to keep its console focused on games the way they used to be: accessible and fun. I may only fire up my Wii U mostly for first-party exclusives, but boy am I glad that I'm supporting a company that's not trying to revamp the very fabric of what made console gaming great.



People may remember the outrage regarding Capcom's policy used in the 3DS-game Resident Evil Mercenaries. Ha, that's nothing in comparison to what M$ has come up with (neither are acceptable)...

I absolutely abhor the direction it's all going. Everybody who assists that craziness is actually guilty of destroying the gaming culture, what's left of it anyway.

The consoles before the current gen show exactly what went wrong. Too much dependency on the internet - DLC - DD games - and excessive multi-media- and "social" features. Plus the overdose and domination of the same generic "games" (if you even dare to call em that) made me go back to the fun and story-driven Japanese classics. My love for the older games grows even stronger while witnessing the demise of TRUE videogaming.

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CorporalPegasus wrote:

To be honest, all next-gen consoles will probably struggle. The majority of the people seem to be fine with current consoles. Many games that are coming out for the next-gen are also coming out for the current-gen, and with the huge install base from PS3 and 360, no one is really going to want the new systems for these games when they can get them on the current system. And then there's the economy right now, people and companies dont want to take risks.

Its a problem, but its not just exclusive for Wii U. PS4 and XbOne will suffer from the same thing.

I agree but the Wii U is more of a current gen console to me. I dont like the idea of the xbox one, cause im more than ok with the 360.

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Eh, tired of the doom talk....Wii U doesn't need a price drop...but I guess the 3DS did. But, like th 3DS, once Nintendo FINALLY releases its first big game this August, the system's sales will start picking up. Just like with the 3DS and OoT 3D, or 3D Land/MK7...Pikmin 3 probably won't skyrocket the system sales...but it will help greatly. Also, Nintendo basically has Monster Hunter now, lol.


There's literally nothing most gamers want on it right now, so of course it's not going to sell. At the very least, Nintendo can recover to Gamecube numbers. Mario 3D this holidays and it will definitely sell more units in November and December than the other two, because the other two will be limited to the 200k or so a month they can make. Nintendo already has piles of consoles on store shelves. If the Wii U doesn't outs ell the other two, then alarm bells will start ringing, so that's why I think Nintendo will cut the price, just to avoid ANY risk.



biglittlejake wrote:

I am done with this, you guess don't think straight y'all are fan boys.

Give them a break, they're only expressing their opinions. And calling them "fanboys" for their disagreements won't help least, not in the way you use it.

Anyway, a fair reason why Nintendo can still survive the console markets is their IP's like Mario. They are known by many people. Also, if the cards play out well, it can be a very economical console for a couple of years. That's not to say that their success is guaranteed, but they aren't going straight to the dump at this instant.

And to add to the discussion, I'm cautious about how the other two major consoles go about. For one, Xbox left a sour taste within the traditional demographic's that could go against them. Meanwhile, Sony hadn't performed too great nor too bad with their PlayStation division of the company. And they both have a well-established fanbase with their current consoles. Since they broke backwards-compatibility sans Sony's GAIKAI service, it could deter many customers away and be a slow year for the competition.

But alas, we'll see :3

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Xbox One has basically guaranteed at least 2nd place for Nintendo, if nothing else. That was nice of them.

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I'm actually not.
I hope it does well but as of right now there is absolutely nothing that tells me that the Wii U will catch fire.

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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I'm quite ecstatic that I can add another doom and gloom thread to my collection. Bookmarked.

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New Super Smash, New Zelda, Mario, at least one other Nintendo classic like metroid or DK, new sonics, and a couple others. That's enough for people to buy for a large portion of fans. The launch was terrible and that's impossible to recover from. Because now there are so many available second hand. That's why launch is so crucial. But I think you'll see some new packages in GameStop. Like a the deluxe setup plus some sort of Wii sports resort type of game and an extra controller. You may also see a price drop. Nintendo can handl one bad launch.



After seeing these posts, time and patience are solutions to the Wii U's success. I said previously that Nintendo will eventually adapt to 3rd-party games and HD gaming.



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