Topic: Is the wiiu your main gaming console?

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Nope PC>PS3>360>PS Vita>Wii U.



Nope. Its broken down twice now. Worst experience I've even had with a Nintendo console. I probably main my Wii and 3DS these days.



My current consoles in order of most played to least played.

1. Wii U
2. 3DS XL
3. PS3
4. Gaming PC

I have 16 games for my Wii U( not including Wii games) so I always have something I want to play.

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Currently the WiiU is my main system with a little PC gaming on the side as my laptop isn't that great. I had to sell my other systems a few months back as I got into some financial trouble and really didn't have the choice. When I landed back on my feet, I decided to get the WiiU and try to invigorate a love for gaming that I feel like I've lost in recent years. So far so good! Loving the system and the family oriented fun it's bringing.

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For me, I'm going to have to say

3DS > PC > Wii U

I'm also getting a PS Vita but I don't know where it'll rank.


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As of right now my PC is my main console followed by my 3DS. Once Monster Hunter is released I am sure my Wii U will be played alot.

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Well, it WAS.

I had to send it in for repair for today.

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My 3DS and my Wii get far more play time.

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My wii U and 3DS alternate as my main console, once animal crossing comes out this summer, 3DS will be my main console for quite some time


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Heck yeah ! I have 2 of them now lol Good thing I like surfing for Wii games



Amigaengine wrote:

Heck yeah ! I have 2 of them now lol Good thing I like surfing for Wii games

You must account for like 1% of their total sales, not bad!

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thelastlemming wrote:

Amigaengine wrote:

Heck yeah ! I have 2 of them now lol Good thing I like surfing for Wii games

You must account for like 1% of their total sales, not bad!

LOL unfortunately not. The second was used.



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

No, my main console is definitely my 3DS. I have like over 300 hours of play time on that thing.

This made me laugh, as I've got 700 - 800 hours on Dark Souls alone (PS3 and PC versions).

To get back on topic though, I would rank them in this order.

Wii U (this is a really distant third though, as I never use it. I've got the New Super Mario Brothers for it but am very resistant to using the tablet on it, and I really don't want to flip a wii controller on its side which I find to be an unnatural fit. I'm hoping for a regular controller to come out for it that I can use. I guess I am really waiting for the new Zelda; from looking at the graphics Wind Waker isn't really my style and really didn't care for Skyward Sword, although I did like Twilight Princess)
XBOX 360(even more distant than the Wii U. I've got two of them, but I strictly use them as a Media Center Extender. I picked up Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, and Gears of War 2 when I purchased the first one. Turned out I didn't care for any of them, not really too thrilled with XBOX exclusives)



I'd say the 3DS is currently my main gaming device, but that's just because I got a bunch of games I've yet to get through. Otherwise, my WiiU is my only other system, which I will play a heck of a lot more come late March



at the moment im playing my 360 more, just started picking up some games i missed because i preferred my wii. but my wii u is still in use all the time when im not playing games messing around on miiverse and playing f-zero while my lass watches the soaps. ill go back to wii u non stop again when we get a few more games.

put it on.



So it is with each nintendo console: the new one hits, it almost instantly becomes my main system.

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Lan wrote:

Romeo wrote:

Wii U + 3DS XL + MacBook Pro
no need for anything microsoft/sony

Lol, he said Macbook Pro. What a funny guy

what's so funny about that? I wanted Mac OS X + Windows, im obviously not playing on mac os x
im using windows 7 via bootcamp i have the 15'' model with the best specs available... so i can play any game on highest settings

so... whats so funny about the macbook pro? : / it's obviously the best laptop available... and since laptops aren't only used for gaming (which is why i won't buy shit like 500pounds alienware laptops), i'm really happy with it
thin, light, long battery life, blazing fast, can run any game, great design and i have both operating systems and the mbp+apple tv is a great combo (airplay mirroring)



heck no... i have a wii u, but it has only like 4 games soooo, yah that lasted me like a month and a half. when it comes out with new games i will use it waaaay more but right now i mostly play ps3, gamecube, and vita. i dont really have a "main" console, but im using my wii u the least right now... actually that would be 3ds im using least because there is no games for that either right now...

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