Topic: Why are you so certain Wii U will catch fire, and that it won't be a failure?

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Nintendo will not become a Playstation or Xbox-platform. Because they arent those companies. I dont really see why people want all consoles to be about the same things. As long as we dont have one single video-game platform i think that we should encourage companies that doesnt want the same thing as much as we can. Especially when it doesnt include DRM and such negative ingredients.

No one here wants Nintendo to be exactly like its competition. If anything, some of us just want Nintendo to have great relationships with third parties and be a profitable system. Your assumptions are ignorant, I'm afraid.

Nintendo have worked like this since Nintendo 64. It was the same with Gamecube. Wii had more third-party support but it was not from EA or those publishers or those kind of games. So even though Wii was a huge commercial success the PS360-third party wasnt interested. Even if Wii U had sold a bunch to date publishers like Bethesda or Valve would make games for it. They are not the developers or audiences that Nintendo are after. Never will be.

You should read my post again. Nintendo's Wii U will not have the positive reception the Wii once did. Casuals have the Wii which, believe it or not, is all they need. The Wii U, as of now, only targets the core fanbase and no one else. Even if this has been going on since 1996, this is a problem for Nintendo whether you realize it or not.

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I don't know what people are talking about when it is said that the graphics are not up to par with other systems. NSMBU looked amazing, and so does COD and NintendoLand, but NSMBU was really outstanding. And I have recently played my favorite game on the Xbox, Red Dead Redemption, and I would say that NSMBU has better graphics than that game and even COD on the Xbox. I know there are other things to be worried about with this system, things that I am not particularly worried about, but as my first and last post in a "doom and gloom" thread- why you bums so mad that the N in the game, yadig dat bod bois?

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All I'm going to say, is that I'm happy with my Wii U. I have a couple good games, some great support applications, and a couple other gaming outlets (aka 3ds and PC). People are talking up Sony and their really think Sony and Microsoft don't talk to the same people? or even to each other? PS4 is more than likely going to have the same online restrictions of the XBone, without always watching you of course, but still.

3rd party may or may not come to the Wii U, But I have faith. So for now, I'll sit back cleaning my game pad and watch the other Hardware place chains around the industry.

P.S. you know there is a guy that's never hooked his original xbox 360 up to the internet...never gotten an update, never needed an online connection. While it's boarderline idiotic to do so...isn't it nice to know that it was an option?


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I don't think we can make conclusions about how good third party support will be for any of the platforms yet. Nintendo's is looking pretty average, although still better than the Wii did, and the 360/PS3 have had all of it. I don't think that necessarily means that the PS4/XBone will get the red carpet treatment. The consoles aren't even out yet and anyone with more than a 3min memory would remember how promising the Wii U looked at E3 2012.

Don't waste your energy on this until sometime around E3 2014 at the very earliest.

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The best games on the Wii I feel were the third party exclusives.
And the same thing happens with the Wii U - Zombi U I found amazing.

In the end of the day, you get fantastic first party games, you get exclusive third party games, and any multiplatform title you get is a bonus, something much enhanced like Arkahm City: AE which is spectacular on the GamePad.

So what's the problem exactly? EA not porting games and the likes? Nintendo doesn't need it, it's the other way around. It's EA's loss.

Nintendo just takes some time but it's not stopping to develop games.

Hence, Wii U is always awesome and people shouldn't care about third parties. At best, it's a bonus. At worst, the library will get pretty huge regardless.

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dumedum wrote:

[...]it's the other way around. It's EA's loss.

Nothing more to add.

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