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Tue 4th June, 2013

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DGGames commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameCube Controlle...:

@ZenTurtle Nintendo anticipated that. While Mario, Peach and Yoshi had ~100 units per store, those you mentioned (and Villager and Fox) got 0 - 10 units per store (Villager and Marth, for example, only got 4 of each at my local Toys R Us, 0 of each at my local Fred Meyers and 2 of each at my local Target)



DGGames commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

Anyone who thinks it won't allow piracy is plain out silly. Once the floodgates are open, they can't be closed. This self-entitled donkeyhole is simply going to try to prevent piracy, while allowing unsigned code execution... that's just plain out stupid. Expect developers to slowly start retiring support for the 3DS once piracy becomes widespread without the need of additional hardware in the next couple days...



DGGames commented on Table Top Racing: World Tour Dev Isn't Sure Ab...:

Comments like that tell heaps about the quality of the product. It isn't a good sign if even the creators doubt their product is good enough to stand to competition.

And of course PS4 is first, gotta fulfill that contract with the devil...



DGGames commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

I hope the boost in sales in Australia makes up for the drop in sales in America and Europe. Any informed customer on the fence about it knows it isn't safe to buy one until the new one comes out... good that it is coming out there, but stupid that it is very far from a global launch. Sometimes it feels like Nintendo thinks people are stupid. In this day and age, they can't keep hoping nobody outside of the country will see the direct...



DGGames commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

Lost all respect for RCMADIAX when he announced this. Will certainly not be supporting any of his games, or any games he is collaborating in from now on. Making a statement and highlighting a problem with the consumers is one thing, throwing utter garbage at the store and making it worse for everyone involved -both consumers and developers- is just plain disrespectful and something to be frowned upon.

As far as the review goes, honestly, 4/10 is extremely generous for this game... Not even the original flappy bird, or any of the countless clones that even had more and better features than this one, deserve that rating.