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epicdude12302 wrote:

GameCube. People criticized it for not having third-party support but it had actually had a lot for a Nintendo console and it had fantastic First-Party exclusives like
Super Mario Sunshine
Luigi's Mansion
The Windwaker
Super Smash Bros. Melee
F-Zero GX
Mario Party 4
Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
Sper Mario Strikers
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Kirby Air Ride
Four Swords
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
and more!

To call Mario Party 4 6 and 7 "fantastic" is kind of a stretch.

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Kodeen wrote:

How can the second highest selling home console of all time be considered underrated?

The Wii sold well but the system also attracted a lot of negativity and hate.


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spizzamarozzi wrote:

dude you forgot the best two of them all - Muramasa and Little King's Story!! Samurai Warriors 3 was also brilliant. And Dead Space Extraction, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, RESI Darkside Chronicles, La-Mulana and the only console version of Cave Story. This machine was packed with games.

Where the funk is ELEBITS and Zack & Wiki? Those two games were outstanding imo.



The gamecube is the greatest console IMO, so it is my choice as the most underrated.


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I'd say the GBA because although the Gamecube in its time was extremely underrated, the Wii U is starting to turn the tides on that. Wind Waker was generally disliked but add some small tweaks such as Swift Sail and less Triforce maps (3 instead of 7) and it becomes rather loved (similar situation would likely happen with Super Mario Sunshine if it got a HD remake). The GBA however only really has Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald in its favour.


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Grumblevolcano wrote:

The GBA however only really has Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald in its favour.

Metroid 4 and Zero Mission and 3 Metroidvania games which each got progressively better....that and Minish cap are the main things I went back to GBA for in the DS era (still need to beat Minish cap)



GAMECUBE breathes harshly...

Oh, uh sorry. I'm a touch sensitive about this question. The gamecube was such a great system...honestly the only issue I think it had was using the mini discs due the the compression. It was the second best system from a technical perspective and it had decent 3rd party support and a load of hidden gems. I'm still working on finishing my GC wish list. Also that black lunch box was really durable. I dropped mine down concrete steps when moving into my dorm room freshman year (this is back in 03) system still works and only got a few scratches.

Second would be the Wii from a library perspective. The Ps2 had tons of shovelware but that is never brought up on conversations about the system unless it is used as a plus (since gamers from all walks of life could find something to play). I feel the same about the Wii. The library was really awesome on that system and I always feel like that part of it gets ignored in favor of the "my grandma bought one" argument.

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N64 and Gamecube are both very underrated...yet I think the Wii U will trump them both around 2018 when it finishes. I played Red Steel 2 on the wii...a game that was built around motion controls. It was mildly fun until I developed tennis elbow after a couple of days play..

Seriously though, great games become so because of things like level design, brilliant AI and inventive gameplay mechanics. I also played Mario Galaxy 2 and quit after about an hour because I became sick of the 'waggling' and the wii-mote 'pointing' rubbish ...Input devices are supposed to enhance a gameplay experience, not replace it.. I'm sorry...that's how i feel.

I just don't want to wave my arms around like an idiot in front of the tv screen. Motions controls destroyed Nintendo games for me, and i'm bewildered as to why Miyamoto thinks people would want to wave the gamepad around like a fool in his 'Project Giant Robot'. experiment.. I just don't get it. That sort of thing is the opposite of fun to me...

I also think that Nintendo 1st party games were weak during the wii gen. due to hardware stagnation. Games like Star Fox are only now appearing because the technology is allowing them to take the game into interesting, NEW territory. None of the wii 1st party efforts were on par with earlier efforts.

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To me, the Gamecube and the Wii are the most underrated. We all know the N64 is awesome as hell but a lot are hating on the Wii. Granted I really didn't get much on the Wii because it doesn't seem to have much of the games that I want to play besides, Shake it, Metroid Prime Trilogy and some few other games in mind. But I still had fun time with it. But the gamecube had a LOT of great games but there, it failed because of

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GameCube hands down. You still find comments everywhere that the original Xbox was the most powerful hardware of that generation and the fact was that PS2 was the most popular console of the time. But Microsoft only posted theoretical numbers, the games told a different story; and Sony got it's lead by being the cheapest DVD player out not by creating ground breaking games. (reference link:

The reality was the GameCube had the most power but was handicapped by the proprietary disc format. Most multiplat games were developed for the vastly inferior PS2 since it was the best selling, but any exclusive GameCube game at the time blows the competition away.

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Wii. That console gets such a bad rap, and it had amazing games. From fad, to lolgamecubeducttapedtogetheramirite, to whatever stupid dudebro insult was relevant at the time.

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I'd say the n64, the gamecube and the wii...N64 coz it had 2 of some of the best games ever (mario 64 and zelda ocarina of time), the gamecube because it had the best mario kart ever(mario kart double dash), one of the best mario games ever(mario sunshine), Luigis mansion and I also grew up with it. The wii because ppl slated it for it being crap despite it giving a different way to play and I loved the games on it. People play the same way all the time now...Nintendo actually works hard and tries to think differently and yet when they release great consoles(including the wii u) they get slated by the stupid media press when I personally think nintendo has always released the best consoles(including handhelds). It's always favouritism...why do u think nintendo never got much 3rd party support? The Ps vita is a fail due to sails and it hardly got any criticism and the wii u is all criticism...


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None. They're all pretty hyped outside of the Virtual Boy - and good luck trying to prove a system with 2 good games is worth a damn anymore...

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I'd choose GameCube because it was an extremely capable piece of hardware that was written off by many at the time.

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The GameCube may have been under-appreciated back when it came out, but nowadays it's nowhere near underrated. Personally I'd say the Wii because so many people wrote it off whether because it was under-powered, the motion controls, or the abundance of shovelware.

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Is it just more or does the N64 seem underappreciated given all of it's innovations, first analog controller, popularized local multiplayer, first rumble support, first console to "really" get 3D right (yeah I know the PSX and Saturn had some decent titles in 1995 and 1996, but they paled somewhat to the N64's fall 1996 lineup) it was the console that really laid the groundwork for 3D platformers and console first person shooters, third person action-adventure titles (Zelda: OOT), kart and arcade racers, party games.

Sure, it had a small library, but it was a a lot of quality despite the lack of quantity.

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Grumblevolcano wrote:

I'd say the GBA because although the Gamecube in its time was extremely underrated, the Wii U is starting to turn the tides on that. Wind Waker was generally disliked but add some small tweaks such as Swift Sail and less Triforce maps (3 instead of 7) and it becomes rather loved (similar situation would likely happen with Super Mario Sunshine if it got a HD remake). The GBA however only really has Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald in its favour.

so you've never owned a gba? ...or these are really the only game you had on the system? why do you have a fire emblem ikon and no mention the 2 fire emblem titles on the system?

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Underrated is a confusing and vague term. You get people saying that bands like Radiohead are "underrated" because people tend to whine about Radiohead in reaction to them being popular and critically acclaimed. Or you could argue that Coldplay is underrated because despite their popularity people tend to 'unjustly' complain about how mediocre they are. Perhaps you'd go the other way and say that The Drones are underrated because despite the critical acclaim they don't really sell as good as you think they should.

Really the only thing you're saying is that you like something more than other people do. In which case I'd say that the SNES is the most underrated Nintendo console purely because I think without question it's the best console they've made. And I know that some people think Nintendo's other consoles were better like the N64, Gamecube, Wii or NES. In my mind everyone should be putting the SNES up the top, some people don't and I don't really have particularly strong opinions about the others. Which IMO makes it the most underrated.

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