Topic: Is the wiiu your main gaming console?

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Knux wrote:

I never have a ''main'' gaming console. I usually have multiple consoles and handhelds that I go back and forth on.

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No. I'd say the PS3 is, with 3DS behind in second place, and Wii U in last.

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Hmmm, in order of playtime....

1) Nintendo 3DS/XL
2) PC
3) NES
4) Gamecube
5) XBOX 360

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lmao. Is it bollocks.

My Wii U is my last one I go too at the minute. I have only 3 games for it (Mario, ZombieU and Nintendoland), Mine is just collecting dust at the minute until monster hunter and lego come out on 22nd.

Here's my list of consoles in order:

1. Xbox 360
2. Ipod/ipad,
3. PS Vita
4. 3DS XL
5. Wii -U

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All I ever play are Nintendo consoles

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Honestly, all the consoles have something to offer. I just always find myself going back to Nintendo after everythings said and done, though. I played and owned all the last gen consoles. I liked playing RE5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Dead Rising, Gears, Halo, etc. The PS3/Xbox 360 got alot more attention from me than my Wii for along time, but now I'm back to Nintendo.


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Romeo wrote:

Wii U + 3DS XL + MacBook Pro
no need for anything microsoft/sony

Lol, he said Macbook Pro. What a funny guy

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Since I usually just stick with one home console each generation, my Wii U is my most played console. I have a 3ds, but I've never really been into portable gaming..

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I play it quite a bit, but it hasn't hit the majority level of play yet. I am waiting until my library gets a little better, say maybe SSBU and Pikmin and then I will be playing the console nonstop!
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So far it has actually proven to be my "main" gaming device. My PC comes in a close second (always has and always will... I really love PC gaming ) and my 360 is now only used for HBOGO and Comcast.



Currently. No.

I play mostly 3DS, with my PS3 and Wii at a close second. Then Gamecube sometimes.
I'm sure soon I'll get more into my Wii U.

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Nope, I do go on it occasionally (mostly on MiiVerse for whatever reason) but I've been using the Gamecube and my new 3DS XL a lot recently. Not that I didn't use my Gamecube a lot before
Edit: Unless you count using it to play DKCR for the Wii. If so, then yes, I use it a lot.

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Right now it'd be 3DS. Wii U is a close second. PSP is third. I use my PC a lot more since I have one that doesn't lag loading the login screen now, but I wouldn't say it's one of my main gaming consoles because thus far I'm only playing Skylanders Universe and Minecraft on it.

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No, I wish I had a Wii U but I don't even have an HD TV, so what's the point?


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i have a wii a 3ds and a wii u but i play all of my consoles alot ^^


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I mostly play my 3DS (playing Picdun 2, DOAD, and AC:AHL currently), but I also spend a couple hours a night on the 360 (KoFXIII & YouTube).

Then again, I currently don't have a Wii U, so I guess my input is kinda pointless here


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No, most of the time i play on my ps3, but this march thast gonna change with Monster Hunter Ultimate.

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Yes. Wii U and 3DS XL are both vying fror my attention and love but the Wii U wins

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